Android 4.4 refines a polished platform even further and shows a real commitment to getting the basics right. Everyone was expecting Key Lime Pie to serve as the delicious moniker for the next version of Android.
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Google has just announced one change that will be coming to Android 4.4 KitKat so that developers can get their apps ready for the switch. So, with Android 4.4 Google is offering developers a standard API set for building an SMS app, and that's where this change will come in.
CyanogenMod 10.2 has voice+ which let's me use my Google voice number for texts system wide.

Heck, even if you were like weird and set your normal number to get SMSs sent to your voice number, you still wouldn't get a circular condition since SMSs would be sent from a regional number, not spoofed from your number. I like how this guy(Mxyzptlk) tries to make random stuff up to bash on android but then also makes random stuff up about the iphone or denies facts if it doesn't support the iphone. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
Caanu aey naay, au nii?aoa iaeoe iiiai eioa?aniuo e iieaciuo iaei?ae, oae iiiiaa?ueo a iaoae ?ecie. Since Galaxy Nexus is not officially supported in AOSP now, the ROMs have a few issues, which can be a deal breaker for many.
However, if you own a Galaxy Nexus and really want to try out KitKat, these ROMs are going be your best bet. All images, logos and trademarks used on this site are property of their respective owners.
So far, as with any other app, you have been able to choose whatever SMS app you want to handle your messaging.
It also means that if an app is using the hidden APIs, but doesn't update, it will not work with Android 4.4.
If you had this problem, it means that you had SMS forwarding on in the GV settings which would then ping both. It can be misleading if read the wrong way - people might mistake you for an intelligent person. He must have finally got his 5S and has buyers remorse so has to take out his frustration on here.

Things would always mess up when both the default and 3rd party SMS apps would receive the same messages. Keep in mind that none of these ROMs will work with the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Nexus. I kept switching to different 3rd party apps hoping one was more stable than the other, but it was an overall problem. Also, if an app is not the default SMS app on a device, Google is asking developers to disable the option for that app to send a message.
It seems that although there are quite a few SMS apps in Google Play that will handle your messaging for you, most are using hidden APIs to do this. The status bar icons at the top are now white.The custom Roboto font looks like it has been on a diet, which makes it feel that little bit more crisp and elegant. A subtle gradient is retained to ensure white icons are clear, even on light backgrounds.Head into your app drawer and you'll find white dots at the bottom of the screen to illustrate which page you are on. There doesn't seem to be any limit, you simply drag an icon to the right to create a new screen.

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