Setting Up a Homer AccountWhen you first open Homer, you'll need to log in by using credentials from Facebook or Google, or by creating an account with an email address. Finding Friends, Trending Profiles, & Downloading AppsIn Homer, you'll automatically be taken to the Trending section, where you'll find popular profiles of other users.
Managing Your Profile, Fixing Apps, & Hiding InfoAt the bottom of Homer, you'll notice an iPhone poking out with your username and picture on it. Updating the Home Screen & Going PrivateIn the Settings, you can update your homescreen (for when you download new apps) and make your profile private so that only your followers can view it. Social sites like Facebook, Google and Stumbleupon all use a personally-written algorithm for tracking the activity of users on their sites. Unfortunately, in 2013, Facebook released a massive algorithm change that greatly effected pages and the information page owners share with their followers. Update: Although I have been sharing links this way, I have not noticed an increase in my number of views. There are three different ways to share links and content in your status updates, but only one that Facebook has, for the first time ever, explicitly recommended for page owners.
Near the end of 2012, Facebook rumors started to spread that if you used a photo in your status, the status would take priority in people's news feeds.
2013 saw some of the most aggressive Facebook algorithm changes in regards to what's shown on people's newsfeeds. It wasn't completely untrue as Facebook did say that they gave weight to posts with photos in them first.
But in late 2013, Facebook performed a data analysis and concluded that when Facebook users see text-based status updates from their friends, they are more likely to write their own text-based status updates. Once again, page owners began to complain that their engagement analytics, even the number of people viewing their posts was dipping dramatically. Facebook needed to take action and come up with a solution mutually beneficial to ordinary Facebook users and to pages.
For the first time, Facebook is telling users that the best way for their content to get seen is to not even bother sharing from Facebook! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Smartphone marketing is the new and best way to reach to your targeted potential customers. So Come With Me,Where Dreams are Born,and Time Is Never Planned.Just Think of Happy Things,and Your Heart Will Fly On Wings,Forever In Never Land! People who don't know how to redeem spotify gift card, they must see this presentation. Even rummaging through the featured apps and games isn't easy.For me, and many others, the best way to discover new apps and games is from your family, friends, and coworkers.
You'll need to create a username and password, then enter other information such as your name and phone number (optional). Tap on the eye icon at the top left to access a small menu, where you can then tap on Friends to find your buddies from your Contacts, Facebook, and Twitter. From there, you can access your profile, where you can edit your username and other information, set a different wallpaper for the app, and edit your favorite apps to show up on the first page of your profile (which are highlighted in yellow). The way these algorithms work is usually kept as a secret to prevent people from manipulating it and profiting wrongly.
Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform and at one point, it was the most important tool bloggers and businesses had for engaging followers. By the end of 2012, the strategy was further improved to remove the link from the status update. Writing posts this way doesn't guarantee that more people will see your content pop up on their newsfeed and it doesn't encourage participation. Here's where Facebook made a big error and many bloggers began to get frustrated with them.
As a result of this new data, Facebook began to give status messages that were just text much more weight than photo-based messages. Facebook looked into the situation and determined that text based statuses from pages don't perform nearly as well as text-based statuses from actual people.

Maybe it's because they get a preview of the website and they know they mostly likely won't be going to a spam website by click the link?
Electroplating provides the best avenue through which such a great demand can be met with simplicity and effectiveness. And that's where Homer comes into play, and I'm not talking about Homer Simpson.Homer is a free iOS app, from PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and the HVF team, that streamlines this app-sharing process by organizing all of the apps on your device into an easily shared list to send to people in need. If you have apps inside of folders, you'll need to open each folder up and take a screenshot of each folder page.
If anything else, it could be off-putting for some of your followers who may not want to go the extra effort and actually scroll to the comments and hunt for the link.
In fact, text only status updates from pages have lower engagement rates than statuses with photos or links them. When your followers see this post they get everything in a nice little Facebook container: the content and the text you're sharing, the photo (although it's not always the best photo--Facebook is a bit arbitrary with the photos they choose) and the link. I'm not sure why, but according to Facebook, this is the number one way to share links and engage your followers. The idea is that for whatever undisclosed reason, people prefer these types of posts and they engage more with them. If your content was being seen by 10% of your followers, you were considered to be doing well. I understand that this is what Facebook is saying is the best way, but it doesn't work for me.
Someone cracked the algorithm change and reported that if you posted the photo first then added text and embed the link in the status, that your numbers would increase.
I don't care if less people see it, especially if I KNOW that the photo they're seeing actually goes with the post! When you post something to your personal Facebook page, it automatically goes in everyone's newsfeed unless they have chosen not to view your posts in their newsfeed.

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