Medieninhalte ko?nnen ebenfalls nicht wiedergegeben werden, also kein Video, kein Audio und ebenfalls kein Flash. Email marketing is known to be one of the most upcoming and most effective ways of reaching and interacting with the external environment. One of the biggest keywords of email marketing is what you can see in the big black box above; Direct Marketing. Now you know what we mean when we speak of the terms email marketing and direct marketing and both their main goals.
In the above infographic, it is pretty straight forward what is generally expected in a marketing email. You may  think this sounds ridiculous if your trying to reach many people at once, but its simple. As we are currently living in a social media environment, it’s not surprising that more than 40% of the people and users of smartphones open their emails on their mobile devices. It’s always important to present the values, benefits and advantages of the product or item you are trying to sell in your email. This is a good question because, you want to be able to sell your products and get the information out there for your audience to see, but you also want to avoid overloading their inbox with emails. 3) Last but not least, keep testing your emails on different search engine platforms such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others.
Do you feel as if you now know what you need to about starting up your own email marketing? The digital era has brought about tremendous changes to the marketing industry, from content, to ROI, to measurability and everything in between. Through social media, email, web, apps and video, there is a vast amount of information that is now readily available through digital means. The digital era offers a more open means of feedback and communication among marketers and their targets.
As Senior Vice President of Marketing at Kaspersky Lab North America, Chris is responsible for overseeing all North American marketing activities including driving programs to improve customer engagement and experience with the brand and products. Channel Marketer Report (CMR) is a targeted e-media publication covering the latest solutions, trends and strategies to help companies optimize their marketing, both to and through their partner networks.
Das Marketing liebt sie, weil sich Produktbilder oder visuelle Grafiken in die Werbebotschaft einbinden lassen.
Leider ko?nnen Desktop-Mail-Clients keine Formulare und aus Sicherheitsgru?nden auch kein <script> verarbeiten. It can help promote your business, company or organisation at low costs, helps connect and interact with customers and can build strong bridges with other company’s and businesses.
This keyword is known as an umbrella term, meaning that there are many terms and concepts that fall under the category of direct marketing, email marketing being one of them. If you keep reading you will have further explanations and tips of how to create the best emails possible!
When we receive emails from whoever it may be, the subject line informs the receiver what the email will be about. Therefore, it makes total sense if we adjust the format of the email to fit the screen size of all mobile devices. Your goal is to enable sales and you can do this by designing and including call to action buttons in your email.
It is essential and necessary that you know what your target audience think of  you, your product and the emails you send.
You will know this as well as many others, that there is nothing more irritating than being constantly bombarded by a company or about  topic that doesn’t interest you the slightest.
Also, test your emails out on different types of smartphones, other mobile devices and tablets to see if there are any differences in the size of the emails. As marketers it’s our job to evolve with the times and use new and innovative methods to ensure our campaigns are effective and the results are long-lasting. Because this information is at the fingertips of consumers, marketers are challenged to put information into smaller, easily digestible snippets, while at the same time ensuring that content is compelling and memorable.
It’s always been vital for marketers to listen to what customers and partners need and want, but through email and social media, gathering that feedback is a lot more seamless and easy to act upon, almost immediately. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab in 2012 Chris held senior marketing positions at Pulsepoint, a marketing technology company, Sony Electronics, and Accenture, a global management consulting and technology services firm.

Standardkonforme Newsletter-Vorlagen fur alle Mailprogramme zu generieren, ist allerdings nicht die einfachste Aufgabe.
Zudem wurde mit der Einfu?hrung von Outlook 2007 die Rendering-Engine von Internetexplorer auf Word umgestellt, was letztlich die Ausgangssituation fu?r die zuvor genannte „Fix Outlook“-Kampagne darstellte.
The benefits of this would be that the readers who open the email dont need to do adjust the email size eg. Avoid any subjective information or personal arguements as to why they should purchase the product. Let them guide you by offering the best you can, which will only benefit you at the end of the day. If this is the case, find a way to make your emails fit each device or send your emails out in groups; one group for smartphones, a second group for tablets and a third group for computers.
Additionally, it’s important for customers to feel a sense of personalization from the content. Nowadays, marketing is much more accountable for ROI: it takes money to create a campaign, but was the campaign impactful? He has written and spoken widely about connecting customer needs with technology solutions, and has presented at many conferences, including The Conference Board, Consumer Electronics Association and Forrester Research. Well it refers to a communication channel where information is sent directly to the receiver or end user. Another point that you need to bare in mind when writing your subject line is to keep it short, brief but informational.
Try to create personal content which allows the reader to believe you are speaking directly to him or her.
It’s completely acceptable to admit to it because we all do it, probably more than we realise.
Make them bold and stand out so that they are clearly visible to the readers and are left with the option of purchasing your product or not.
When they are constantly inundated with information, it can be easy for them to feel lost in a sea of brands, and before you know it, your campaign is just one more in the sea. Durch die verschiedenen mo?glichen Fensteransichten werden jeweils unterschiedliche Teile eines Newsletters im Vorschaufenster angezeigt. Therefore, it’s a method used to reach the target audience quicker and more effectively. By informational I mean, use keywords or the shortest way possible to state what your email is about. Try to remember the fact that this is marketing and therefore, your trying to sell something.
Also, that the readers can immediately see the main message that is being delivered to them. Not just that but, if your readers flag your emails as spam, this will affect your rating and deliverability with your Internet Service Provider. There are many tools and metrics out there today — many of which are a direct result of the digital era — to enable marketers to measure their success and learn and grow from their campaigns. This leads to greater engagement and collaboration, thus enabling companies to consistently improve the customer experience.
Grundlegend ko?nnen Sie von einem Fensterausschnitt mit einer Gro??e von 250x250px ausgehen.
In just a few words, let them know what they should expect from your email, briefly inform them of your message. When selling an item or product you need to hit the main and most important facts about the product or item. When you send these emails, try not to send the same email twice, because this causes boredom for the readers and can result in your emails being placed in the junk folder. How can we tell if the snippets of information we thought were compelling and memorable were, in fact, compelling and memorable?
Furthermore, as humans, we instinctively look for what is “quality” — it’s the human desire to improve.
Wichtig ist, dass der Newsletter eine Gesamtbreite von 550-600px nicht u?bersteigen sollte. Many people think this would be a successful way to capture the attention of the audience BUT this is not the case.

Don’t be mistaken though, I know this sounds similar to the subject line and it sort of is, except for the fact that this section needs to be slightly longer and more in-depth. Leave out the boring bits because this will affect the short attention span of the readers.
Through the use of metrics and measurability, marketers can see what is working, what isn’t working and how we can make things better.
I get the fact that humans love discounts and free products, however, when it comes to emails, they won’t give it a second look. Mit der Einfu?hrung von Outlook 2007 wurde die Anzeige von eingebundenen Bildern sowie Hintergrundbildern unterdru?ckt und muss in Outlook explizit pro Absender aktiviert werden. Google erlaubte in Gmail bis vor Kurzem ebenfalls keine Hintergrundbilder, doch auch hier ko?nnen Sie die Darstellung inzwischen explizit aktivieren.
Bei barrierefreien Internetseiten ist dies ohnehin bereits Pflicht, da bei abgeschalteten Bildern der Alternativtext angezeigt wird – fu?r blinde Menschen wird eben jener Text vorgelesen.
Achten Sie auf dieses wichtige Detail, denn viele Menschen sind schlichtweg zu faul, die Anzeige der Bilder in ihrem Mail-Client zu aktivieren. Bitte beachten Sie, dass viele Mail-Programme die Schriftauszeichnung aus den umschlie?enden Tabellenzellen auch auf den Alt(ernativ)-Text anwenden. Wichtig zudem: Verlinken Sie Bilder ausschlie?lich mit absoluten Pfaden von einem offenen und schnellen Webserver. Wenn Sie Ihr Newsletter-Design mit deaktivierten Bildern testen mo?chten, ko?nnen Sie das am besten mit der Webdeveloper Toolbar tun, indem Sie dort einfach unter Bilder > Grafiken durch Alt-Attribute ersetzen auswa?hlen. Kompliziert hingegen gestaltet es sich, standardkonforme HTML-Newsletter auszuliefern, da nahezu jeder Dienst E-Mails anders interpretiert.
Das bedeutet, dass CSS-Styles, die im <head> verlinkt wurden, natu?rlich nicht mehr vorhanden sind. Gleiches gilt fu?r Hintergrundgrafiken, die dem <body> zugewiesen sind – sie fallen schlicht und ergreifend einfach weg (Gmail verschiebt die Anweisungen mittlerweile in einen zusatzlichen DIV-Wrapper). Deshalb sollten Sie Hintergrundbilder in eine Wrapper-Tabelle einbinden (Stichwort: Verschachtelung).
Weiterhin sollten Sie darauf achten, dass in der HTML-Mail keine CSS-Klassen zugewiesen sind, die mit dem Webmail-Service kollidieren ko?nnten, bedeutet also: kein, sondern eher kundenbezogene Klassennamen wie. Wichtig beim Testen ist es, dass Textinhalte schon die echten Inhalte sind, Dummy-Texte werden meist als Spam angesehen. Zudem kommt somit auch nicht erst nach dem Versenden das bo?se Erwachen, wenn es hei?t, dass ein Teil der Newsletter als Spam erkannt worden ist. Das Programm erkennt zudem, ob die E-Mail als Phishing gekennzeichnet wurde und weist Sie darauf hin. Der Anbieter MailChimp stellt auf seiner Webseite eine gro?e Sammlung an Template-Vorlagen zur Verfu?gung, die in diversen Mail-Clients getestet wurden.
Wenn Sie MailChimp als Newsletter-Versandservice nutzen mo?chten, haben Sie zudem den Vorteil, dass die Mails u?ber einen sicheren Absender verfu?gen und ein Tracking der Kampagnen bereits mit zum Service geho?rt. Neu ist, dass in die Mails auch Social-Buttons fu?r Facebook oder Twitter integriert werden ko?nnen. Auch eine rudimenta?re API zum Service ko?nnen Sie aus einer eigenen Anwendung heraus ansprechen T. Einen a?hnlichen Service bietet Dialect aus Kanada, wobei Premailer sogar noch mit zusa?tzlichen Hinweisen gla?nzt.E-Mail-Tracking mit Google-AnalyticsIn seinem Artikel beschreibt Justin Cutroni sehr ausfu?hrlich, wie Sie mit Google Analytics eine E-Mail-Kampagne tracken ko?nnen. Obwohl der Artikel bereits aus dem Jahr 2008 stammt, ist er nach wie vor sehr aufschlussreich und nu?tzlich.
November 2011 um 11:17 Danke fur den Artikel … es kann nicht oft genug erwahnt werden, wie sch***oooon die Entwicklung solcher Templates ist.
Leider kann es nicht oft genug wiederholt werden, dass HTML-Newsletter in Bezug auf den Code nichts mit den aktuellen Entwicklungen (CSS3, HTML5) zu tun haben.
Es ist echt ein Krampf, dass man inbesondere bei Outlook immer wieder auf die absoluten Basics zuruckgreifen muss, damit der NL auch dort einigerma?en richtig angezeigt wird. Besonders die Hinweise auf die kleinen hilfreichen online Tools finde ich super, kannte ich bisher noch nicht!

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