While some people would say that online video campaigns are a total waste of time and money.
Having said that, online video campaigns, like uploading your ads in YouTube, still has its great obstacles.
One draw back in viral videos is that it only lasts in the minds of the people for a short period of time, it gains popularity fast but it also quickly disappears. 42% of college students say that TV ads are the most effective type of advertising, far outstripping their closest competitors, magazine (10%) and Facebook (8%) ads, per results from a Barnes & Noble College Marketing (BNCM) study released in August. The prominence of TV ads comes despite the widespread use of social media and mobile communications on campus. Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage. Remember, depending on the medium, it can take up to 12 impressions for your prospects to even notice your marketing. We believe that it is quite beneficial, as a matter of fact online videos are slowly gaining more viewership as compared to cable TVs. Today, there are a lot of videos being uploaded on a daily basis and there are a lot of viral videos also emerging daily. However, this is not always the case; if your video advertisement sends out a powerful message, showcases how your brand cares for and loves their customers, and is just good in a general sense, then your ad and your brand will remain in the minds of the people.
TV commercials also rank as one of the top ways for a company or brand to reach students: 19% of respondents chose TV, slightly behind email (20%), but ahead of coupons (14%), Facebook ads (9%) and on-campus word-of-mouth (9%). Nevertheless, the influence of TV commercials is not surprising when viewed in the context of other studies that have similarly found TV to be the single most influential advertising medium among American adults as a whole, and among online consumers. For your ad to become viral it has to break through all the noise and avoid being buried under all that content.

If a small business owner has made up her mind about something not working, it’s far more prudent to explore other options rather than trying to sway her opinion.Finding the right marketing mix requires testing different vehicles to determine which ones work and which ones don’t, so you know where you should be investing time and money.
You may have a poor experience with more than one medium, but that shouldn’t sour you on the overall marketing process.And it is a process! If you are inconsistently dabbling with various messages sprinkled through various media, the chances of your efforts being successful are pretty slim.
However, if you are sending a strong, consistent message to a clearly defined audience using a strategic mix of marketing vehicles, your efforts WILL yield results.Lest you find yourself wondering what options are available, I have compiled a list that will get you started in the right direction. The objective is to pick and choose the ones that feel feasible and relevant to your business, and try them out.Seeing all the available options can be overwhelming, but you’re not trying to use all of them.
In addition to the first group of “Essentials” below, I suggest testing between 3 – 6 on the low side, 8 – 10 on the high side, and 12 or more if you’ve got the resources. SponsorshipsAs you can see, there are far more marketing options available than you could possibly utilize for your small business.
After several months of consistent advertising, you will have a good idea of which vehicles are most effective for your business. Once you have determined that, continue to use what works and drop the rest.Which marketing vehicles would you add to this list?
The fun part is picking and choosing which resources are most appropriate for your business, because not all of them will be. The time-consuming process of marketing can be off-putting to biz owners who are immersed in plenty of responsibilities, but it’s necessary to maximize success.
Sounds like you are using proven methods to market your business, and I hope they continue to work well for you!
Many times small businesses fail to realize the the power of hold messages.Phone systems have the capability to promote your products and services, communicate useful customer information, and improve their overall caller experience… all while they are waiting on hold! Message On Hold is a a multifunctional audio marketing solution that targets your captive audience.

One third of internet users regularly buy things online and this is often the first place that people go when they are looking to purchase something quickly and at an affordable price. Because of the increased practicalities of buying products online it has transformed the way we do our shopping and businesses all over the world are taking advantage of this.So doesn’t this seem like something you should be taking advantage of too?E-Commerce sites are on the rise, even in the current tough climate, and online stores are adapting much better to the demands of the 21st century customer than those on the high-street. The fact is that for your business to succeed today you need to have an online presence and it’s now easier than ever to create this for your start-up company.Introducing Adwords…So once you’ve made the decision to conquer the online world and you’ve got your website up and running; how do you go about letting people know about your existence? Marketing and advertising is always difficult at the start because you are trying to influence the public when they have no previous knowledge of who you are or what you do, but there is a way to get your site in front of millions of consumers almost immediately. It works by taking advantage of the large percentage of internet users that use search engines to find what they are looking for. Google is used by 90% of UK internet users and millions more worldwide, and by having your ads show in response to people’s queries your company will be right there at the heart of the customer’s purchase journey.Managing Your Ads –Adwords enables you to have great control over a variety of things to do with your ads. By taking an active approach to managing your Adwords campaigns you can tweak and adjust your ads and find out exactly what works best.With Google’s analytics dashboard you can track how many people are clicking on your ads and which ones are ultimately doing the best.
On the other hand you could hire the professionals and site back to enjoy the benefits of a type of advertising that has revolutionised the way businesses build online awareness.Chris Mayhew works as part of an internet marketing company and has experience in SEO, PPC and social media management. Marketing By Web is a company based in Bristol and offers custom packages to suit your online marketing needs.A post by Kidal Delonix (1526 Posts)Kidal Delonix is author at LeraBlog. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics.
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By using good niche keywords you can position your page in the first results of Google and get many new visitors.

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