AJAX is also quite popular in the market as it has wide advantages unlike other web applications.
The combination of AJAX with PHP proves to be a powerful platform for websites or web applications.
Extending AJAX is just not about rewriting XML codes; it’s about delivering front-end service for accessing back-end services in PHP in a very simpler and faster manner. By sending all datas to the main server and avoiding post back, utilization of the net is minimized and the work also becomes faster.
A computer-working habit of quite many users depends on the intuitiveness and interaction of the particular software.
Server-side language is scripted for web applications using PHP for quick and best results.

AJAX allows websites to connect to the server without the need to refresh the complete page. Robust features of AJAX and PHP are used to the maximum for creating new web based applications.
Using AJAX one doesn’t have to wait long for a page to update.  Using AJAX a JavaScript function is called that checks and collects values from the submitted form and then the data is send to a server side function.
When PHP file is called an initialization method is also called which produces the required XHR code for the user.
This makes the transfer function fast by letting the client browser to retrieve data before repeating it once again. Nuke, osCommerce, and Joomla are some of the thriving and most popular web applications designed using PHP.

The asynchronous feature allows client servers to send requests to be executed to the server side. The result is simultaneously sent to the client who processes and updates the required part of the page. JavaScript is then used to process the result of the server, and the output is merged in an HTML view without refreshing the page. AJAX in short is not a new programming language, its only application of the existing technologies for better use.

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