Twitter has some basic demographic, interest and geographic targeting, but nothing that really sets itself apart. Figuring out the best keywords for online advertising is a necessary part of running any business. Google has many tools that can help give you a head start on keyword analysis, such as their Analytics program, the Sitemap Generator. Your best bet is to sit down with a group of friends - both those directly associated with your business and those who aren't - and play a game.
Whatever your business is, it is a fair assumption that you have something that you think your customers want. With each search term or phrase, your team's first job is to run them through Google and other search engines and find out where on each page your website shows up.
In the end, it's results that count - not just the clicks and the visits but the closed sales that are the hallmark of return on advertising dollars.
Luckily, there are many tools you can use to figure out what search terms will take people to your site.
In general, following the guide provided by the search engine giant will give you a good start to optimizing your site, not just for Google but also for other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.
Your customers are people, and people come up with the search terms that you might never expect when they're looking for your product. The first part of this game is "Who are my competitors?" You may already know that - or you may google your own company product and find new competitors.
Remember that the objective in business is not just to keep up with the competition, but to surpass them.
The reason you try to find the best keywords for online advertising is to help your potential customers find you so you can give them what they want.

If it's high up - on the first three pages of results, at least - that's a phrase that is working for you.
The fact that your team came up with them means they mean something to someone; the fact that they aren't high up in Google means that you may be able to quite cheaply purchase these phrases using AdWords. Most e-commerce setups not only process money but can also give you information on how the customer got to your site, what keywords were used to search, and what page led most quickly to that sale.
For example, you can target anyone following certain Twitter accounts or anyone searching for certain hashtags.What does this mean for you?Twitter is all about events happening in real-time.
Every person then will take each competitor's homepage and analyze it, pulling out key phrases and terms. Unfortunately, you have very little control over what words they are using to look for your product - the best you can do is try to imagine what words they might use.As a group, you come up with a list of search terms - and this is why it's important to have people outside your company doing this as well. It may work better if you use it (and similar) keywords in your website copy, image tags, etc. If you then use the same strategy as above - featuring the words and phrases in your blog - you will be increasing the value of those purchased terms. It's not a one-time process - the best search words change all the time, and optimizing your site should be an ongoing part of running your business. When everyone compares their search terms, you can get a good idea of what the other people in your industry think are the attention-getting phrases. New potential customers may use words that you don't expect, and you want to catch them as well as the repeat customers that know the lingo.
In the case of a blog, using these high-ranking phrases in almost every entry is a good way to legitimately increase your site's ranking. If you want to get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to understand which is the best online advertisement for your immediate needs.Note that this is our personal experience and opinion.

For example, one of the hottest things this week is the new Star Wars trailer (which you can watch here). If you wrote a blog post for your site that breaks down the trailer second by second with in-depth analysis then you can advertise using the #StarWars hashtag. Anyone searching for Star Wars-related tweets would easily be able to find your content.You can also target people who follow the Twitter accounts of George Lucas, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), and so on to make sure the right crowd sees your tweets.
If you want to be extra sneaky, you can use this to target your competition to try and steal their followers!Silver Medal: FacebookFacebook’s targeting gives you a lot of control over who can see your advertisement.
Facebook allows you to segment by age, gender, interests, and behaviour.What does this mean for you?Facebook is a solid second place with its advertising platform. You CAN target followers of certain pages, but it’s not as robust as the Twitter system.Facebook, however, earned its silver medal by having a solid range of targeting functions. While their targeting system is top-notch, LinkedIn ads work the best if you’re selling professional services to other businesses.What does this mean for you?Have a new analytics software that will change the face of marketing? LinkedIn can specifically target marketing executives of medium-sized companies in your local area making at least $60k a year.
LinkedIn can target all accounting students in your specific university with a proficiency in financial accounting.Though LinkedIn has a smaller audience compared to the other three platforms, it gives the advertiser the most targeting power.Want to know which ad platform is the best for your business?

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