There are two versions  of  Screen-O-Matic available, the free version and the Pro version. BSR Screen Recorder will capture and record anything that you see on your screen and records to AVI (Standard Video Format), SWF (Flash File), WMV (Windows Media Video), and EXE (Executable File). The TipCam has many features that you will find in commercial competitors, such as the ability to zoom and highlight your cursor in the recording.
Camtasia is a very popular screen recording and editing software that is used by many organizations. 3 Digit with 2 Digit Whole Numbers Multiplication WorksheetThis is a multiplication worksheet. Screen recording is most useful when a how-to video is being recorded in order to help an individual use a particular program or train them in something they have not done earlier.
Ezvid is an exceptional when it comes to recording every step of activity on screen be it simple movements of the mouse or the process of playing a video on desktop, etc. Includes exceptional features and effects including facecam, screen drawing, voice synthesis, audio recording and speed control.
Enables the user to edit videos nonlinearly, rearrange stuff, add text, make speed changes, image slides, etc. Latest C++ binaries are utilized, taking complete advantage of contemporary multi-core CPUs & video cards. Some of its unique features include auto-save functionality, integrated YouTube upload and many more.
Its screen drawing functionality is revolutionary and the user can literally draw on screen directly. Onscreen video cum audio taken from any source is easily managed, displayed and recorded with this amazing screen recording software. It includes video tutorials (web-based), support options and FAQs, characteristic of an open source project when compared to other tools. There is a tiny pop-up option wherein videos can be annotated with specific shapes, text and objects to create layouts and add stuff to library.
Spoken commentary at the time of screen recording can be easily recorded thanks to its intuitive interface, besides the ability to add webcam footage or a favorite soundtrack. Since only screen changes can be recorded, brilliant quality movies at a small file size can be made with this software, however with pro-like results.
Includes a bubbly shaped interface that seems more of a web application rather than a real program.
Includes a set of crosshairs enabling you to focus on specific screen areas you’d like to capture.
Features a cool history feature wherein your recent captures are displayed as thumbnails that can be opened at will by just double clicking.
This intuitive screen recording software for Windows has basic options that fulfil most of your recording requirements.
Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users as the interface is intuitive enough to guide them through hassles, if any.
AVI – FLV conversion is made easy, thanks to latest compression technology that makes your job easy.
Free screen recorder software is a program that is capable of capturing your computer screen into a video file. The screen recorder software is able to capture everything on your computer screen and create output in recognized video format which you can store on your computer or share on the internet. Here, I am going to show you the best free screen recorder software which you can download, install and start using now. These kind of programs might be useful for you if you want to create effective screencast tutorials from your computer or if you want to record live streaming videos that you can not record otherwise, such as webcam or Skype video sessions. Camstudio is one of the best free screen recorder software available for Windows operating systems. This free screen recording software allows you to capture in four different regions, create annotations, convert and compress recorded video output and much more.

You can also capture audio, change default cursor, set autopan feature, export video output in Adobe Flash format (SFX) and some other useful features.
Unlike Windows, Mac OS X has an integrated screen recording application built in the QuickTime app. With it you can also record audio from your microphone or have cursor displayed in your video output. Simple Screen Recorder is an amazing open-source software for Ubuntu, which works on other Linux distributions as well. Simple Screen Recorder has a straight-forward user interface and with all available options in one simple window.
With this free screen recorder software you can record the whole of your desktop to a set size. Simple Screen Recorder can be used to capture directly from OpenGL applications on your Linux – a very good feature for gamers.
And this is my collection of the best free screen recorder software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Google is known to be a basic need and most important source of learning for every person across the globe. Google Analytics Debugger loads the debug version of the Google Analytics JavaScript for all websites that you will browse on your Google Chrome. Tag Assistant is an extension by Google only and helps you to verify if you have installed various Google tags correctly on your page or not.
PageSpeed Insights is another extension that is developed by Google only and it analyzes the performance of your web page and provide the appropriate suggestions to make them faster.
Alexa Traffic Rank extension is an official which helps you by providing all the alexa data about the website that you are browsing without interrupting your browsing. Client for Google Analytics allow you to view detailed stats for all the websites connected to your Google Analytics account that is logged-in on your browser and you can see today’s visit count. Web Developer Toolbar adds a button on your browser with which you can access a number of web developer tools in one click.
SEO site tools or Site Analysis as the name suggests this extension helps you in analyzing a website that you open on your browser. Colorzilla is a very useful Google Chrome extension for developer and especially designers. HTTP Headers allows yout o quickly view HTTP header information of the URL open in the current tab of your browser. Dynamic Ad Inspector helps you to troubleshoot dynamic ads by showing the details of the ads like profile id, tag type, creative type and DFA entities. WebRank Whois Lookup allows you to check out WHOIS details for a domain inclding its nameservers, contact information of the owner, registration details along with the creation as well as expiration dates. Inline Code Finer helps you find inline styling, inline JavaScript events on a webpage by outlining them. OnPage SEO Tool is an extension for developer and marketers to analyze a web page for its onPage optimization.
Screen recording allows you to record actions that you make on your screen and do with those recordings whatever you would like (share or save). Some of the limitations of the free version include: 15 minutes of free recording and the Screen-O-Matic watermark is displayed on all videos.
This software is very easy to use and you will find that the learning curve is a pretty small one. These story problems are more than just math worksheets, they require students to really apply themselves to realistic situations. It could be teaching them how to play a game or how a presentation is to be prepared or simply walking them through a specific process.
This free video cum slideshow maker enables the user to edit their captured screen, add audio narration, save projects and upload stuff to YouTube, share stuff on social networking sites wherein video embedding is supported. This feature combined with the ability to record a specific screen region helps create brilliant screencasts.

It features a clean and compact interface that is underlined by a toolbar having in-built player controls.
A second feed such as your face (for instance) can be displayed with the picture-in-picture option. Its ultra-fine screen recorder creates high quality and compact movies helpful for tutorials, presentations and demos. The in-built video editor can be also be used to preview and navigate your clip frame after frame, besides adding text with desired size, font type, color & alignment. Additionally, you can select just a specific region to record with a support for autopan feature as well.
With the launch of Google Chrome web store developers are more than happy with the extensions provided in it. You can see useful information to the JavaScript console which include error messages and warnings which help you to tell when is your analytics tracking code is set up incorrectly. All you have to do it just navigate any page and this extension will tell you if you which tags are present on that page, report any errors if any and suggest some improvement if needs to be done.
It is an extension for your Google Chrome extension that helps you in determining if your website is implementing Google’s licensed map APIs properly. This is very useful in determining the traffic status of the website that you are browsing. This include checking Google Page rank and features includes IP Geolocation, Whois, Social Stats, Alexa rank and SEO tools that can help you optimizing your website. It helps you in picking color from the page, generate a CSS gradient, advanced eyedropper and much more. This can be helpful in debugging web applications, tracking redirects, checking the web server the website is using, see which headers are sent to server and which are returns by the server and much more. This extension allows you to store docs offline and access them easily through Google Chrome. It fetches the same Page rank as Google as it fetches information directly for Google servers. However, the Pro version has a lot of features that you may find useful if you are in need of the bells and whistles. Therefore, you may take solace in the fact that your purchased software will be supported and very stable. In other words, a video is created about stuff you do on the desktop and the recording is saved to help a friend understand something. The major types of files that this software supports include – AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4 files, etc.
This is an ideal extension for partners and developers as it shows information about common pitfalls and watchpoint while deploying Google Maps APIs which includes Google Maps JavaScript, Street view image APIs and static maps. It let you check most important things like title tag, meta description, text and links along with structure of your website. Screen-O-Matic is very easy to use and downloading the software to your computer is optional in order to use the software, as it can run inside of your browser. However, if you were not given a topic, you must decide what it is that you want to find out about the topic. Therefore, screen recording software is something that deals with recording screen activity as standard video files that covers every single detail. Some of the applications below are totally free, while others have various limitations, such as watermarks and limited recording times. Videos can be recorded in AVI format, which can also be converted and saved as Flash videos, thanks to its integrated SWF Producer. Upon clicking the share button, you can upload your behind the scenes section and place a link to original screen in clipboard.

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