Just when you thought you chose the best music streaming service to subscribe to, your favorite artist went ahead and dropped their latest album on a competing service. Additionally, if this happened once before, chances are you probably don't have that handy free trial to spare. However, Jay Z's streaming service isn't the only platform known for having the streaming rights for big artists. There are pros and cons to both services, but what's the point of registering for one over the other if you can't listen to the most talked-about new music from your favorite artists? When Tidal announced its launch back in March 2016, there were plenty of big artists that stood beside Jay Z.
Since these artists have stake in the company, of course, they will first release their brand new music on the platform. It's not yet clear if it will come to Apple Music, although this is a possibility once the physical album is released on May 6 (Beyoncé also previously released the single "Formation" from the album exclusively on Tidal). Since its launch, artists like The Weeknd and Drake have been among the big supporters of Apple Music (even if it means the latter was reportedly paid a hefty sum of $19 million to be team Apple back in 2015). Future's single with Drake titled "What a Time to be Alive" was also an Apple Music exclusive that did extremely well. The song was available the day Apple Music was up and running, although Tidal now also has both the single and the video. Apple Music is for you if you are major Drake or Taylor Swift fan (you can even stream Swift's live 1989 concert special). No matter which service you decide to join, just know that it's probably only a matter of time before you can start streaming the competitor's exclusive, too. Hello readers, in this article you can get information about Ustream The Leading Hd Streaming Video Platform. With wirecast, you can stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images, and sounds, and adding production. Background for more than a decade, telestream® has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry, pioneering filebased video transcoding and high. Download Ustream The Leading Hd Streaming Video Platform Background for more than a decade, telestream® has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry, pioneering file-based video transcoding and high-. Solutions pro broadcasting online video streaming for broadcasters; ustream align secure video sharing for teams and. Your home for live hd and ppv streaming sports action: mixed martial arts, drag racing, premium european soccer and so much more.
Live streaming without a pc the teradek vidiu gives you the freedom to broadcast live high definition video directly to the web without a pc. Cloud based multichannel mpeg2 to h.264 video transcoder scaler for multi resolution streaming to multiple screens for mobile iptv and ott with support for hls ipads.

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MediaFusion makes communication, training engagement and content management easier by streaming, storing and distributing digital media to your organization from one centralized media hub. MediaFusion announces its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI ™) at NAB.
Eliminate travel costs, logistical nightmares, save time and money by doing your events online. Media Fusion’s digital media platform gives you the tools you need to stream video and audio, store media for playback, and distribute video and audio content through your website, on mobile devices, or on set-top streaming devices.
Akamai Our streaming services are powered by Akamai’s advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN).
Amazon Web Services Rock-solid storage through Amazon Web Services means your media is always ready to download, distribute, and share. Wowza The Wowza transcoding technology that’s part of Media Fusion is designed to provide the best video streaming quality, regardless of the device your viewer is using. Amazon Fire TV Every Media Fusion video streaming customer can broadcast to Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes.
Roku Media Fusion’s streaming video plans all include the ability to stream to Roku set-top boxes.
YouTube Our YouTube integration lets you push content to your own channel without downloading and uploading files.
Vimeo Our Vimeo support lets you get content to your channel and in front of your viewers quickly.
Media Fusion is an innovative digital media platform you can use to stream, store, and share your content. That means you're stuck debating whether or not you should cancel one service and make the move to the other. In just a few weeks (or in some cases, days), the album is released pretty much everywhere.
Apple Music also has quite a few stars in its corner, which makes it a tough race for new users who are thinking about signing up for either one. Well, that's why we decided to break down the lineup of artists that stream, or have streamed exclusively, on Tidal and Apple Music to help you make the better decision. However, all of these artists can also be streamed on Apple Music — that is if you are willing to wait, in some cases. However, fans can now purchase the album on Tidal without a subscription, as well as on iTunes and Amazon.
The launch of Apple Music made it the first time albums from big stars were released on a streaming platform.

After seven days, the album will be released on other platforms, although it is not yet known if Tidal will be one of them. However, the music videos for songs like "Out of the Woods" and "Bad Blood" are also available on Tidal. Pharrell has not released a new album, but we bet if he does, it will be on Apple Music first.
Keep in mind that, even though releasing new music on just Tidal or Apple Music helps increase buzz and sales of these albums, it's bad for business for these artists to keep their music on just one platform.
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As easy integrations to the platform, we also offer branded apps for AppleTV, Amazon FireTV & Roku. There is no need to add additional hardware or software, but comes with a top-tier support team.
It’s capable of delivering high-quality video that adapts to each viewer’s bandwidth in real time. We have seen this happen a few times already with exclusives on Tidal that are eventually released on Apple Music. Singles like "American Oxygen" and "BBHMM" were released as exclusives on the platform prior, although they were not featured on the album.
Drake also released "Hotline Bling" video exclusively on Apple Music, which can now be viewed on Tidal. Instead, she simply decided to release the album on Apple Music in June, after the company changed its artist payment policy. The album went on to reach number one on the charts, even though it could not be bought or streamed anywhere else.
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In this week's episode of Max's Macs, your favorite Apple fanboy Max tries to show you how to maximize your experience on Apple Music, but he doesn't stop there.
No matter where you are, or how many people you're trying to reach, we're confident Media Fusion provides the digital media services you need.
However, things went very badly for Max and your IT hero Heather comes in to give him some much needed guidance.

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