On this ocassion, Mike has written a story about each one of the tracks in the album, and he has transcribed all the lyrics for FrostWire users. The first full song I ever wrote was called Riding High and it was a beat that my brother, Tyler Jones aka DJ Tanner made back in college when we first figured out how to sample using Fruityloops. T?he funny thing about this record is that it started off with Stik and I just messing around in The Blap Cave with some beats that my guy Slot­A had sent. I ?always wanted to make the Mike Schpitz theme song and I came close a few times but with this record, I feel like I actually made it happen.
S?lot­A and I originally met back in 2008 and have been very close collaborators and friends ever since. P?erhaps the most important person to the creation of this album is my guy Lucas aka ThatKidMyself.
D?uring the whole creation of the album, I have been trying to get my guy Tony aka adullessence on a track. D?uring one of me and Lucas’s sessions, he played this remix he did for Rhymefest and Kanye’s joint Brand New.
F?or whatever reason, the ILL Brown beats that I wrote to for this album are all very soulful and reflective. I can’t pretend to claim that I really collaborated with !llmind on this record but one day on Twitter, I saw him posting that he was leasing beats for pretty cheap and that artists could buy one, record a song and send it to him. T?his record actually was started during the session in Indianapolis at LONE’s house but it was over a completely different beat. You can Share (copy, redistribute in any medium or format), Adapt (remix, transform, and build upon) for any purpose, even commercially, as long as you give appropiate credit (provide a link to the work and the license) and indicate what changes you made. If your music player supports reading the lyrics off of the mp3s you will be able to see the lyrics right on your player.
The original track is Faze­O’s Riding High and Rappin’ 4­Tay used it at one poin and actually a lot of people have used this same sample. After Maja moved back to the Chicago area from DC, he came by my studio one day and we were listening to beats. There are a couple people who I give a ton of credit to for my musical evolution and Slot is perhaps the most important person in that journey. Lucas and I actually met back in college at the University of Kansas in my garage during a freestyle session.
For whatever reason, I just couldn’t separate the two, so it felt right to put them together on the album.
ILL Brown had sent me a few beats for the album to listen to and one night, I was in the Blap Cave and I played this one and the vibe was so perfect. We released it early last year because I just loved the song immediately when I finished it. Our plan was to do a whole album and we actually started like 10 or 11 records that weekend. I never considered myself to really be a part of the music industry because I always had a full time job and never made much money but early on when I started releasing music, I met this cat Panama through myspace. It was cool too because he said we could put it out, use his name and even put it on a project. I had Pete and Fuelo each record a verse to it but when I sent LONEgevity the beat, he completely flipped it and it sounded even crazier. Once I came up with the album title and direction, I had to start the album this way to bring my whole musical journey full circle.
As soon as he told me the name of this beat and played the record, I wrote the hook on the spot. We tend to make the best music together whenever we are in the same room, creating something from scratch. Finally after damn near a year of trying, he recorded a verse to this record and sent it back. Lucas was actually making this beat when I got to his house for a session and I loved the swing and the sample.
I had heard this beat a few times before I wrote the hook but once I recorded it, I thought it would be a perfect nighttime vibe record to get a couple of my favorite Topeka emcees on.
Lucas played this beat during a session with me and Pete Sayke and the hook just came to me.
I wrote the first verse randomly one day but it fit really well on this beat, especially after I recorded the hook.

This is another proud moment for me because I was able to bring three different cats together on one record.
This track was another one from my session in Indianapolis with LONEgevity and with the screwed up sample, there was only one person I could get for this record. After I added a verse and some layers to the hook and bridge, we decided to send the record to Bizzy. After getting the hook down, I knocked out the verses pretty quick and both Maja and I loved the song. During this particular session, Slot created this beat that had kind of a reggae vibe and the hook just was stuck in my head.
When I moved to Chicago in 2007 and told Lucas that I was working in Evanston, he let me know that he born and raised there and lived a couple blocks away from where I worked.
I love how this record came together because it kind of reminds me of the earlier days when Tony and I made Love Potion Number 9th and Life In Surround Sound. When I recorded them, it just felt right to use all three and have this song be kind of an interlude type record but add a verse to it. After I finished the demo version, I sat in the car in my driveway, listening to this song over and over.
I sent it to my guy Andy $av first, who is a young cat from Topeka who has been releasing really awesome music. I wrote this song before my wife got pregnant with our second child but we had been talking about trying to have another one. Pete and LONE have collaborated many times but I wanted to get my guy Fuelo, who is from Topeka, on a record too. DreDai has a really unique ability to be able to rhyme on any type of record and sound good but a song like this is definitely a sweet spot. Lucas aka ThatKidMyself and I just picked our favorite parts and added a couple sounds to the original for the intro.
If you aren’t a Hot Boys and Cash Money fan, the hook is actually from track 3 on Guerrilla Warfare. Fast forward several years, Lucas was really pushing me and my guy Pete Sayke to make more music.
When Briana came by to lay vocals for Still High, I asked her to add some layers to this record as well and it just made it sound even cooler. I was on the fence about putting it on the album but when I played the demo version for my brother, he said he loved it, so I had to put it on here. Since my singing skills are very subpar, I knew I had to get someone who could make the hook sound even better, so Briana came through, added her touch and really gave the song a facelift. I sent it to him but I’m not sure if he ever heard it or if he did, if he fucked with it but I loved how it turned out. One of my goals has always been to link talented people, especially from Topeka with some of my guys in Chicago, so this record is a cool moment for me. It was also cool how LONE and I got a Biggie sample and a Lil Keke sample to mesh on the same hook.
I never imagined that I would go back to the first song I ever wrote and it would be the perfect intro to my album but it just fit perfectly. Bizzy and Stik are two of the most talented and well­known emcees out of Topeka and it felt like with us three on a record, we were the city’s City Council.
He was sending us tons of beats and just constantly encouraging us to write and record as much as possible.
Another cool thing about this record is that D­Que and I had been trying to make some songs for a while but nothing ever stuck. I thought this was a nice transitional record for the album to kind of change vibes and directions of the music.
I originally wanted to get adullessence and Stik Figa on this song because we used to be a crew called The Only Ones aka The O’s but it just felt right to be a solo track.
I hit up my guy Fresh from The Skeptics, who are a really talented group of guys from Topeka as well, to really make this a Topeka record. The other person on the song is my son Dexter, who loves to just hear his voice being played back, so one day I just recorded him saying random stuff, chopped it up and put it on the beat and it sounded awesome.
I know people assume a place like Topeka has no hip hop scene and probably no talent, so I love getting the chance to surprise people.
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It is was real cool for me to bridge my two music worlds, Topeka and Chicago, by getting two of my favorite emcees on a record by one of my favorite producers. I’m not sure why this particular hook fit with this beat but when I was singing it over the beat, it just felt right.
This track was made on the spot at my studio and kind of like Gandalf, I wrote the hook on the spot. Stik gave me the idea of starting the verse “First the Only Ones break up, now every day I wake up,” and flip the Jay­Z verse from Heart of the City.
Both Fresh and $av gave me dope verse, each with a different vibe that fit the direction of the song perfectly. Step into the world of music: Thousands of loops, various genres, virtual instruments, and spectacular studio effects provide limitless possibilities and sensational results. I finally got my theme song!” This was the first beat Maja sent me for the album too, so it was crazy that he knew exactly what I needed. It took me a long time to finally finish the last verse for this song but it ended up being one of my favorite records on the album. My favorite part of making music is that energy that certain sessions create and this song was one of those moments that just came so naturally.
The improved recording function makes it simple to record your own vocals and add real instruments to your arrangements. ILL Brown records are always so rich and soulful, so this song was really written from the heart.
One day, he will know that his first song ever recorded was Still High on daddy’s album Topeka, High.
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