As someone who writes about iOS software and jailbreak tweaks for a living, I am constantly using software to connect to my devices. This is an overview of some of the most popular tools for browsing the iOS filesystem from a computer. The weakness of using a wireless FTP client to transfer files to and from an iOS device is that wireless transfers tend to be noticeably slower than USB.
The downside of iTools is there also doesn’t seem to be any way to alter user permissions through the software.
When you open iFunbox, the first thing you are greeted with is the Find More Apps page, which is a browser full of ads and sponsored links.
I prefer FileZilla over WinSCP, however I find myself doing all that sort of stuff through Terminal anyway. The right software can make it a snap to access the file system, transfer photos, manually install software, and make backups, but the wrong software can make your work flow slow to a crawl.

FTP clients are utilities that can wirelessly browse files from any compatible server, including a jailbroken iPhone running OpenSSH. If you open the iFunbox Classic tab, you’ve got access to applications, ringtones, media, and the raw system file of your device. It lacks the shortcuts for automatically importing messages, and it displays ads when you open the program.
The iPhoneTunnel app for OS X is great; allows you to use SSH over USB, which is a billion times faster than over Wi-Fi. WinSCP is open source, which means users can inspect the program’s source code if they want to. There are easily accessible shortcuts to photos, apps, the iOS filesystem, and a built-in ringtone maker. There’s even an App Inspection button which explains which apps might leak your personal data, according to the APIs they plug into, which is always handy to know.

Both iFunbox and iTools are closed source programs, and include features geared to pirates, which you might not be comfortable with. You can even drag and drop .deb packages to be installed in Cydia and access the calendar, notes, and message history on your device. See Details Report Broken Link Download Road Construction Simulator PC Put on your hard hat and head for the highways!

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