XM Canada has become well known for it’s satellite radio service which can deliver 130 channels of crystal clear music, sports, news, live concerts, and talk radio.
Large display to view artist name, song or program title and channel information on an easy-to-read, high contrast display.
Favourite channel presets so you can enjoy fast access for up to five of your favourite channels. Improved audio connection options to use either an included Aux-In cable, or the new PowerConnect technology to receive audio through your vehicle’s stereo system. Fully adjustable and flexible stalk with swivel that let’s the user optimize placement in the vehicle to access the radio controls and view the display. Simple controls such as arrow keys to navigate categories, a rotary knob to change channels, and preset keys to save and enjoy fast access to favourites. Your sports connection including exclusive NHL® coverage of every team and every game only available on XM; as well as MLB®, PGA® and NBA®. Almost half of Canadian drivers agree that audio entertainment helps combat stress, according to a survey by SiriusXM Canada and Leger Marketing. If you're looking for a new aftermarket navigation unit, Pioneer Electronics can steer you in the right direction. Buick will make its IntelliLink in-car connectivity available on every 2013 model year vehicle, including the redesigned Enclave luxury crossover SUV and the all-new Encore luxury crossover.
When choosing an antenna for your XM radio, you may be confused about the different models and what is best for your setup.
This antenna from Browning features a slightly thicker cable that tends to be more durable than some of the XM branded antennas. The XMicro is a versatile antenna that can be used with older FAKRA style XM Radios or standard, single input SMB antenna connections.
The Terk XM6 is a weather resistant, high performance outdoor antenna for use with most XM Radios.

The Pixel Pro-500 and Pro-600 are professional grade antennas that work with both Sirius and XM satellite radios. I truly appreciate the reminder, too, that I have a previous model Franzis kit somewhere in storage that I need to unearth and build!
Here is a link to the Franzis site where there are several pictures and also a two minute video demonstrating the kit.
This entry was posted in Kits, New Products, News, Shortwave Radio, Uncategorized and tagged Der gro?e Franzis Radiobaukasten, Franzis Radio Kit, Kits by Thomas. I would hope they would reconsider offering kits to both, since there are many who want them & would gladly pay shipping to get one! However, you can buy directly from Franzis instead of Conrad.de, they do ship worldwide and accept credit cards.
Several scientists, engineers and physicists can be credited with developments that eventually lead to the radio as we know it today. In the late 1890s, Nikola Tesla publicly demonstrated wireless communication devices and believed the technology could be used for power distribution in addition to communications. Regardless of the controversy on who truly invented the radio, upon Marconi’s death from a series of heart attacks in 1937, radio stations around the world observed two minutes of silence in his honor. Today, of course, we follow prominent persons’ passings not just on the radio, but also on TV, the Internet and print media. This short guide will go over some of the common XM antenna models and help you figure out what you need.
It is included with all current XM boomboxes and home kits, and is sold separately as a replacement. The XM6 uses standard RG6 coaxial cable for extra durability and longer cable runs (can drive up to 100ft.) It includes a F to SMB adapter cable to plug into any standard single input XM docking station or boombox. Featuring 12 and 8.5 dBi Gain (respectively) these Pixel antennas are the strongest on the market.

Many would say that Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi was the father of the device, and indeed he was the first person to demonstrate its success and use it commercially.
He was granted a number of patents, and quipped that when Marconi made the first trans-Atlantic radio transmission in 1901, he did it with 17 Tesla-held patents. Tesla’s patents were upheld by the courts in 1903, followed by a reversal in Marconi’s favor in 1904.
Still, nothing beats the dependability of the radio for portability and its ability to continue to operate after disasters such as tornadoes or wide-spread power outages. Along with a superior combination of sound quality, playback time and reception, The Best model’s superior features include an integrated LED flashlight, USB port for charging smartphones, mini-USB cable, and a built-in solar panel for supplemental power. It features rubber feet on the bottom to protect your vehicle’s finish and has a 23 ft.
Both antennas utilize standard RG6 coaxial cable and include F to SMB adapter cables to plug into your satellite radio. In reality, the wireless concept first transformed lives over 100 years ago with the invention of the radio. Finally, in 1943 a Supreme Court ruling declared in favor of patents held by Tesla and others. It also includes an adhesive pad for customers who would like a more permanent mounting solution. It’s a great option for customers who currently have an older radio, but who may be considering upgrading.
The court noted that the decision had no bearing on Marconi’s claim of achieving the first radio transmission, but he could not claim the patents.

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