Today’s world customers are more reluctant than ever to part with their details and email address, and to surmount this challenge you truly need a powerful Landing Page Creator tool to hand.
As I write this Get Response is currently home to over 100 varying landing page templates – with each being as preened and polished as the last, and where the user is guided seamlessly down to a powerfully designed area to insert your call to action. Beyond aesthetics however Get Response has many others going for it, not least of which is the fact that packages start from just ?10 per month (a figure that leads the way within the industry); that said, this sharp price point does nothing to impact upon the added features that marketers can harness here. Going past the powerful and seriously user-friendly landing page designer, there are features such as a Webinar platform, extensive analytics, solid social media integration and easy-to-use email creators, schedulers and autoresponder set-up. You can get as many as 10,000 monthly visitors to your website by choosing the 6 month payment plan offered by Landingi. My concern with LeadPages is their capability to cater to such a fast-growing pool of customers. What’s more this is also a platform where the interface makes for a stark landscape (which is really only suited to those past novice landing page creation level). That all said this is a platform for Landing Page creation where detailed analytics can be provided, and they also offer added tools for blog and social media pages. Lander is a respected tool within the industry, although it lacks some of the more advanced features that the former two landing page creators include in a bid to be suited to the novice user. Get Response clearly leads the way when it comes to effective Landing page design, offering comparative and sometimes far better features than many of the other (more expensive) offerings upon the market. Small Business Can NewsletterSmall Business Can is run by businesspeople for businesspeople. About Small Business CanThe idea for Small Business Can comes from an Ulster Bank initiative when we went and talked to hundreds of businesspeople and asked them about the types of business supports they most valued. If you've been following the progress of the development of the Abacus Landing Page Creator, you'll know that this software outputs no ordinary HTML page.
Below is the 'Landing Page' 'Editor', where you can load various templates and choose various styles. Of course, you can change anything you want, text, colours, fonts, insert tables, images and hyperlinks wherever you like, but why should you? For example, once you have found the 'Landing Page' design that produces the best response, keep that and try various 'Questions Pages'. This modular approach is so much more accurate when eliminating weaknesses in your web pages.
Here's where you set the values of the drop-down list, the option buttons and the checkboxes which your visitors will use to tell you about themselves and their needs. Enter your web site's keywords, description and any other raw HTML code and scripts to go at the foot of each web page.
This feature, together with the other modular mixing capabilities of the Abacus Landing Page Creator, provides the ultimate degree of flexibility to web site creation. If you want full details on how to use the Abacus Landing Page Creator to create a web site, go to the Support page.
In the process of prepping up the first Academy Action Plan as well as an upcoming new live class (details forthcoming soon), I found myself creating landing pages.

This is why it is so easy to get confused when you’re trying to figure out which solution to buy. If you simply want something that looks nice and is really hard to screw up, then LeadPages is a great fit. When you insert a logo at the top of your page, it is set to a certain size (which I find quite small).
There are some templates where you literally can’t even add an extra bullet point if you want.
Personally, I find there are MANY cases where I want to create a page for something and I just can’t find a LeadPages template that is suitable.
The LeadBoxes feature is awesome for bloggers who want quick in-post opt-ins with targeted lead magnets. I also like that I can see all my basic stats (visits, conversions, conversion rate) on a single screen for every one of my landing pages. And I must say that, after dealing with the strict confines of LeadPages, OptimizePress is a breath of fresh air!
Once you’ve invested the time to create one or two solid landing pages which fit you and your brand, you can save them as a preset.
Offering the convenience of supported, hosted software while being a LOT more flexible than LeadPages, TMP is a strong contender.
If you do own one and you’re bumping right up against limitations, then feel free to check out the alternatives. For those of you who simply want to get busy building your list right now and you don’t have the time nor inclination to figure out any technical stuff, then my recommendation would be LeadPages.
Well, I hope I don’t need to convince you of the importance of building your list at this point.
Check out my Academy Action Plan for a step-by-step checklist to create a highly effective lead magnet in far less time than you probably thought. I’d been trying to make sense of these landing page solutions, and your insight gives me an important piece of the puzzle, particularly that optimize press is fully hosted on wp and single-pay. This is your shortcut to creating high-value offers (or even your first product) so you can really kick your blog monetization into high gear.
Here we present a no holds barred and completely transparent review of some of the major players within this sector, explaining why price point doesn’t always equate to the most feature rich list of all. Their platform is quite powerful, as it enables their customers to either customize one of the included templates or develop a page from scratch.
Nonetheless, LeadPages pushes things one step further by providing additional features such as click-to-subscribe text links and opt-in boxes. It took me about 15 minutes to search for contact info, and the best I’ve got was their Google Plus community page, chocked full of unanswered questions from their users. For their most basic package you’re looking at an initial fee of ?420, and a monthly subscription of ?140. Most importantly however beyond the solid landing page creator that they serve up they additionally provide for a world of features that will help you optimise that sales funnel through intuitive email design and insightful analytics, as well as providing the option to run webinars.

Because your web site meets their needs, they are encouraged to take the action you want them to take. You can save an infinite variety of list values, option values and checkbox values (which become Sales page section headings) to files, and apply them to any web site. This means that you can split-test various combinations until you get the best visitor results. Not some bandaid solution that just manages to get it done, but something which I can reuse over and over again as part of a system. They’ve got a ton of very adept marketing behind them and the company is here to stay. The Lead Magnet delivery is a great feature (huge time saver and keeps you from having to build up additional sub-lists just for tiny little lead magnets). It comes in a theme version (which includes a highly improved blog theme) or a plug-in version (which allows you to have landing pages which operate right along side any other existing them you have).
Like LeadPages, OP has a number of pre-made templates available (and I, quite frankly, think they’re better looking than what LeadPages offers). Meaning, in the future, your workflow will drastically increase because you can just use the design preset. I feel as if the software is kind of in limbo right now because of the strong forward movement on the release of 2.0. I own multiple options for a reason… because sometimes one tool is better than the other for certain applications. And how to use them to create offers out of thin air - even when you don't have any big info products to sell. I’m not thrilled about the fact that they charge premium customers an extra fee for developing specific templates. If this is not enough for you, you can choose to upgrade to the next package, which costs $100 per month and includes 25,000 visitors and the full Unbounce feature set. This makes it the Swiss Army knife of internet marketers who want to build their lists or convert visitors into paying customers.
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This means that you can split-test various combinations until you get the highest visitor response. In fact, Kyle from Ten Minute Pages is actively work on a complete and total rewrite of Ten Minute Pages which is pretty killer (I know, I’ve seen it). One thing I highly appreciate is that the customization options are strong enough that I can make landing pages which fit the brand of the Blog Marketing Academy.

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