Attracting business prospects highly involves content marketing, as it is the most effective way to produce a steady stream of quality B2B leads for your sales funnel.
Prospects are only as valuable as the customers they will become, which makes it important that content appeals to, delights, and engages the types of leads that will convert from prospects into paying customers. Creating content that truly addresses customer needs and communicates with them using clear, creative, and striking visuals is the best way to capture and retain attention. Find out more about key strategies for developing good B2B lead generation via competent content marketing. We strive to bring the latest marketing information, trends, best practices and success stories to our audience in a meaningful way.
As a brand marketing agency we are all about marketing trends and new technologies, let us keep you updated as we stay on the cutting edge of it all.
Agile Marketing Research is an important development in the marketing research industry, creating tremendous buzz, controversy, and discussion. Like Agile Software Development, Agile Marketing Research shares these tenets and provides fast, less expensive, marketing research feedback. Agile Marketing Research is not a total replacement for traditional marketing research practices.
When there is a need to address time-critical questions or respond to crises by producing insights quickly (often in only a few days) and more affordably than traditional marketing research techniques, while also achieving an acceptable and appropriate level of quality. When developing new product and marketing initiatives, to funnel and refine concepts and improve the likelihood of success by iterating on multiple concepts simultaneously, with larger samples than traditional methods, faster and for the same or less budget. Additionally, Agile Marketing Research techniques are becoming more popular whenever marketers need a quick read on their consumer. Clear Seas Research is a full-service market research firm dedicated to providing clear insights to complex business questions. Mercedes-Benz has opened the first Mercedes me Store directly on the Hamburger Binnenalster. At touch screens, configuration tools or in personal talks, customers and persons interested in the Mercedes-Benz brand can inform themselves about the vehicles and all services. Three months ago, Mercedes-Benz presented its new ‘Mercedes me’ brand at the Geneva Motor Show and thus ushered in a new era for automotive services. On an area of 550 square meters, the Mercedes me Store in Hamburg offers vehicle presentations, food catering, events, information and advice as well as digital interaction. The store is supplemented by a studio, where customers and interested persons can inform themselves about the Mercedes-Benz brand, its products and services.
Mercedes me Stores like the one in Hamburg are only one element of the differentiated customer contacts at Mercedes-Benz.
Hamburg is the first city in the world, in which Mercedes-Benz is offering all formats of its multi-channel sales in parallel. In addition to the stationary Mercedes me Store, in inner city areas Mercedes-Benz is also present with temporary formats such as pavilions or mobile pop-up stores.

If done right, achieving a high return on investment from your B2B lead generation and content marketing strategies, is very possible. Similarly, optimizing the way content is delivered to your audience and proactively tracking these deliverables will help you reach your business’ lead generation goals. If you are interested in contributing to Creatage blog please review our Guest Post Guidelines. Often put forth as a solution to all of the drawbacks of traditional marketing research methods, Agile Marketing Research is modeled on Agile Software Development, an industry movement that started back in the 1980s.
Because it is much quicker and less costly than traditional marketing research, Agile Marketing Research is especially valuable in those business situations requiring multiple sessions of research feedback for developing the optimal solution. In fact, CMO magazine reports that marketers at the average Fortune 1000 company depend on data for only 11% of customer-related decisions. The city store at Ballindamm offers an interactive brand and product experience on an area of 550 square meters. The brand experience is rounded off by a restaurant lounge and exhibition area for art exhibits, readings or concerts. The goal of the Best Customer Experience is to enable individual encounters with the customer – from the initial contact through advice and test drive to the purchase and after-sales service. At the end of 2013, Mercedes-Benz was the first premium manufacturer to launch online sales of new vehicles in collaboration with the Hamburg branch.
These limited-term offers enable a direct and uncomplicated access to the brand – in particular for people who have not previously had any contact with Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, Agile Marketing Research tools are also being used in place of traditional marketing research just to respond to the increased pace of today’s business. Part of the reason for this is a lack of resources, a problem which is superbly answered by Agile Marketing Research.
In addition to our worldwide product offensive, Best Customer Experience is thus one of the supporting pillars of our Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy.” Other inner city formats will also be opened as Mercedes me Stores by the end of the year.
The main area is the 350 square meter lounge and restaurant, room for the presentation of Mercedes-Benz models and a series of art and lifestyle events. The overall Mercedes me Store offers a great number of digital design elements such as multi-touch screens, tablets and plasma screens.
To this end, the company is working with the multi-channel approach, which flexibly links a great number of different sales forms and thus supplements the offering of the classic Mercedes-Benz showrooms.
The response has been excellent: The platform has been visited by around 130,000 interested persons to date.
Thus, for example, many visitors at last year’s Mercedes-Benz presentation at the city neighbourhood festivals in Hamburg had their initial contact with the brand. Mercedes-Benz will stage an exhibition of the Berlin art photographer Olaf Heine, who is known worldwide for his intricately staged photographic portraits of musicians, actors, writers, and athletes and has been working with the German national soccer team on regular basis since 2005. Guerrilla marketers are able to make a lasting impression without spending a lot of their marketing budget.

And, again, while we won’t see all research problems solved with Agile Marketing Research, these new techniques certainly deserve consideration when traditional marketing research takes too long or costs too much. Until the end of the decade, the number of brand outlets of Mercedes-Benz in exclusive inner city locations is to be doubled from the current 20 locations. The aim is to fascinate people with customized individual offers in their respective living environment – independently of whether they own a Mercedes or other vehicle, or no vehicle at all. The entire spatial concept is aimed at allowing maximum changeability and thus enables flexible usage through minor structural changes for fashion shows, readings, or concerts.
Due to the positive response, the company will continue to expand these temporary offerings worldwide in the future. By being a little cleverer and more unpredictable, you challenge consumers who desire some fun in their products. In other words, any time marketers are looking for information that can quickly and cost-effectively reduce anxiety, get them unstuck and moving forward again. As its choice caterer, Mercedes-Benz was able to win the food entrepreneur Kofler & Kompanie, which offers culinary specialties from Hamburg and the region.
The agreed test drives additionally show that this sales channel reaches primarily young people in their mid-twenties, which comprise the target group itself. In the Hanseatic city, the pop-up stores have been on tour again in the form of sea containers since May. Mercedes me is divided into five categories “move me”, “connect me”, “assist me”, “finance me” and “inspire me” and covers all product-relevant topics such as vehicle purchases, financing and service, as well as the internationally successful mobility services, car2go and moovel. After last year’s success in Warsaw, the pavilion “Stacja Mercedes” will also reopen this summer.
The mobile sales consultants, who are being deployed in the Hanseatic city and Warsaw since the end of 2013 are also new.
Starting from June 14, the 200 square meter pavilion will again provide Warsaw residents with a meeting place and stage for numerous events for 90 days.
They visit customers and interested persons at their homes, organize test drives and bring the respective vehicles to the desired locations. Last year, the pavilion attracted more than 20,000 visitors and Mercedes-Benz vehicles went for test drives 600 times. In future, product concierges will provide assistance for all detailed questions about the vehicle and its functions. Mercedes-Benz will introduce the new job profiles in worldwide retail in the next two years.

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