The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975. Asunder provides a simple interface for ripping tracks from audio CDs and converting them into digital audio files.
Since this is a CD ripper, most users will rip the entire album, so there is also a convenient option to create an M3U playlist file for each CD.
More than adequate features and a clutter-free user interface make Asunder a great option for hassle-free rips. This application shows up as Audio CD Extractor in the applications menu, and not as SoundJuicer. XCFA stands for X Convert File Audio, and it is a multi-purpose audio manipulation application. XCFA is certainly a robust piece of audio file manipulation software, handling pretty much everything there is. Since ripping and encoding are displayed as two separate processes in this app, you can actually keep the WAV files in the process of creating MP3s. RubyRipper is a secure CD ripping application, meaning that multiple rips are created, then scanned for differences in order to create an exact copy.
Although I had tried Banshee a few years ago, and it just couldn't deal with 30 gb of music.
Linux has always been quite robust in the audio segment, particularly if you consider that the majority of apps are completely free and hog less resources. I have tried several of the Winamp clones on my Ubuntu box, but I'm using Audacious to be the better.

Of interest to some of us would be LIRC and other remote control - smart phone capabilites. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible.
As a KDE 4.x application, the Audex user interface is heavily customizable, with options to remove panes and configure the toolbar with any function contained in the menu bar.
Cover art fetching is done automatically, and a reflection effect below the art give Audex a distinctly polished look. While still labeled as a beta, we had no issues ripping tracks or with any of the other currently-implemented functionality. SoundJuicer not only names ripped tracks to a customizable variation of track number, title, and artist, but also creates appropriate folders in your music directory. File name format is also customizable, and there is an option to create single CUE files instead of individual tracks. The only issues we encountered with XCFA were the facts that the Web site and much of the documentation is in French and that the application window has a tendency to resize (or 'jump') for a split-second whenever the mouse is hovered over any input field or button. But we're not sure how to get around this, seeing as there are just so many functions contained in XCFA.
It uses LAME to encode to MP3, so be sure to also install LAME from your package manager in order to create MP3 files with RipperX. RipperX also allows you to convert directly from a source WAV file to MP3, without a CD at all. The user interface is unpolished, with massive toolbar icons that appear to have jagged edges where the transparency didn't work out.

The UI is pretty simple, though many of the options are in the form of text boxes requiring user input.
Manual entry of artist name and genre per track allows for proper labeling of compilation CDs. XCFA also converts various audio files into different formats including WAV, FLAC, APE, WAVP, OGG, M4A, AAC, MPC, and MP3. Unlike some of the other CD rippers, RipperX defaults to manual CDDB lookup, though a check box in the config screen easily changes that to automatic. There are also options to rip entire albums to a single file, normalize volume, and create M3U playlist files. Naming formats of the album directory, playlist file, and file name are each customizable with options for artist, album, track number, year, and song title. We did notice that the total remaining time estimate is way off in this application, originally indicating it would take over 450 minutes to rip our CD!
File and sub-directory names can be customized to any combination of artist, album, track number, song title, and year. In reality it only took about five minutes, despite the accompanying status bar never leaving 0% until it was actually done.

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