01240If you love making papercraft items, then you need to have a die cutting machine in your craft room!
Die cutting involves placing a metal template between two Perspex cutting plates, you then place everything on top of the multipurpose platform (if using a thicker die you will only need to put the Perspex cutting plates through) and then simply pop everything through the die cutting machine by turning the handle.
There are lots of different dies available to choose from, from elephants to flowers, butterflies to the alphabet, the possibilities are endless with what you can create.Perfect for card making, quilting and a whole host of other projects. If you’ve never used a die cutting machine before it can be a bit daunting when it comes to getting started, but there are lots of great tutorials out there to provide a helping hand. I am a complete craft addict, I've always got a project on the go whether it be to go in our home or for a lucky someone.
Whether you’re new to crafting and want some advice, a busy parent looking for a school project, or a cross stitch expert seeking new ideas, our blog is here to provide you with everything you need.
When cleaning a butcher block cutting board you should always keep a few specific things in mind.

They’re easy to use and you can cut all sorts of card stock and even some thicker materials such as leather, vinyl and felt. Here are five of the best die cutting videos for beginners to start you off on your die cutting journey . Learn about the best way to clean a butcher block cutting board with help from a cleaning coach in this free video clip.
Today, what we're going to do is, I'm going to give you a few different ways to clean a wood cutting board. What you need to do, is just remember that all these different things are dealing with natural acids. And what this is going to do is, it's going to combine the acid in the lemon juice, with the coarseness of the salt.
So again, it's just like a little paste, and we're just going to go over it very gently, and clean it off.

The nice thing is that after about ten minutes, after being exposed to light, hydrogen peroxide just turns to water. You put that into this combination, and that'll go in there and kill and disinfect as well. Then, after you're all done, you want to just use a little, tiny bit of dish soap, just a drop and some soapy water. So, just simple steps you can use, we've got hydrogen peroxide, salt, little bit of lavender oil and some water.
So, it's a simple trick,and what you can do is, condition and clean your cutting board with things you can eat.

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