Art Maker is a wonderful iPad app for kids, which has only just recently been published on the App Store. If you haven’t have guessed already, the Art Maker Play School app has been produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise known as ABC and is the second longest running children’s television show in the world.
If you’d rather use a neutral background, you could also use a colourful, creased paper background. You can also upload one of your own photos and pictures from your iPad on the bottom and use this as a setting for your animated movie. On the top of the screen, in the top bar, you can find a wide range of toy actors, accessories and requisites.
As an example, we chose the earth, an Astro-Teddy, a glitter star, the dog and a Space shuttle. Once you’ve picked and placed your requisite and your characters, you can either take a photo or shoot a little movie. Of course you’ll need a lot more sequences for a propper movie, which can all be put together whilst editing your film.
For our next scene, our characters or also actors flew back to Earth and landed safely at the beach.
Once you’re back in the main menu, you can choose the “My Art” page, where all of your pictures have been saved and can be viewed and combined.
Kids will have created their very own movie or story slideshow with their very own voices, which they can watch and laugh at over and over again! Art Maker is a fantastic, creative playground for kids, where they can create their own stories, record, design and edit their movies. Over a few days I was searching for the best free iPad apps which are suitable for Kids on the iPad appstore. The mixed-reality app enables fans to create gag videos that they can instantly share on YouTube or Facebook or through e-mail.Fans can become storytellers by using the Movie Maker feature.
If you're looking to learn or practice a language on an iPad app, Duolingo (free) is indisputably the way to go. Kids can learn names for unique color shades as they express their creativity with this engaging paint tool.

The play is simple—just swipe two candies to switch their positions—and the feedback so carefully calculated that I am sure someone who'd never seen a smartphone in their lives could quickly figure it out. Disney Storytime features the largest collection of Disney stories right at your fingertips! Even 5 year old’s can make their own animations and story slideshows with the Art Maker app.
A beach scenery, a living room scenery, a kitchen, a moon scenery and an underwater scenery. We really like the creased paper effect it really brings in some movement and nice 3D effects.
With all the farms and animal apps on the App Store, we sometimes just feel like travelling to the moon. The Teddy and the Earth could be placed anywhere on the screen, whereas the Space shuttle had to be assembled first. Kids will love to play roleplays with this creative app and it is also very cute to hear the children’s voices in the little movies.
You only need to got to “make a story” and drag each scene on the top to the bottom bar.  Save and Ready!
Their little film creations are wonderful digital memories and can be watched at any time again. Below is my outcome and I roughly divided these apps to group of categories, so you can easier find the most suitable app for your Kid.
The app and program are both 100 percent free, and they still outshine practically every other language-learning app I've seen—even the very expensive ones.
Each time they tap a crayon on the paint toolbar, an enthusiastic narrator exclaims the color name. Zombies 2 has been downloaded more than 20 million times from the App Store so far, chances are you're one of the many enjoying the time-traveling sequel. Go on a campout with Woody, Buzz and Jessie, enjoy an exciting adventure with Lightning, Mater, and the gang, meet Belle’s new puppy, and so much more!
You can shrink or enlarge both the size and time length of this, or drag content around to different places in your movie.

The app uses simple step by step instructions for the process of making an animated movie – starting off with choosing an actor and a scenery using Playschool Toys and craft items. Once you have finished recording the movie, you only need to press on the video camera again for it to play your self created animated film. Incredible, Sulley of Monsters Inc., and Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean.
Your major limitation will be whether Duolingo supports your language of choices, as the list remains tight. Kids can get creative with a fun selection of paint tools including brush widths, a paint bucket, and special effects like stars. Read at your own pace, follow along as each story is read to you, or record your own voice!
Download the app for free and you'll get a few free books; but, for the most part, this app is for people who want to buy books for kids to read (or have read to them by a parent or the narrator) on their mobile devices. Note, finally, the Rotate buttons, which will change the orientation of an entire clip or photo. Players can choose from 30 different animations and dozens of props such as Buzz Lightyear’s Jet Pack from Toy Story.
Fortunately, Duolingo does include many of the languages most studied by English speakers: Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazilian).
King, the London-based development studio that created Candy Crush Saga, said that 16 million people play the game on Facebook each month and that King’s gaming network has a total of 190 million users across all of its games. And don’t forget to visit the “Me” section to create and personalize your very own Storytime avatar.
Parents should know that the books include text, audio, and illustrations; there is no interactivity or animation beyond highlighted text.

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