We have more then 1200+ brilliant landing page design to use in your marketing campaign and make it successful with leads and sales. This post is all about showcasing awesome landing pages, to give you some inspiration for your next design.
Note: All of these landing pages were built using the Unbounce Landing Page Platform – huzzah! Validation: They jump right into showing off the famous publications that have featured their company. Removal of doubt: The subtext below the CTA lowers the perceived risk, which can improve the click-through-rate (CTR). The example below shows an alternate page they created, presumably to speak to a different segment or create a different emotional trigger.
Clear value proposition: The headline is very simple and leaves no doubt about the purpose of the page and the product. Highlighted testimonial: The brushed highlight of the testimonial gives it a bit of extra design zing and prevents the page from feeling too text heavy. Context of use: Their choice of imagery lets you know that the product can produce mobile-ready polls.
Validation: Like the example above, they provide a strong sense of trust by including a set of logos. Remove the footer navigation: Any extraneous navigation on a landing page can lead your visitors down the wrong path. Price: Travel is very much about price, and they get that out of the way right off the bat, so you can move on to the finder details after unerstanding if you can afford it or not. Testimonials: The testimonials shown are anonymous which reduces their impact (as they could have been made up). Use of video: There are two videos that help build an honest and open dialog with visitors right off the bat.
Visual chunking: The page is broken up very well vertically, aiding the consumption of information. Content chunking: Like the previous example, the page is broken down vertically in a way that makes it easy to digest. Strong clarity in the value proposition: The headline is simple and inviting and the secondary block of content and CTA explain in simple terms that you can create a free site. Major endorsements: Having testimonials from big names like Zappos and top business author Daniel Pink gives you instant credibility. Privacy policy: You should always include a privacy policy when asking for an email address.
Social proof: The decent sized Facebook following lends credibility to their appeal and the fact that they understand how to build a following which is what they are selling. Honesty: It tells you the cost, so you can weigh up the potential value associated with extending your brand reach.
Clear contact method: The big phone number increases the trust factors by letting you know there are real people to deal with. How are the logos connected: Are they just hotel names to help you understand the point of the page?
Repetition of CTA: Being a long page they are using the smart practice of repeating the CTA throughout. Teaser: The low price with free shipping placed next to the CTA is a nice way to encourage a click-through. Eating your own dog food: The offering here is all about design, and what better way to sell yourself than with a beautiful design.
Directional cues: The use of arrows guides people through how they should interact with your page.
Emphasis: Startup Weekend clearly got the memo that bold is a good way to draw attention to important information. Function: About the eBook has a concise description of what the book contains, now the visitor knows what they are going to get.
Trust and Action: I would also test putting the major media logos directly before asking for the action. Sharing: Test a secondary call to send this page to a friend, or share on Twitter or Facebook, instead of just following (more action oriented than passive).
Tell them and tell them again: The page opens and closes with the same challenge (16 second sign-up). Benefits: I was most of the way through the page before I could answer the questions about why I would want this.
Make Two Pages: Differentiate the action Free audit and Paid Plan into separate landing pages so you can segment the traffic from channels like PPC. Landing page forms are one of the most important parts of a landing page, but so many advertisers get them wrong. In today’s post, I’ll outline seven ways you can improve your landing page forms to make them attractive to prospects and give you the data you need to qualify your leads. Many marketers, especially B2B software companies, ask for way too much information in their landing page forms.
Now, don’t get me wrong – I realize that, for this kind of web form (that asks prospects to provide information to schedule a software demonstration), the company needs to know the visitor is serious and won’t waste their time. When designing a web form, it’s crucial to achieve the balance of requesting enough information from the user to qualify them as a valid lead or prospect, without asking them to essentially hand over their identity. So, now we know that you should ask for information from your prospects sparingly, we need to talk about how your form actually looks on your landing page. Even if you’re only asking for a little information, your landing page form still needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Creating a compelling CTA is about more than using persuasive language (though it definitely helps). Even without the “I want to…” above them, the benefits and desired outcomes of selecting either option are clear.
Both of these examples are very clickable, make the benefits clear, and leave nothing to suggestion. Radio buttons work very well for situations in which there are only a few options, or entering the data manually would be tedious for the user. In addition to making it as easy as possible for the user to enter quite a lot of information, the inclusion of radio buttons on this web form mean that the only data the user has to enter manually is their zip code.
You might think it’s obvious what users should do if they want to sign up for whatever you’re offering, but users rarely do what you want them to do unless you make it painfully obvious. Even if you’ve included your web form above the fold, used plenty of white space to make it attractive, and ask for the bare minimum of information, you could still risk losing them before they cross the line and convert. Of course, this is just the first step users have to complete, as shown by the 1-2-3 graphic at the bottom of the page, but as an example of how to get users to complete a web form, it works pretty well. However, while the use of a line-of-sight visual cue is very effective in this example, the web form itself is actually rather poor.

Sure, you’re not going to capture many leads for a software demo or get users to part with a ton of data, but by designing for mobile, you’re at least capturing more potential leads and growing your business. It’s no use following the previous six tips if you’re not going to rely on cold, hard data to make your final decisions. You can have an SEM account with hundreds of thousands of keywords that each have fantastic click-through rates (CTR) but without quality landing pages, you will never fully optimize your CPA and never reach your true money-making potential. I have put together some guidelines to help you create the best PPC landing pages for your AdWords account. The first step in creating quality landing pages is to establish your marketing goals to decide what you are trying to accomplish. Once you have established what you are trying to accomplish with your campaigns and ad-groups, do some competitive research. You should not use the same message to target viewers from PPC that you would use if they came from social media or email nurturing campaigns. Use clear calls to action along with arrows and catchy text while avoiding a  “scammy” look. Use persuasive copywriting techniques and "power words" that inspire visitors to take action.
The biggest mistakes I see made in regards to testing are not allowing your tests to run for significant amounts of time and stopping after one test. Stay patient and pull in as much data as possible before declaring a winner, then use that data to set up ongoing tests against the winner to find and display the best possible advertisements and effective landing pages you can. Ben Cohen is a Customer Success Specialist at WordStream and supports WordStream’s managed services team on numerous accounts.
I am finding that a great looking squeeze page with navagation on the right is working well. Squeeze pages are great for capturing emails, but pre-sell pages are the best to actually close a customer on the prodcut you are promitng then and there. Hi Ben,Do you recommend creating landing pages directly on your web site, or using a 3rd party service? Hi Andrew,As with everything that has to do with PPC it is rather hard to give a definitive all encompassing answer. Hi , Ben It's really great post , this really helps many people in designing their landing pages .
My problem is that I have done everything in this article plus a bunch more and have lousy conversions. Hi Terry, You bring up an excellent point and I have had this arguement with colleagues a few times.
Generate new leads and new sales for your brand new business by using mobile optimized responsive landing page design from us. Use highest converting call to action graphic rich beautiful landing page design to redirect traffic from your PPC campaign to your main business website. From a design perspective, the grey monotone prevents a mishmash of colour creating any visual distraction from the call to action (CTA). They’ve gone with B here, presumably in an attempt to catch your attention and increase curiosity (or to push a particular button).
And it’s nicely backed up by a well written explanation of some of the core benefits directly below. Always ask permission to use a testimonial and include the name of the person providing it for extra trust points. They have the same message and the same color to let you know which areas to pay attention to. First you get to hear from the company and then they use real video testimonials from clients – much more effective than written quotes.
Yeah, I know ugly pages convert great too, but the design here makes me want to stare at it and find out what they’re all about. I get a rough sense of what the purpose of the company is, but I wouldn’t mind a more detailed description.
They aid getting you back to the top (as it’s a long page) with the classic ^top links at the end of each section. Here they repeat the CTA (the yellow button) in 3 of the sections to keep enticing you to sign up (this is smart as you don’t know which piece of content will trigger the sign-up response and having a CTA right there will aid conversions. Especially when doing Google AdWords as they can sometimes ban your account if you don’t have one. The big bold headline tells you right away that you’re getting a free trial, helping to increase the no-risk factor. This will also help with being able to assess the time, number of fans (what demographic they are) and value that you’ll get for your spend. When offering a video solution, you should really be using a video to demonstrate what your product is about. The white background with orange headers and black body text stands out easily and the action is easy to see.
If you are giving something for free people don’t necessarily think about how much it would cost them to buy the thing you are giving.
That makes the eBook more important than the authors, but still offers up the authors as a trust factor at the action point.
Try making Create Video the Right Way more about how to connect to the people watching, or what feelings the non-profit needs to produce. Instead of three rows make the second row two columns: one with function, one with benefits. Showing the visitor you are trustworthy and legitimate before asking them to do anything is a good way to maximize your response rate. Usually I avoid second calls, but this is an appropriate use of social out links to let the person decide how they want the notification to come. I have a lot of respect for companies that begin their journey with a conscious desire to provide excellence through multiple channels (design, UX, usability) – all of which ultimately lead to conversion.
Even though this is a tool built on a more robust software let this page get people into the free version and use other pages to upgrade the user. Web forms on landing pages are often subject to “Goldilocks syndrome.” Too long, and you risk deterring prospective customers from converting. For more info on how to apply these tips for social, check out this post on Facebook landing pages. Generally, after 7 fields in a landing page form, conversion rates start to drop off steeply.
I understand that you’d probably want to demo your software to someone with the authority to make a purchasing decision, but this could be easily determined by the information in the Role in Company field.
Without a strong CTA, your prospects may wonder why the hell they’re handing over all this personal information in the first place. Consider the benefits of your offer to the prospect, and then focus on these benefits in your CTA.

They want to do as little as possible to accomplish their goal – so leverage their laziness and make it even easier for them to convert by including radio buttons. Why not make it even more obvious where they should enter their information by using visual directional cues to help them along? It asks for a lot of information, as it’s attempting to get users to create a dating profile directly from the landing page. SO many marketers ignore web forms on mobile in the assumption that “people don’t complete web forms on mobile.” This might be true to an extent, but it’s not a limitation of mobile devices or the fact that people don’t want to sign up for stuff when they’re on the go, but rather a design problem.
Put another way, you have to consider user behavior and how people use their mobile devices, and the objectives of your web forms.
Cleverly, there’s also a clickable “call” icon at the top of the page, so if the user doesn’t even want to enter their zip, they can call an agent directly. Do you have a citation for the statement that response rates fall off when forms have more than 7 fields?
Check out your competitors’ landing pages and look up some templates to see how you can design your pages.
Considering how your viewers got to your page should influence and change the messaging you use to close them. As you have the time to build a new page, add it in and slowly convert your ad groups to all have specific targeted landing pages.
Depending on your marketing goals you should consider putting your phone number at the top of the page, adding a form directly to the page, or allowing a purchase to be made directly from that page. I personally feel that, this simple step by step procedure surely help not only to all, but also, specifically to newbies to get the awesome landing pages in order to improve the ROI.Thanks for sharing nice article!!! I would recommend doing testing, some more testing, and then even more testing after that.If your landing pages aren't working you can choose to try a 3rd party service and test against those. For newbies it's really helpful  they can understand easily as you have explained in an step by step procedure . I have great engagement, low bounce rate, long page durations, multiple page views, but no sales.
If you were to include social media links then make sure they launch in a new tab or simply allow visitors to like or share the page.
Below are some examples of best converting lead generation landing pages for your online business marketing campaign in 2015. This would help from a reporting angle (letting you gauge the needs of your prospects in a simpler manner). Aside from that, I just think it’s awesome that the Cheezburger family is using Unbounce. Non-profits in particular rely on emotional and human connections, if you are trying to speak to them you should have some human benefits attached. Try showing characters using the appropriate devices, or acting out things related to using the product. Too short, and you may not gather the information you need to qualify visitors as worthwhile leads. Sure, time zone differences are an issue you have to deal with during product demos, but at least make these fields drop-down menus if you have to have them. A strong CTA, on the other hand, will reinforce their desire to get their hands on whatever you’re offering and make sure they cross the line and convert. The more strongly you can reinforce what visitors stand to get out of your offer, the more likely they are to convert. Similarly, the CTA button itself makes it clear what I’ll be getting by signing up, whereas the control version doesn’t offer any hint of what to expect at all.
You absolutely HAVE TO design your landing page forms to be mobile-friendly, whether this is using responsive web design or designing an entirely separate mobile landing page altogether.
You’re probably not going to be able to include a 10-field landing page form asking someone to sign up for a software demo on mobile – it’s just too much. WordStream tried including images of actual people on a landing page in one test, only to discover that our audience didn’t respond well (at all) to them. But unlike traditional sales you do not have the flexibility to try different angles like any good salesman would.
Make it easy for them to brag about their purchase and share their experiences by adding links to all types of social media. Born and raised in Boston, Ben has not wandered far from home, having studied Marketing and Management at the University of Maine, Orono.
There are a lot of great spreadsheets out there on the web that will make the analysis easier.You mainly want to look for a confidence score.
If, however, there is one page that is clearly outperforming the others, the experiment stops early. We removed them in a separate design, only to find that our conversion rates improved considerably. Instead of leading people to your homepage, test out driving traffic to a more targeted, conversion-optimized landing page (see below). This will allow you to change and test single variables such as headlines, imagery, body text, and calls to action evenly over time. I recommend doing research on each and finding the one that matches your company the best.The biggest take away from this article is "Always Be Testing". This is good for a cases when all you need from a customer is to get him signed up for a something. As such, the advice above wouldn’t necessarily apply to us and our audience, just as it might not apply to you.
When he is not out hiking New England, you can find him at America’s most beloved Fenway Park. Apart from knowing which ad campaign is working, you get lower bounce rate, higher quality score and ad rank, and most importantly, you get higher conversion rate. But what if you have B2B web, with a products, which same time is also used by a existing customers who come in to check it's spec, etc? And this is why the only thing in article I would argue with, is this:Keep the page clean and easy to read. Keep it short and sweet and give them exactly what they are looking for.And yes, that also means SEO optimized page is not already good landing page? I guess no right? Or - do we create different pages then for SEO traffic, PPC, and product pages? So, 3 pages for each product what you have? A lot of questions, and I guess formal answer is "that depends on your case, establish your goals, etc".

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