The under lid stuff is cool cause I never bothered to look underneath, but the visor thing makes me laugh because that one is listed on the window sticker! The mic for the HandsFree is now located just to the left and back about an inch from the left hand outside visor. I believe on the 2013 the microphone was in the rear view mirror, or at least in that general area.
Nice to know which way to turn your face to shout when you're on the phone with the top down.

I am getting really pissed and depressed at how many cool little features the later Jks have compared to my 2010. All my JK has over the earlier models (I think) is the bungee net on the middle dash panel in front of the shifter and the removable tray inside the console.
Not sure about the designers or the brights but my 2014 and Mike's 2013 both have the little net stretched across the panel in front of the shifters. Pulling the light stalk towards you is generally used for Flash To Pass (or to just quickly flash your high beams) if you want the High Beams to stay on - push the stalk away from you.

I hear some of the ealier models have the little things on the sides of the inside of the console to hold the tray, but dont have the tray. We've also got another little net on each door, up by the retainer strap, where doors typically have plastic molded pockets.

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