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Byrne Share TweetIn a perfect world, you’d be able to carry everything you need at your fingertips without your pockets bulging grossly, or your back being thrown out of alignment because you have an overstuffed wallet. Sure, being able to unscrew a lug is important, but you want a bottle opener, a couple of screwdrivers, an awl, and maybe even some scissors.
Not only were we concerned with the tools, but the overall durability, since it’s easy for a slender tool to snap. It comes with nylon cord, but we suggest finding a piece of nice paracord to wrap around it instead. Beyond that, the ability to strip wires, wrench on SAE hexes, and handle all the basic screws around is helpful in the worst circumstances.
Quadruple heat treated steel gives it lots of durability and makes it feel solid in your hand while you use it.
Every spare centimeter is twisted and fashioned into something utilitarian from an eyeglass repair tool to multiple sizes of open hex drivers, with a swoop that becomes a stand for your cell phone if you have a card to put into it. It also means you can wrap your earbuds around it to prevent tangles without worrying that the cord will be cut.
The CC Companion is a pretty serious tool, especially for anyone who wants a decent knife without the bulk of carrying a full flipper or folder.

Though small, it’s able to go through rope, boxes, and cut certain textile materials thanks to the serrated edge, making it more than a letter opener.
Bundled along is a set of tweezers, a bottle opener, magnifying glass, compass, and toothpick, all of which are fine, none of which are stellar. The olive drab, militaristic look is a nice touch, with a legend on the side for your tools, you’ll never pull the wrong one in a pinch.
With a load of basic office and grooming tools, you won’t be whipping it out to fix a flat tire or wrench on your engine, but for real-world applications that you encounter over the course of ordinary life. Both an imperial and metric ruler add in the capacity to measure, while it doesn’t lose much from the original SwissCard with the tweezers, tiny pen, miniature blade, and simple scissors. Beveling on the edges reduces the amount of sharp ends that might dig into your hand for better leverage without suffering for your work.

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