BI IntelligenceThere is no better window into the fast-changing world of social media marketing than a conversation with Facebook's top marketers and strategic partners. For a recent report, BI Intelligence spoke with some of Facebook's ultra-elite "strategic preferred marketing developers," or SPMDs, of which there are only 14 in existence. BI Intelligence interviewed executives at four leading SPMDs, who pointed to the key factors driving social media marketing's future, like the changing relationship between paid, owned and earned media. Moving beyond last-click attribution: One Adobe client, a hospitality and entertainment group, realized their apps were driving sales through other online and offline channels.
Pre-Testing Paid Media: Other elite Facebook marketing partners like Brand Networks and Adaptly understand that owned and earned media isn't just valuable in and of itself. Measuring Quality Of Engagement:A SPMDs understand that the best metrics don't just measure quality, but quantity too. Understanding Facebook Activity In Emerging Markets:A SPMDs and PMDs more broadly can be marketers' field experts, sensitizing them to seasonal, cultural, and local economic factors.
Influencing Facebook Product Development:A SPMDs have influence at Facebook and have pushed Facebook to make many needed changes such as streamlining its paid media ad product line. With over 260 PMDs all vying for the same pool of ad dollars, it is unlikely that they all will be able to remain in business.A Our sources see industry consolidation via bankruptcies, mergers, and acquisitions.
PMDs should see a greater share of revenue come from software and technology licensing, or software-as-a-service.
To access BI Intelligence's full reports on the future of Social Media Marketing as seen by SPMDs, sign up for a free trial subscriptionA here. So of course I’ve been devouring prediction articles for the past few weeks, hoping that each one will give me a new, exclusive glimpse into the future of content marketing. I’ve collected my favorites here, laying them out for all of you like super nerdy tarot cards. 2015 is the year content subsumes marketing and brands realize that content is the atomic particle of every aspect of marketing, and will staff and budget accordingly.
Marketers become ridiculously proud of their writing! In our online social world, we recognize that all marketers are writers. Sure, we’ve known for a while that influencer marketing is effective, but I think we’ll see much more sophisticated and creative collaborations in 2015, as content creators build audiences that rival those of pop stars and brands grasp just how powerful a marketing tool this can be.
Why It’s Good: As the headline suggests, Jean Spencer (Content Marketing Manager, Kapost) rebels against the usual predictions (mobile marketing! Do you have any predictions to add to the conversation, or want to suggest another article for the list? Sign up for weekly updates, and learn to create content that will boost your online authority and your business. To all my passionate friends in mobile space, this is my point of view and any new insights are always welcome.
The most pressing challenge is for mobile advertisers is to learn more about their customer.
Also, the quality of the users has improved with video ads – since users gets a sneak peak into the game or app and only if it is appealing they download it.
So, here is what I think developers need to keep in mind as they plan for launches in 2014. With a passion for Business Development, Mobile, Social and Gaming, Deepika is also an avid blogger and entrepreneur.

September 24, 2015 - Often, when people start to blog, they think that all they have to do is put up the blog and it will instantly draw in traffic. The problem is that the Internet is not easy to rank a website or a blog in anymore and requires quite a bit of work.
This is when people may give up on getting their blog to rank in the search engines or they need to start to use some of the tools that are available for them to get their website or blog to rank highly in the search engines. Since this is the case, you should have pictures on your blog, and this will help to keep the people looking at your blog.
The problem you may have is trying to find the images for your blog, if you did not take them yourself.
The scraper will then publish the post to your blog, but include links back to the original content.
With spam blocking tools, you do not have to worry about manually editing all the comments you are getting. Please note that when you are getting a video tool for your blog, you want to have one that is a dual purpose tool. However, what you need to have is some of the best Internet marketing tools that will make it easier for you to run your blog.
They haveA privileged access to Facebook, and often help the social network develop marketing and ad-focused products. They spoke about why the future of social media marketing will be determined by the companies with the best data, software and technology.
Everybody writes, and that’s true whether you are the Chief Content Officer or Marketing VP or the mar-com manager. They can make us look smart or they can make us look stupid – and so being able to communicate well in writing isn’t just nice; it’s necessity. Lee Odden asked each digital marketing thought leader who submitted a prediction to include a selfie, which resulted in some fun and spontaneous shots – and more than one photobomb by Joe Pulizzi. In 2014 I noticed a boom in brands partnering with influential Instagram users that create content around niche topics like fashion, luxury lifestyle or travel. She has been content marketing since the sixth grade, when she created a neighborhood newspaper to build her babysitting authority.
The distribution and discovery gets harder even though we have more ad networks and attribution sources and more opportunities to optimize campaigns. There are device makers, platform developers, ad networks and exchanges and analytics providers that sit between the advertiser and the customer.
This is very helpful since low quality or incentivized users have there place but mostly can’t be retained to become paying users. People are transcending cultures and geographies and are embracing diversity in their experiences and interactions with others. Seriously, when is the last time you went to a blog or a website that had no pictures at all? So you are getting a new post for the search engines and your readers, but also giving credit back to the original writer of the information. However, spam is when someone will come to your website or blog and post a totally unrelated comment on your blog to get the back link they need to get for ranking their website. However, you also do not have to be concerned about having comments that do not relate at all to your content being posted on your website.

Videos give people a great impression of the website, but also allow them to sit down and watch what they want to learn about as well. The Internet is a monster of a tool to use, but also very hard to get any of your information to rank highly in search engines.
This allows you to concentrate on the building up of traffic to your blog, rather than having to deal with the issues a blog can encounter. He is also a top affiliate marketer, search engine optimization specialist, teacher, speaker and best-selling author.
Brands pay influencers to publish a photograph of their product (or related to their product) and mention the brand in the caption below, or they pay them to take over their Instagram feed for a few posts or several days. The point here is that while the web becomes a cacophony of content, intelligent marketers will take the conversation (pardon my corporate-jargon) “offline.” The move could potentially feel more personalized and special to B2B buyers, and thereby making stronger returns on investment. The example above is one that I hadn’t given much thought until this ominous speculation. The issue is that it is still hinged to the fact that mobile advertisers need to shell a lot of money to get found between millions of apps on the Appstores.
So, the advertiser needs to rely on all these middle men to build any meaningful relationship with their customer. One can segment users based on their age, their likes and preferences, geographies and gender. Most importantly, this book is a thought provoking resource for managers and those who work with a diverse group of people, be it in the workforce, community projects, team building assignments, social gatherings, or business meetings. It has probably been a really long time, and when you were on the website, you probably left it almost as quickly as you arrived.
These tools will typically go out and find images based off of your keyword, but also have all the proper links back to the original content to avoid any copyright issues. This makes it easier for people to complete the job and get a better visual about what is going on.
However, you also want to be able to embed videos as well from video sharing websites like YouTube. Guerrilla marketers are able to make a lasting impression without spending a lot of their marketing budget. To me, it is like if I wanted to have a relationship with my husband, find out what he likes and what he does not like, I have to rely on all on the middle-men than going straight to him. If you know your target user, then you have a better chance of acquiring a targeted audience. By being a little cleverer and more unpredictable, you challenge consumers who desire some fun in their products. These tools will take some of the RSS feeds from sites similar to yours and pull off the content.

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