ShareBusinesses online and offline are finding it difficult to survive in today’s economy.
It’s a tough spot for any business to be in but online businesses have unique problems to deal with as well.
With a little thought, creativity and a bit of hard work you can quickly develop and maintain a marketing strategy that keeps a steady stream of clients old and new alike calling. Email marketing is a potential gold mine that goes untapped by many (or most) portrait or most any photographers.
Be sure to target timely messages around things like graduation or the holidays and don’t be shy about offering small incentives and other offers to encourage business. A huge plus of email marketing is it is unbelievably inexpensive offering a great potential return at next to no cost. Google rankings can really make or break a business in this age and portrait photography is certainly no exception. If you want to see how to find what people are searching for in your area for photographers…click here. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are both big parts of a great many people’s lives and both give you a daily opportunity to build and maintain a relationship with your clients and potential clients. No matter how you slice it…make a solid and powerful referral plan a pillar of your marketing strategy. A creative way to get the word out in your local community is to offer free portrait work to local businesses in exchange for allowing you to leave your business cards where the portrait will be displayed in the business. Restaurants, day care centers, doctor’s offices and gyms are all good choices, but there are certainly many more limited only by your imagination.
They agreed and we photographed their new baby sleeping next to a loaf of their home made bread.
This is just another example of how being creative about your marketing targets will be rewarded in both the long and short term. Facebook marketing whether it is a for a blogger, business, author or a musician must achieve the goals you have set out in your marketing strategy and plan. The marketing strategy that you have created will keep you focused and on track otherwise you can be heading off  and engaged with all sorts of marketing tactics and activities that don’t achieve much but just keep you busy, distracted and scattered. The Facebook page and the marketing activities you carry out on Facebook’s eco-system should be viewed as an extension of your blog. To keep it simple here are 3 core goals and 25 marketing tactics that you can action on your Facebook page that wil keep your blog growing and your business booming .
Increasing Facebook Likes – think of this as an additional asset that is similar to building your email subscriber database for your blog or business. Improve Engagement – This is where your subscribers, fans, followers can be nourished as part of your community from initial low level interest to a highly engaged raving fan. This section includes the multiple and various tactics for achieving 3 key goals of increasing Facebook likes (10 tips), improving engagement (10 tips) and increasing sales (5 tips).
Mari Smith’s Facebook page provides a more than obvious example for capturing those important Facebook Likes. Email existing prospects to let them know you have a Facebook page  and ask for them to drop in and like your page and provide a link to reduce the friction of making that effort. The power of Facebook marketing is that it amplifies your content to not only your fans but the friends of your fans and this where the power and marketing leverage of social media starts to kick in that email cannot do at the same scale. Run polls using the standard Facebook ‘Question’ feature (above the ‘Write something’ box) to engage your audience with something that makes them actually do something. As Facebook is a real time media you can publish the latest events, news on topics of interest that are happening in your industry or niche. Embed your Slideshare presentations on your Facebook page (Slideshare is a social media website that takes your Powerpoint presentations and converts them into a slideshow on the web). You will have to agree on the documentation methods; every member of the team should not have their own. Now, you have all that, plus you need a mobile version of your website and you need to have a twitter account, a facebook page, join foursquare, get some videos on youtube, podcast something, monitor a million review sites, get to the top of Google places, check out some new thing called pinterest and still drop in on the kitchen once in awhile because, hey, you are still in the food business although sometimes it’s easy to forget.
I would say enough, you have to draw the line somewhere, but unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, SMS is actually a pretty good way to go.
You need to capture your customers phone numbers and get their permission to text them (people hate text spam even more than email spam) but once done, you will likely see a very good response rate assuming you send out something people want. That is the point of the following article- three ideas on how to use SMS marketing for your restaurant to get the best response and biggest bang for your buck. If you use it right, however, it will pay off in terms of more sales, more repeat visits and more profits. One of the more interesting uses we have heard our clients use our text messaging platform for is to get diners to interact on their Facebook Fan Pages. I told you it was simple.  You can use this type of promotion a million times, in a million different ways. I know this sounds a little strange, but utilizing text messages can actually make your email marketing easier for your diners to redeem at your restaurant. This entry was posted in Restaurant Business and tagged fohboh blog, online restaurant marketing, pinterest restaurant marketing, restaurant marketing, restaurant social media marketing, sms restaurant marketing, text message marketing. To run a successful article marketing campaign you need to think intelligently and combine traditional marketing strategies with the ongoing trends on the Internet. Before proceeding towards writing the article, you must have complete knowledge about the product or service you are offering. Keywords are the sole drivers of traffic to your website, and that is why you have to give maximum importance to this particular aspect. Lastly, the article must be socially viable and the mode of writing should be conversational.
I have been a professional marketer for more than 20 years now, which both makes me feel old and, shockingly, at times wise.
Now, I will admit that I have also tested and measured my marketing emails quite a bit (more than I want to admit, actually), and based on my years of research and diligence, I want to save you from all the mistakes and painful learning moments I had to go through in building event email marketing campaigns. So I sat down and wrote out my best, top-of-mind event email marketing tips that have worked for me over-and-over again and that won’t steer you wrong, whether you are marketing events to potential attendees or marketing an event planning service or event venue. If your audience signs up for your list thinking they will get useful resources and value-adds only to later receive a slew of stale sales emails, you will anger more people and damage your brand more than you can imagine. However, if you would have told them you would be primarily sending them crappy sales emails, your signups would be dramatically lower, but those people receiving your emails will be ready for your crap. But lets turn that around … Better yet, never push lots of sales pitches to your audience (because they are sick of being sold), stay far away from salesy language and instead be courteous, positive and honest in what your email recipients can expect when they opt-in to your list. It’s a good thing you already know that self-promotional emails don’t move the needle much ??  So what emails do work?
Beyond providing your email recipients with educational and inspirational content, occasional offers and discounts that are of value to them also make great email topics. Yes, you can certainly provide the expected offers like early-bird savings or discounts off your services.

If you are like us and garner opt-ins via a variety of tactics (like product trials, e-newsletters and how-to guides), you want your new recipients to understand the kind of value they will get from your emails. So a good rule of thumb is to send six emails to your new email list members within the first month of them signing up. After that, I would recommend emailing to your list not more than twice a month and sending out one (1) offer email for every four (4) educational emails.
The key here is consistency, and dropping off will only hurt you because your list members will forget about you.
Before you can market your event, you need the groundwork in place to start planning and building it.  And Planning Pod has 26+ easy-to-use tools that can help you and your team manage every detail and collaborate online with ease. I have found that my social media friends and followers are much more likely than my email list members to read our blog, so I have provided my email list with abbreviated versions of blog posts. For starters, subject lines should be less than 45 characters (including spaces) so that they can fit onto smartphone screens.
Using alliteration in your emails (words in a phrase or sentence that have the same first consonant) also catches people’s attention and has been found to regularly improve open rates. Generally I would say to avoid punctuation in subject lines (especially exclamation points … another spam flag).
Event professionals love to include lots of gorgeous pics in their event marketing email messages, and for good reason … you get lots of amazing photos from all the great photographers working your events. A better practice is to focus on the messaging and basic HTML layout of your email, which almost all recipients will be able to see, and strategically embed one or two images in your emails that the user can turn on once they have opened the email. Oh, and avoid using attachments in your email blasts … they are also a spam flag for Internet service providers and email spam filters. In my decade of hard core email event marketing, I have rarely had any success sending business event related emails on weekends or Mondays or Fridays. If you are sending event email invitations for social events like weddings or parties, blasting your event emails on weeknight evenings or weekends may actually show better results. People make fast decisions on whether they should read or trash an email, and you usually have 1-2 seconds to get their attention.
For your call to action to stand out, it should be in another color than the rest of your email; red is the most visible and garners the most attention, but green also works well. This dilutes the value of it, and other people tend to overuse your list and do things with it you would never do. Get Great Tips, Insights and Advice Every WeekSign up for our Best-of-the-Blog eNewsletter and we will email you the latest posts every week.
Get Great Tips, Insights and Advice Every WeekSign up for our Best-of-the-Blog eNewsletter and we will email with the latest posts every week. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Consumers are only spending on what they need, rather than what they want and it’s a tough situation for any business to be in.
For example, a mom and pop type of corner store in a town may be the only one like it within several miles.
While not every strategy works like it used to, there are still things that can be done to help improve conversions and other goals. Learn search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that you or someone in your company has time to implement. Connect with your audience by creating videos or other interactive applications that lets people get to know you, your company and your products.
These five portrait photography marketing tips most businesses forget or don’t incorporate in their strategy.  Embrace them and they will embrace you!
Getting email addresses from your clients as well as offering a sign up form on your website are the two quickest ways to begin building a quality list. Head over to the Google Places site and Sign up and fill out all your information right away.
You should, because to really succeed in marketing your portrait photography business today using technology and the latest trends in communication is a absolute must. I cannot stress enough how having a great referral plan put together can help your business blossom. Remember, with the right marketing strategy in place the door will be wide open for you to do what you do best, take fantastic photographs. So tactics you maybe already doing on your blog can be enhanced and synergised by replicating some of those blogging platform activities on Facebook  that are relevant ad appropriate to the Facebook culture. Facebook likes do not replace your email marketing plans but add and enhance your marketing mix. This could be at the top of the page the right hand side banner as well as at the bottom of the newsletter. You need to keep in mind that email maybe old fashioned but it works and it works big time and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. On the topic of educating your peers and fans, then the content published from your blog and updated on Facebook should be doing this.The blog provides deep and broad content that engages and brings people back and I mentioned this in the post. Not all features should be documented the same way however: several different methods will likely be employed. Your first goal, when posting to your facebook page should be catching the attention of your followers & getting them to engage with your posts.
You still had to do all the old things, but you also had to market online and also deal with the fact that people were starting to post reviews online as well, and not all of them were good.
And with that, you can hire someone to do this stuff for you, which is maybe the best reason of all to do it now yourself! The only limitation to this is your imagination.  Every time, you will win with this type of promotion, because you are interacting with your diners.
The entire campaign of article marketing depends upon the target audience; therefore, you have to find the right age group and market you need to sell your product to. Article marketing is a very crucial technique for publicity because it can make or break your entire business venture. Research about what makes an article appear on the first page of any search engine, and what are the most commonly used words and phrases on the social media. His other interests include writing about SEO, internet marketing, SEM, PPC, social media, content marketing, web development, technology & lifestyle. About a decade ago, I also stumbled into discovering that the colors red and green are optimal for emails (and especially for call-to-action buttons) and that blue just blends in with everything else. For starters, timely studies and research conducted by you on topics that interest your audience.
Usually a mix of educational content and discounts work well, and towards the end of the month you may want to toss in an opt-in confirmation email to make sure they are interested in sticking around. The reason for this is that people enjoy mulling through content and don’t mind getting more of these types of messages, but if they receive too many offers they tune them out and start ignoring them.

So ask your blog to do double duty and use your posts as content sources for your emails and e-newsletters. In addition, you can curate content from other blogs and industry Websites and include blurbs and links to those in your emails.
Well, by putting your company or product name in the subject line, people will more easily recognize you among all the detritus in their inbox and be more likely to open a mail from a known entity. But question marks actually perform extremely well because people are intrigued by questions and want to know the outcome or answer, so consider using enticing questions in your subject lines, too.
So any emails you send that are a single image or are image-heavy may not be opened by a large percentage of your recipients who have their images turned off. But for emails for business events, your best bet is to send out on a Tuesday or Wednesday between either 8-10 am or 2-4 pm, with Thursday being a close second. Mainly because many people take long weekends and are sometimes out on Mondays and Fridays, plus those are the two work days in which people are the most buried.
So you want them to dial into your message fast and be directed immediately to your intended action. It needs to be direct, clear and short (less than 10 words), and it needs to be the next step the person should take regarding the email.
And it should be above the fold (visible in the email viewer or when the email is first opened) and the first thing a person notices when they open the email. Your list is gold and your most valuable marketing asset, so don’t let someone ruin all your hard work and piss off your audience in the process.
Purchased lists are often unreliable and the members of the list have not opted in to receive your emails, so your messages may not be welcome. Use content upgrades: PDF versions of long blog posts, particularly if they are “how to” posts. Strategies that used to work have been stuffed away, deemed no longer usable and businesses have had to try new tactics to get by. When trying to do business in an online environment however, there’s competition coming at you from every direction. While an SEO expert is always your best bet, there are things that can be done to your website that doesn’t take a lot of skill to master.
Everyone makes mistakes and you may have found that at one point or another, you made a bad decision. There’s plenty of services out there, with Aweber and Constant Contact both getting consistent praise. None less than social media, a form of communication you need to become fluent in and fluent in fast.
Not only will your high quality portraits be an inspiration for clients to tell friends, family and co-workers about your service, but you will also be giving them something to show your appreciation to really get them to spread the word. Digtal design dictates that providing several options is much more effective than just one.
So make it easy for people to subscribe by email to receiving news, updates and your blog posts when they are on Facebook via email. You have then engaged them with low level engagement from reading your blog post updates on your Facebook page or responding to a survey or a poll. I do see this mentioned as a social plugin, but I would ad this to your list with more depth.
You might be having a great product, but unless you know exactly who would be interested in buying, your campaign cannot meet success.
Therefore, even if you hire a team of writers, you must ensure that they are fully aware of the product’s salient features, and especially the USPs (unique selling points). It should be just about 300-600 words long, and the content must answer every single question that might be asked by the reader. Videos detailing useful ideas and tips that educate them in their areas of interest and your areas of expertise. For example, you could curate discounts from events industry partners and offer them to your list.
For example, learning how to write content using better keywords for your niche can help bring in more traffic. Even if you market more than one product or service, find the products or services that are in high demand but have very little competition and focus on those markets. Focusing on what you did in the past however will only prevent you from finding success in your future.
We received so much business from that one FREE session and the business owner receives compliments everyday. So think like a publisher and publish your content in as many places with as much rich multimedia as time and resources allow. It is now time to provide some calls to action and links and even an online store that can be created within Facebook to start making some sales from your Facebook Marketing.
Once you have researched about the target audience the next step will be of educating yourself about their specific demands, interests and buying behaviors. Hence, you must find out some perfectly synchronized keywords for your product along with making sure that it can garner wholehearted attention from search engines and users.
Images and graphics that illuminate, inspire and entertain (oh, and infographics are still very effective, too).
If you are providing content, it should be to click on links to navigate or to download something. Even though you get to spend your day sitting behind a computer screen, you still need to make a name for yourself and your business. I may do an upcoming blog post showing how to use this program, but they have many lessons on their website.  I have no doubt you will need it as your business grows and you want to build a large list of leads and clients. I show you step by step how to create one and what you should include for your prospects and clients.
Gain information about what actually entices your audience and what type of content and writing style will they admire.
Adding a strong call to action is yet another significant point for making your campaign successful.
Anything that varies from the norm but still reflects your brand and offers value is worth trying at least once. For example, “Contact Me if you want to look ten years younger in 5 days” although sounds cheesy but will make an attractive call to action. If you have the how to’s about how to make blog contents, I would really appreciate it! Do not hesitate if you think you are going overboard with your call to action because ultimately this will make people check out your offering.

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