Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whenever a new startup approaches us, these are some of the free tools we use to analyze their online competitors.
This addicting free tool from the house of Moz, is probably one of the more well-known platforms for investigating a website’s marketing efforts and search engine authority.
As some people may it find rather simple, there is a lot of in-depth work that can be done with it.
This tab amazed me, as it’s actually showing us the links that went live just a few hours earlier, with the exact time of going live.
One of my favorite online marketing blogs, QuickSprout is managed by the Founder of companies such as CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics. So QuickSprout lets you analyze the entire website of your competitor and shows you the amount of social shares each blog post received. Why not copy my headline–but write a much better post that will steal the spotlight from my site to yours? We all know HubSpot, a premium and rather pricey platform designed to be a one-stop-shop for any marketing effort out there.
For instance, they haven’t even set up their company blog yet, and we all know the influence of a good blog to attract traffic, social followers and eventually sales. If they are your competitors, you should hurry up and set up your blog–and make it amazing.
There are literally hundreds of ways, tools, tricks and hacks to do so–and I promise to go over my favorite ones in this column.
Green Lotus SEO Tools help small business take care of business online; the Site Audit is a powerful suite of SEO tools for evaluating where you stand online. Green Lotus SEO Tools show you your website keywords search profile, and audits your website structure for supporting great search visibility online. SEO Keyword Research ToolDrive new business with relevant search keywords and key phrases – based on search trends, competitor terms and search volume.
Site Issues OverviewAt-a glance executive dashboard so you can be easily stay on top of 15 key issues for your website pages’ overall SEO.
Measure and compare yourself to your competitors – spy on what is working for them, and what is not working.
Answer questions that give you a competitive advantage – what is the effective linking your competition is doing?
Competitor Social CitationsTrack and compare social media activity against all your competitors on popular channels; Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Linkedin. Toxic Links CheckerGet rid of bad neighbours; evaluate links for PageRank and relative quality. You can start simple, page-by-page, to improve and out-perform others in your market, to bring more business to your door. Rank Tracking InsightsSearch ranking is critical to your online success – Find out how you are ranking in search engines, and spy on how your competition is doing!
We’ve checked about 200 tools before coming to this conclusion, so hopefully this tutorial will save you some of the time we have spent! Why not get inspiration from them about what type of sites might be able to link to you, or even outreach to the same blogger for a content co-operation that will benefit you as well?

You can use it for pretty much anything, from designing landing pages to managing your company’s social accounts.
Stepping into each category in separate you can learn what they are doing wrong (or not at all).
That way, as big as they are compared to you, they will take a lot of time to catch up with the audience and followers your blog attracted. He's sexually attracted to startups and that's just one of 11 reasons you should basically stay away from him.
A scan identifies potential problems with search visibility and recommends best practice improvements. For each competitor backlink, evaluation includes PageRank, Trust and Citation quality score as well as who is currently linked from this property.
Trim or build.  Analyze backlinks by numerous criteria, and an analysis of Trust and Citation flow.
Monitor social media ‘buzz’ across forums, websites and blogs, and even track your competitors’ brands! Measure your Facebook and Twitter visitor activity to great depth; popularity, demographics, gender, geography and more. Evaluate what visitors are preferring on your website – and spy on how your competition is doing! Comprehensive profiles of your website visitor behavior, sources, and customer conversion funnels … All-in-one and easy to read! You can find which ads are used bybrands like groupon, ford, appsumo, gillette, verizon, Intel, etc… a great feature of Moat is it givesyou the last ad shown and where. Their database contains more than 400,000ads and you can get extensive information for each of them. Track market share, pagerank, ad copy, landing pages, budgets, day parts, and uncover new competitors on Paid & OrganicSearch. TheWayback machine keeps an history of almost all websites and takes snapshots on a regular basis.See how they changed during the past.
Keep an eye on your competition, research for new campaigns, get ideas for your existingmedia buys and so much more.Learn what other businesses like yours are doing to advertise online. They offer important information like AdWords ad copies and positions,organic positions for domains and landing URLs, search volumes, CPC, competition, number ofresults, and much more. It’s a multi channelmarketing intelligence.You can also get the latest email trends from the hottest brands, tap into the world’s most completelibrary of direct mail samples, over 20,000 promotional emails added every month, Friends,followers, likes!
Keep an eye on yourcompetition, research for new campaigns, get ideas for your existing media buys and so much more.It supports over 40 ad networks across several countries and will allow you to track a list ofcompetitive advertisers, alerting you when they launch new text or banner ads.
Spy on your competitors PPC and SEO strategies, identify competitors and affiliateswho are bidding on and using your trademarked brand terms in PPC ads and much more.16. Their intelligence lets you discover gender, age, marital status, country, adtype (external or internal), days “alive,” interests, and by keywords located in the ad title, body, andeven URL and also the ability to see each and every ad, affiliate ID, Prosper 202 footprint, trackingdomain, and landing page in your competitor’s entire campaign. AdbeatAdbeat supports almost 30 networks and it lets you to spy on competitors using Google DisplayNetwork, Adcenter Content, Adsonar, Pulse360, + many more networks.
And while I definitely do not endorse evil tactics (negative SEO, stealing content, and all the other unbelievably nefarious stuff that goes on), I don’t recommend you ignore your competitors, either. You need to do at least some competitive analysis. Copernic TrackerCopernic Tracker is a great toll to use to track changes made to any web page content.

It’s critical to know what your competitors are doing, if only to use the information as another way to gauge what your audience likes or dislikes.  To help you assess your competitors (but not get buried in the analysis), we’ve rounded up a list of tools to help you see your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. If the trackerfinds a change, you get immediately notified via email or get a desktop alert. All of these tools are either free or have free trials.To take things a step further than just the usual list of competitive tools, I’ve also included some ideas on what you want to know about your competitors, why you want that information, and how to use it. You can track Onlineforums, Social Media, Auctions, News sites, Product updates, New job notices, Competitors’ Websites, landing pages, squeeze pages and everything you want. Here’s an example of a SWOT done on an imaginary competitor for a dog-training site:As you can see, you don’t have to write a whole page for each area. The trick to them is to put yourself in your competitor’s perspective while you do the SWOT – look at their business like it was your business.You don’t need to do a SWOT for the top 20 sites in your niche. This alone will give you a snapshot of where you stand against them, and how you might leverage your existing business to gain an edge on them.That’s the only pen and paper “tool” I’ll give you.
You want to know what content they have, how it’s performing, and how they are monetizing that content.
Having a resource like this also means you can easily track how your competitors shift tactics over time. How much time could you save and how much more results could you get if you knew the business and your competition before you went in? How to find this informationAt last, you’ll finally get the list of tools. If a few of your competitors have negative mobile-friendly scores, you might be in for a pleasant surprise in late April. It is, right?.To see backlinksThere are so many tools that help you find (or “poach”) your competitor’s backlinks. Start with Majestic SEO because it’s free, trusted and will get you 98% of the information you need.After you’ve got your Majestic SEO data, do all your searches again with the Moz Open Site Explorer.
Just don’t blame me if you get addicted to their paid tools.Other tools to see backlinks and more are Ahrefs, Link Prospector and Monitor Backlinks.
Fortunately, it does have a free version, and while that won’t go into too much detail, it will give you good information you’ll be glad to have. And you’ll want to make sure you cancel it before the three days are up, or you’ll get charged $299.
These are just a few of my favorites, designed to give you the basic data you need, and no more.Fanpage Karma – So maybe your competitors do have more followers than you… but are those followers engaging with them? Fanpage Karma will tell you for free.Topsy and FollowerWonk – Want to see how your competitors are doing on Twitter, and which tweets get the most engagement? SimilarWeb will give you much more information for free, but my favorite feature is the handy little snapshot of where their traffic is coming from. It’s tailor-made for competitive research.I’m sure I missed at least a few good competitive analysis tools.

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