There are many awesome opportunities out there, but few networking marketing companies ever make it past their 5 year mark. The next commonality you will find in all of these networking marketing companies is the management. When you are looking to join a certain MLM, take a look to see if that MLM has anything in common with some of the greatest networking marketing companies to have ever existed.
Remember though, just because the MLM you chose shares these common elements with the great network marketing companies, does not mean that you will succeed. In order to be successful, it is not the networking marketing companies that must do the work; it is you who must put your hands to the plow!
Kevin literally spent over $50,000 in research and study to learn and master the art of Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing so that he could teach people and businesses how to effectively grow their online presence. Since then, he has personally worked with some of the top gurus in the industry including Mari Smith, Russell Brunson, Jerry Chen, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, and many others. Nearly 900 companies took part in this year’s awards process, with employees giving their opinions on their employers and places of work. When asked if they feel the company makes a real difference to the world, staff rated the company so highly that, for the second year running, it ranked second in the UK.
Speaking after the glittering awards ceremony, Sam Sedwill, HR director at Coloplast, said: “What an amazing achievement! Coloplast manufactures medical products ranging from dressings and gels to catheters and colostomy bags. The Sunday Times found that staff are excited about where the organisation is going (81 per cent) and have a great deal of faith in UK general manager Sue Kernahan (81 per cent).
Coloplast was presented with the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2014 award at a ceremony in London where company representatives celebrated alongside other winners including multi-national companies and public sector organisations. Sue Kernahan, Coloplast UK general manager, (centre right) receives the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for Award with colleagues from the company.
It is sad to say that the reason is that these networking marketing companies just were no good.

There is a bit of an overlap between Amway and Herbalife, and even Mary Kay often promotes the health & wellness aspects of their product line.
Yet I would argue products are one of the most important parts, but underrated, of the great networking marketing companies that do exist. A lot of the times the answers will point you away from the networking marketing companies you are looking at. The only way you will ever succeed in any networking marketing companies is by going out there and doing the work yourself. It is the fourth year running that the company has been named as one of the best medium-sized companies to work for in the UK.
As part of the process, Coloplast staff were asked to give their views on eight key areas of their relationship with the company, including leadership, wellbeing and personal growth. We had hoped to make it into the top 50 this year, so to be number 39 is fantastic, jumping 29 places up the table from last year. Having taken the feedback on board over the last three years we have worked hard to make Coloplast an even greater place to work and the results are there in black and white. We have introduced leadership forums and training, plus we run sessions where employees can come and talk to us openly about any ideas they may have for the company.
Staff feel that executives truly live the values of the organisation (80 per cent) and were impressed when Sue worked a shift in the firm’s warehouse, demonstrating her ability to pick, pack and despatch products. I also believe in nurturing and developing our staff – after all it is their hard work and dedication that make the company the success that it is. The product may had been good, or maybe the management was good, but somewhere along the line the formula did not equate success.
The market also has a need for nutrition, for cosmetics, for creative ways to make people feel good (or used for client retention), and obviously everyone needs something to store food in. This is a good thing; you should be picky with what you decide to spend your time building.
No one is going to do it for yourself (unless you are oddly lucky and have a sponsor who does do all the work for you).

His business is centered on teaching people how to build an Online Network Marketing Business using Social Media.
We support staff when undertaking charity events, like last year’s Snowdon Push which saw 15 of our employees push, pull and lift a colleague in a wheelchair up and down Mount Snowdon in a day. To hear that staff find the training we provide of great benefit (73 per cent) and that they believe they can make a valuable contribution to Coloplast’s success (84 per cent) is fantastic. You can look at what all of these networking marketing companies that have been able to stay around have in common.
Amway sells just about anything you can imagine, Herbalife focuses on nutritional products, Mary Kay on makeup, SendOutCards on customized greeting cards, and Tupperware sells plastic containers you can use to store food in. Because Tupperware was able to take its brand and turn it into what is known as a Master Brand.
Without the management, you would not have the compensation plan, the planning of funds, company events and a plethora of other tasks and duties that every distributor takes for granted. The same goes for Tupperware, how many times have you seen people call their plastic containers Tupperware?
Find a trainer whom you like and trust, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your business.
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