A marketing questionnaire template is the initial level document considered by the management before making essential decisions about the launch and marketing of the products. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. One of the hallmarks of social media is content:  creating it, sharing it and engaging with it. The best content in social media inspires, informs, educates or entertains (and if you’re really lucky, it does all four!).  But how do you create content that goes viral? The idea for this post came from Jay Baer’s excellent article on creating reusable social media content, which defined how companies can generate more value by repurposing existing content. With the growing number of social media tools coming online each day, creating content is easier than ever. Similarly, it’s reasonably easy to get started with blogging.  The challenge is, even though content is easy to produce (and a lot of people are actively creating it), how do you create powerful content that actually gets attention? The answer to this lies at the intersection of neuroscience, individual psychology and group dynamics. An example of the RAS at work would be in a crowded room where you can’t hear much of anything, but you suddenly turn to someone who has just used your name in conversation. The second concept related to neuroscience is the idea of assisting people to interact with your content in multiple ways. As we turn to human psychology, we can find a few ideas that are useful in terms of content creation. For example, when sharing content on social sites, include case studies and examples of how your concepts or ideas were applied successfully with good results. Another concept from human psychology comes from Swap (1977), who found that familiarity fosters likeability. A third concept from human psychology that we can apply is the idea that people want shortcuts to help them make good decisions.
While people do appreciate resource lists, and you should use these in your marketing, it’s also important to include some suggestions and ideas for how people can benefit from these resource lists. Turning now to group dynamics, let’s talk a bit about social decision-making and the value of social proof. A study completed in 2008 by Jupiter Research found that 50% of people consulted a blog before making a purchase.
As a content creator, it’s important to seek out comments and feedback from your audience, because not only do you connect with them more deeply, but you also start building your group of true supporters.
So your content is powerful when it moves people to take action for personally positive results. When you use these principles in your social media marketing, you’ll be benefiting from the convergence of neuroscience, human psychology and group dynamics, which will call attention to your content. Creating high-quality content is critical to content marketing success. With more than 2 millions blog posts published every day, you need a way to make your content stand out.
Today, I will make things easy for you. I am going to show you 17 techniques you can use to improve the quality of your content in no time. The goal of a headline is to get your readers to read the first sentence. If you do not capture your reader with a good first impression, you will lose them. Ultra-specific: It has to offer enough information for your reader to know why it is worth sacrificing their valuable time to read your article. Convey a sense of urgency: Something that compels your reader to read so that they will not miss out.
Useful: Your headline has to communicate a benefit to your readers after reading your article. Noah Kagan has analyzed almost one million headlines and found that list posts got the most shares.
How do you make sure that your headline is unique? Simple: surround your headline in quotation marks, and search it on Google. You might not know which headline is the best for your article, so you’ll have to test. Here are some facts: SERPIQ conducted a study of pages that rank on Page 1 of Google for over 20,000 keywords. How can you write an introduction that makes your audience read further? Neil Patel has written a great post for Hubspot on this exact topic. Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers, based on real data about customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns. If you are targeting consumers, you can use Twitter advanced search to find your customers. Bonus Tip: Read the comments of these posts, and find if there is anyone who has a problem worth solving. By now, you should have a brief description of your personas’ demographics, needs, and behaviors.
With a target audience in mind, you will be able to write about their specific needs and give them what they want. If you are having trouble on finding blog topic ideas for your audience persona, check out this guide on blog topic generation.
After determining your audience persona, the next step is to choose a topic. And here is where most of us got stuck.

In this case, I saw that there is an article written by Great Coffee Grinders with 1.2K Facebook shares. When it comes to creating evergreen content, you should always write for beginners. Most people who read your blog are beginners.
When you target your content at beginners, your content should be free of assumptions about your reader, as well as free of technical jargon.
PDF version of the article: Providing a PDF version of the article will allow your reader to refer to it at their convenience. Sometimes you have to write non-actionable content, like when covering industry trends. In this case, you have to ensure that your content upgrade is actionable. A study showed that 100 of the highest ranking blogs had at least one image for every 350 words. He found that the three types of images with the highest number of shares were animated graphics, hand-drawn images, and infographics.
Not surprisingly, these three are the images that took the most time to create. Providing images in your content can be expensive and time-consuming. Not too bad for just five minutes of work. You can then download the photos from Canva and upload them to your article. Why do you have to link to proven authority sites? Because it increases your authority as well. Just before I got married, I published an article addressed to my wife with 101 ways I can love her. This content went viral in social media, gathering more than 2,000 interactions in Facebook. Despite your efforts, there is a high chance that your reader might not remember everything. Such a questionnaire is provided to the authorized person, who has to fill them by evaluating the overall data. Sampletemplates.org is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. You can grab a bunch of pictures from your camera and create an Animoto slideshow in just a few steps. As our names are one thing we are clearly interested and invested in, we naturally focus more fully when someone mentions us. Adult learning theory says that adults are much more interested in content that addresses a specific problem they are having right now. First, remember that people tend to respond more strongly to stories and to find meaning in narrative. The findings of this study suggest that the more exposure we have to someone, the more we are predisposed to like them, especially when we feel they are giving us value or rewards.
As Barry Schwartz points out in his book, The Paradox of Choice, we all want lots of options—but, paradoxically, the more options we have, the less able we are to decide. Social decision-making is a term used to describe the idea that we are looking for ways to make good decisions without extraordinary effort.
This means that we are basing our purchasing decisions on the wisdom of the group and can be influenced by people we have never met and hardly know. These true supporters will look to you for guidance, information and assistance in making crucial decisions.
Social proof is activated when others start talking about you, and sharing positive experiences with you.
He believes in using content marketing to transform how firms in the finance and insurance industry market online. How can so many people get it wrong Because writing 400–500 words blog post is easy and cheap. For just $5 from Fiverr, you can get content for any keyword up to 500 words. To get more people to read your content, you need to have a powerful and compelling introduction.
I provided the estimated costs for two people and the best time to go to each beach, for 13 less well-known beaches. We write content that our readers do not care about, and in the end, it is just a waste of time and effort. Always publishing high-quality, timeless content will generate traffic even when you are not writing.
This book was written almost 80 years ago, and yet the advice and lessons are still relevant. If there is any industry-specific vocabulary, you should take the time to explain it in your article.
My specific topic is creating high-quality blog posts. My target audience will be those who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their content. It is not a generic ebook or toolkit that you offer on every page of your site. Done right, you will be providing high-quality content and building your email list at the same time.
There are two benefits key benefits of using data and statistics: it establishes you as the expert, and it improves the readability of your content through the use of charts and other data visualizations. Although I encourage it, it might not be practical for your business. An easy way to get around this is to use data and findings collected by others. Instead of asking my user to reference the data with the grid, I will add the data next to my bar for better clarity.

They are free (though some require attribution), and you can use them for commercial purposes. Chances are, you have borrowed information from elsewhere to support certain points you are making.
Just make sure that you link to high-authority sites while you are doing your research for your content. If you’re not the best copyeditor, or you do not have the resources to hire one, you can use tools like Grammarly to help you.
To improve your writing, you should make a note of the mistakes pointed out by the software.
Sharing how to perform certain tasks can better convince your readers that you are an expert. Another way to use emotion in your content is to provide something that is practically useful. Use the click-to-tweet button at the end of every sub-topic to encourage your reader to tweet your content. You can try adding a button or a simple call-to-action asking your reader to tweet your article. Unless you are using yourself or company as an example, you should not be talking about yourself. It includes a PDF copy of this post, a summarized checklist, and templates to help you get started. You can also upload these pictures to Facebook and Twitter using sites like Twitpic or Tweetphoto.
If you want your social media content to stand out, don’t be afraid to get specific and target your audience very tightly.
Your content will get more attention if you offer people multiple formats by which they can consume it.
To the extent that your content is logically presented, sequential, easy to follow and includes emotional elements, your audience will pay more attention. For your content, this means you should syndicate your content widely and be out in front of your target audience every chance you get.
This naturally builds your credibility and visibility, and makes it more likely that people will pay attention to you and your content. This is a great deal when so many people are not able to craft out time for content marketing. If you are selling to businesses, your customer is the person you interact with most. If your client base is not large enough, then think of your ideal customers.
Can you add more depth to the existing article that will make it better? You can also include content upgrades that will help your readers achieve their goals. In fact, Brian Dean from Backlinko has boosted his conversion by 785% with content upgrades. The trouble is that there is a limited selection with any free site. If you are willing to pay, you can go to commercial stock photo sites like Getty Images. When a sentence is in the passive voice, it is in the form of [noun] is being [verb] by [noun]. Bold the first sentence to make your main message of the bullet point stand out and appear more scannable. One great example comes from Coca-Cola, which released a video in 2014 of employees delivering Cokes to construction workers in Singapore. This is to ensure parts of these words do not show up in the search. Add up your totals to find your ratio.
By adding captions and explanations, you help those in your network share the experience with you. Most commonly, the RAS is associated with the concept of selective attention, which means that we naturally orient to information or ideas that we are invested in. The more relevant your content is to a specific group of people, the greater attention it will receive. And, as your status grows, people are naturally more willing to listen to what you say and act on your suggestions.
For example, put (weakling verb) vs etch (stronger verb), cut (weakling verb) vs slash (stronger verb).
Although this is marketing propaganda by Coca-Cola, it has successfully gathered more than 500K views on YouTube. When you do this effectively, clients are more likely to trust, and act on, your recommendations. If your writing has a grade level of 6, a 6th grader would be able to understand your writing. Good writers have their content grade at below 8 for non-fiction.
When your potential clients are ready to make a buying decision, you want them to think of you as the best solution.

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