Baby boomers are one of the largest demographics in the world today, which means they are also one of the most targeted groups when it comes to marketing.
Although people joke about having kids fix computer problems for their grandparents, it’s not a joke that is based in truth.
Over a third of baby boomers own a smartphone right now which means you need to have a mobile presence to reach these people.
There are 27.4 million baby boomers who use at least one social networking platform regularly. Over 70% of the baby boomers who are online regularly shop online for the things they need. One of the biggest reasons why this generation remains an untapped resource is because there are entire industries that can’t meet the needs of baby boomers. To many in the baby boomer generation, there is still a code of honor where your word is your bond. One of the unique aspects of the baby boomer generation is that they want to feel younger and be perceived as younger than their parents were at the same age. The baby boomers tend to identify strongly with their generation because of the turmoil and difficulties that they faced while growing up. Baby boomers today want to play with their grandkids more than they want to watch them play from their porch with “The Price Is Right” on in the background. Baby boomers have more time on their hands for hobbies these days, so go to where they are.
Baby boomers have reinvented themselves a number of times because they’ve need to do so to survive. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. However, what also needs to be remembered, is that the marketing strategies that work for one business, may or may not be suitable to you. Overall, here’s how to decide which video marketing strategies would be most suitable for you. First of all, it’s important consider what outlet you want to use for marketing your videos.
Though this was briefly touched upon earlier, the video marketing strategies that will work best for your company, are also determined by the type of business you run. Even though both approaches have their pros and cons, each is unique and adaptable for the situation at hand. Our Business is making your Business get more Business.  We strive to complement marketing vision. Automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows to increase efficiency and grow revenue faster. Investing digital marketing dollars towards multiple channels can be costly – especially for SMBs (small to medium sized businesses) who have limited budgets. As a quick disclaimer, because the word mobile is not mentioned anywhere within those 12 channels, it is assumed that each channel will be optimized for the mobile experience.
Once the website (we’ll call it redesign) was complete, we began blogging to build keyword rich content to increase the amount of indexed pages for the website and then repurposed the content on LinkedIn. If you’re limited to one or two channels, plan on running multiple campaigns within those channels and test, retarget, refine, and repeat.

There were 77 million people born in the United States between 1946 and 1964, which means this group also has one of the largest blocks of disposable income. The 65+ population is expected to reach 71.5 million people by 2030, which means the time is now to see what kind of value you provide. This means having a social media presence is necessary in order to begin building relationships with this generation is incredibly important. This demographic can be a bit quirky, which means you’ve got to build relationships right now in order to survive. If you promise a level of perceived value with your goods or services, then you’d better provide it because a broken promise equates to a lack of respect.
This identity has created a number of individuals who have strong opinions and stronger desires for self-empowerment. Connect with organizations and groups that offer support for hobbies that are in line with your products or services.
Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. After all, there are numerous video marketing trends, and some work better in certain situations. It would probably be more suitable if you had an online business, instead of an office based one, so to speak. For example, if you plan to share via Facebook, remember that it’s a large and interactive audience, and the videos shared there get quite a bit of interaction.
If you run an office-based business, for example, many of your marketing techniques will require more of a direct approach with your customers. The landscape for engaging and interacting with customers is evolving everyday and the question will always remain: where is my target audience and how can I effectively reach them for the lowest possible cost per acquisition (CPA)? If you’re reading this and your website, emails, and landing pages are not mobile optimized, stop reading and get started on that now. Ultimately, any channel could act as a lead generation tool – or at a minimum assist in a conversion. Using a monthly ad budget of $250 for sponsored posts on LinkedIn, each weekly blog was posted on LinkedIn and allocated a small budget to promote. Over the course of two weeks towards the end of March, we did additional keyword research to target the right keywords for the campaign.
They make up 35% of the US adult population, which means ignoring them as a business could put you out of business.
Figure out what the baby boomers need and then use these strategies to market those strengths right away. As people age, they’ll remain with their social networks – especially as wearable technology improves and provides even more mobile access. Once you create that point of you, that you’re disrespectful to seniors, it will be a long road to come back and recover from that impression.
You can’t just dangle a carrot of a discount in front of a senior and expect a result. If you can empower this generation through your marketing, then you’ll be able to relate in a more effective way and build the trust that you need for success. An excellent one that many would consider to be a massive success would have an open rate of 20%.

Just make sure that your rebranding efforts make sense so you don’t muddle the message of your marketing efforts.
Of course, though, there are exceptions to this, but it’s still something to keep in mind.
However, if your company is online, your strategies would mostly involve engaging others through online video content, although the approach isn’t as direct as the former. For the sake of this client in particular, the first channel we focused on back in 2014 was website design and optimization. I spent hours creating buttons and drafting persuasive copy to reel people in — to no avail. Obviously it helps when clients come to the table already believers in the power of digital marketing and advertising. If you’d like to set up sometime to hash this out, feel free to give us a call at 317-207-0195.
Your website is the nucleus of your overall marketing strategy because in the event that someone wants to learn more about you, the website will be the place to do it. If you feel confidently that utilizing other channels is the best option, be forthcoming with you plan and execute. Or, to get the process started online, simply click the button below to submit an online form. Unless of course they use an online reputation resource, which is a whole other story… I digress. I spent hours digging through Google Analytics data and researching keywords to create blogs focused on topics people were actually searching for. I created a separate sub-domain, dropped in Google Analytics tracking code, created a new conversion goal, and we were on our way!
If the channel or channels you’ve selected are also not performing, suggest another change. We’ll follow up with you shortly to schedule a call – maybe even over coffee or drinks!
I spent an inordinate amount of time researching, testing, and refining a strategy that flat out wasn’t working. My goal for this post isn’t to necessarily redefine the word but to demonstrate how to more effectively utilize your [online] digital marketing budget.
While I was watching on the ninth day of the campaign, in parallel, I was making a B version of the landing page. I utilized some of the tips and tricks they were suggesting and when I was done making the B version of the landing page, I pushed it live. We went over what the new strategy would be and explained that we have a higher likelihood of getting your brand in front of the right people who are searching for your services. Needless to say I made the B version the primary variant to populate simply because I have more confidence in it’s conversion abilities.

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