In fact, with a decent camera and good movie editing software, you can create something that looks a lot more like a Hollywood blockbuster than your childhood home videos. Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac gives users the easiest way to make home movies with as many photos, videos and songs as they want.
Photo Theater Pro makes sweet home movies out of your favorite photos, video clips & music on Mac. If you like editing video content, for both personal or professional use, then you need a good video editing program.
Video and photo manipulation has been around since we started to store multimedia content on our computers, and although it has changed a lot in the last years, the basic concept of adding effects and elements behind them has remained the same. This is why today we have media splitters, media joiners, DVD creators or even programs that allow the user to create a movie from scratch, going by only their imagination. As we’ve seen before, there are multiple types of video editing software, each accomplishing a certain task and allowing the user to create different effects. One category of video editing software is the one that allows the user to patch together multiple videos or images and create a film where they can add custom soundtracks and some transition effects. Also, there are others that apply filters to movies and encode them in order to achieve a better quality or a desired effect.
Media splitters and joiners are probably the easiest to use, allowing users to cut a movie into pieces and put it back together in what way they seem fit.
The choice of video editing software belongs with you and it depends on what you want to accomplish.
Now that you know what are the types of video editing programs and by now you might have figured out what type you need, here’s a list with some great video editing software that will give you a hand with your projects.
With the help of these video editing programs you will be able to create stunning videos and be well on your way to making it big in the movie business, or at least have some awesome videos to show your friends or upload to your YouTube channel. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. One of the most difficult thing for the students is to arrange money for buying essential tools required for their studies.
This is one of the basic software for the video editors but all of the simple tasks like trimming, processing and polishing of the videos can be done with windows movie maker 2012. This is another good free video editor in this list of best paid and free free video editing software for students. Camtasia studio 8 is not free software but its one of the essential video editing software for the professional video editors. You are about to download this program (MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17), and we would like to ask you to send us your feedback after you install and try it on your computer.
It won't take more than a couple of minutes, but your opinion is very important to future users of the program and to the author of the program.
At $58.98, Magix Movie Edit Pro can be considered one of the least expensive movie editing programs. Sony Movie Studio Platinum which costs about $95 is a movie editing program with functionalities for stereoscopic 3D editing. Having received the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award for the fifth time, Cyberlink PowerDirector is a movie editing program worth considering.
For just about $50, Corel Video Studio Pro X6 is one of the most affordable movie editing programs which novices and advanced users can use in movie making.
With features that include highly customizable effects and intuitive color grading, Apple’s Final Cut Pro may be well worth its $300 asking price.
The Avid Media Composer is a professional movie editing software application with features that include automated media management and accelerated high resolution-to-HD workflows. Edit your videos and create movies with AVS Video Editor and you get to enjoy its more than 600 effects and transitions. Adobe Premiere Elements, which is the lighter version of Adobe Premiere Pro, is one of the most popular software applications for video editing. Whether you will be creating movies for personal use or for business purposes, the top 10 movie editing software applications just mentioned are worth considering. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac makes beautiful home movies with your favorite video clips, images & background music.
We made a little overview about  video editing software that are used by beginners and professionals so you can get right solution that suits your needs.
These software would be a perfect solution for home videos or  just for fun and not dig into the complicated stuff. Although it is a very good program for video production, usually it’s not considered to be professionals’ choice. Compared to other software it only requires : 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) and only 1 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD), and look at the price. This would be one of the software that Hollywood is using.  Movies such as “300” , “Happy Feet”, “Cold Mountain”, “Burn After Reading” have been edited with it. So, if you are Windows user, it may cost you a small fortune to get this working, but if you are on Mac, then I would say this would be very good solution for your videos. I tried to run it on my notebook and I got message about not enough RAM, so of course, if you think to go into the video editing you should have 4GB of RAM at least and quadro core processor. Everyone who has a camcorder and has recorded videos of their memorable occasions wants to edit those videos for several reasons. Those who have basic knowledge of computers will find this free software from Microsoft to be very easy and convenient to use. Although a little cumbersome to use, this has all the features required to make it into the list of best video editing software for PC. If you are in search of a free solution for editing .avi files, then this is probably the best program you will ever find on the internet.

It is a waste of money if you purchase commercial video editing software and do not know how to make full use of them.
Once only a task for professionals, editing raw video footages has become as simple as dragging and dropping, and many of the features that used to come only with high-end software are now available in even the most basic movie editing programs for family users. Browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywooda€‘style trailers. Also, with time, different programs and software have appeared, specialized in other aspects of video editing. Also, there are some very powerful programs that take the idea to an entirely different stage and allow the user to create videos from nothing. These programs are relatively simple to use and for the most part, they will get the job done for most.
These programs are usually the resource hogs, needing a lot of horsepower to be able to render the images. If you need to create a complex 3D video with lots of animations and effects, then you will have to go with a powerful software such as Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. On the other hand, if you are creating a tiny project with a few videos, pictures and soundtracks, then you won’t need overly powerful programs, and even Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker might get it done. Some of these programs have quite expensive price tags, and therefore are not affordable for some.
Users can crop, resize, increase brightness and can also add beautiful effects in the video with Avidemux.
This free software have many drawing and selection tools to add some beautiful additions in your videos. Based on the successful previous versions, we have optimized the program to make it the best Movie Edit Pro ever! If you leave your email right now we will send you tomorrow an invitation to evaluate the program. You too can make movies with professional quality and Hollywood-like effects using movie editing software. Aside from its capabilities to edit videos, it can also directly upload them to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. It is a comprehensive video editing tool with 64-bit video editing capabilities and easy-to-use interface.
It has some of the latest features for creating HD quality movies including 29 templates for making Holywood-style trailers.
This program supports a wide range of file formats such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, Quick Time, Windows Media Format, and many others.
This movie editing software application can work with different file formats such as AVCHD, RED, H.264 and others.
This program also has advanced media management capabilities and has tools and features that are ACE-certified.
On top of that, it also has more than 40 text options and more than 30 disc menu templates. Its basic features include multicam editing capabilities, intuitive closed captioning, speeding up or slow motion effects, and multi-GPU support. Its Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate version in particular has an unlimited number of tracks for creating multi-layer effects in 3D or HD and picture-in-picture effects. If you have used or are using any of the programs we listed, please let us know your experience with it. Coming with 50 transition effects & 50 subtitle effects, you are able to edit your videos and make movies very easily. Prices are approximate and are there to give you an idea of what you might expect to pay for the particular product.
Most probably it is because Sony Vegas did not become as popular as Premiere Pro and eventually not so demanded.
You can edit the content that appears here by visiting your Widgets panel and modifying the current widgets in Sidebar 2. There is so much information out there that some important digitial photography info can slip through the cracks. However, it is not necessary that all of us are pioneers in video editing and have the best of software for the same installed in our systems. For editing your homemade videos from mobile phones or cameras, this one is surely one of the best video editing software for PC. With the help of the accompanying user manual you can learn a few tricks to step up the editing process. It may not be as good as others but it still has remarkable features which make it a strong contender to be considered one of the best video editing software for PC in the freeware section.
It enables you to join various video clips with ease and also crop, resize, rotate and add colors to your videos. With its user friendly design and simply superb user interface, you can now edit all your .avi files under one single window without any hassles. With some of the best video editing software for PC discussed above, we are sure that you will have a great time editing your memorable moments and making them more colorful and brilliant. We've tried more than 20 movie making software for Mac and now here are some we would like to recommend to you. It comes with a range of video transitions and a range of video and audio filters such as keying tools, mattes and vocal de-poppers and de-essers. And when youa€™re ready to premiere on all your devices, iMovie Theater rolls out the red carpet.
With Photo Theater Pro, you can add your digital photos and video clips to make lovely home movies with background music for your family and friends. However, many of them offer limited features, so for other effects and transitions, you might want to look for another video editing software.
Keep in mind what your project is while to figure which one to go for, and before you buy a program, take a loot at the free video editing programs.

I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.
Although they need high end software like Adobe essentials but they also need to learn other small software that are not only free but also provide some awesome basic features. Plus users can also adjust color and brightness and can also add many beautiful effects in the videos, download it now.
Among its useful features which help amateurs create good videos are its built-in movie trailer templates as well as its multicamera editing capabilities. Its other features include secondary color corrector, white balance and quick sharing to YouTube. It can also import and sync up to four videos taken by different devices, allowing you to select the best shots.
It also has 21 customizable tracks, motion tracking feature, Ultra HD video support, and functionalities for layering clips and inserting visual effects.
Its other features include Master Audio Fader and Interplay Sprhere support for extended movie production anywhere. And users can edit the photos and video clips and add titles, music, and effects, including basic color correction and video enhancement tools and transitions such as fades and slides. Software as it is has great editing features coupled with motion graphics and simple 2D animation features that After Effects also has.
For VP , PP and FCP there is large variety of tutorials and trainings available.   So start learning and add your touch to the world of movies.
Customer support is very slow to respond 3-7 days and will procrastinate until the 30 day refund is over and then they won’t give you your money back.
Or, if you want to be a true ninja, you can add your own content to this sidebar by using the appropriate hooks. Many professionally designed video editing software may not be available free of cost and require a valid license before you can use all of their features.
It has some really cool and exciting lighting effects and sound effects that can add a lot of variation to your personal videos and make them look totally different and attractive. Adding 2D and 3D effects to your videos with Wax will give them a completely different look and feel. These are just a few features of this amazing program which definitely deserves a mention in the best video editing software for PC.
Its filters to sharpen, brighten and contrast your video are really worth more than anything else. Today we will list best paid and free video editing software for students to polish their skills. I would specially recommend windows movie maker to the professional photographers for creating time lapse.
This software application also has a Theme Designer feature for creating animated slideshows. And on top of that, it has a user-friendly interface that is easily understandable by both beginners and professionals. This movie editing program supports HD, AVI MPEG, QuickTime, Adobe Flash, Real Networks, mobile video, and many others. In a word, Ephnic Moive Maker for Mac is very easy to use yet powerful enough to edit your videos and share with the world. Or you can pay $30 and talk to someone who can barely speak English and still get no solution to your problems. But some good Samaritans have developed some free software which serve the purpose of basic video editing for those who do not require the much advanced versions.We try to have a look at 5 best video editing software for PC which you do not want to miss.
By simply dragging and dropping all your videos, you can very precisely edit them to suit your taste. It is a very good option for those who do not want to purchase commercial software and want something different from the regular windows movie maker. It will be a mistake if we miss out to mention this program under the best video editing software for PC list. Photographers can add as many frames as they want and can also adjust the frame rate, they will also be able to add beautiful transition effects to their time lapse photography. We hope you will like our list of best paid and free video editing software for students, stay in touch for more buying guides.
I was using Premiere for some time until it started crashing too often, then I tried Vegas and stayed with it ever since. Now they added RED format support, which basically means that they are breaking into the high-end movie making market. And still it is an editing software and of course it has all the features that smaller brothers do. I could not get 3 of the CODEC’s to activate online claiming that I was not online when in fact I was connected to their website! It has easy to use interface and it is very easy to start using other Sony products like Acid Pro for audio, because shortcuts and overall tooling is similar. The part I like the best about Premiere is its smooth integration with Photoshop, Soundbooth and After Effects.
With the new version you can even import videos that you recorded with your iPhone directly into Movie Edit Pro, without having to take a detour via iTunes. It has a lot of built-in tools like video effects, transitions, film look presets, keying etc., and also there are lots of plug-ins and tutorials available on the internet.

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