The Cotswold Group is one of the country’s largest BMW and MINI dealerships, formed from the merger of Browns of Hereford and Cotswold of Cheltenham. Management at Cotswold BMW wanted a marketing and PR company to handle their communications prior to merging two businesses, launching a dealership in Gloucester and to maximise the various BMW and Mini new car launches. Win Marketing created a complex and effective campaign across different mediaplatforms to help the Cotswold Group achieve their objectives. The BMW Group celebrated the grand opening of its first new BMW Brand Store in the most luxurious area of metropolitan Paris in the Avenue George V tonight. With the grand opening of the 800m2 BMW Brand Store in the very heart of luxury retail, BMW is reaching out to shoppers with the objective of allowing them to experience the brand in their chosen environment. Ian Robertson said in the French capital on Wednesday: “The world of retail has changed significantly – customer behaviour, needs and expectations have changed, as well as communication technology.
With Future Retail, the BMW Group has three objectives – first, to increase the number of possible contact points with customers and prospects, second, to increase the services and benefits offered in its retail channels, and third, to enhance the retail experience at all touch points. Therefore, customers can expect to see a number of new BMW and MINI retail formats, as well as several initiatives in the near future. BMW is also in the process of introducing an additional role to the dealers, namely a Product Genius. The first markets which are planned for the roll-out of Future Retail, including the Product Genius, are France, UK, China and the Netherlands.
Ian Robertson stated, “When it comes to recruiting and enabling the right people for the implementation of future retail, we will assist our dealers to attract, develop and retain the industry’s best professionals.
Here at BMWBLOG we love classic BMWs and the BMW E24 6 Series is one of the most iconic bimmers ever made by the Bavarians.

BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? One of the major projects was to organise all the logistics for a series of regionally based dealer conferences.
This is only part of what he achieved during his time with BMW but it gave me an opportunity to work closely with him and could only admire how this young man took on the challenge and delivered us a fantastic result. Marks & Spencer has appointed marketing agency RPM to help deliver its ‘Farming for the Future’ sustainability initiative through activity at this summer’s agricultural shows. The campaign’s objectives are to educate and engage families and supply partners on M&S’ sustainable farming initiatives, and drive store footfall. Marketing activity will run across four major agricultural shows, including Balmoral Show, Royal Highland Show, Great Yorkshire Show and Royal Welsh Show. This involved creating an e-commerce website, radio advertising, a direct mail campaign, PR, launch events, advertisements in the local media, car parks and bus backs.
The store was designed by the well-known, luxury retail architect, Eric Carlson and his team from Carbondale Architects and Version Architects. The new store was formally inaugurated by Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW, together with the Architect, Eric Carlson, and the Head of BMW France, Serge Naudin, as well as a large number of VIP guests from Paris.
As part of our corporate Strategy Number ONE, we critically reviewed our processes and customer feedback. These include, among others, a new online presence and social media activities, as well as a more appealing showroom appearance.
The objective here is to better support customers with in-depth product knowledge as well as enabling the customer to better utilize and configure products in accordance with their particular needs.

This entailed liaising with a number of different conference venues, ensuring the facilities met BMW standards and requirements and that the suppliers ran the events to our timetable. Richard managed to both organise the events to run seamlessly but also ensured that he delivered all the usual elements of the day job - very impressive. BMW George V marks the launch of a new generation of BMW brand stores as well as the beginning of a comprehensive programme at the BMW Group which the company refers to as “Future Retail”. We will now build upon our strengths and implement a comprehensive programme named Future Retail. Some aspects can be experienced already, such as a virtual product presentation which has already been implemented in the BMW Munich and Zurich branches, as well as MINI Westfield in London. As the Product Genius needs to be mobile, he or she will be equipped with a state of the art Information Management System on a tablet device, allowing, for example, product configuration and in-depth explanation of features supported by visuals and films. Experience built in an analytical environment, focused on driving business forward through insight, as well as own experience, and identification of opportunities.
Whilst always working towards high-level business objectives, key focus is on constant protection and deliverance of relationship between brand and customer, or prospect, in order to ensure long-term brand favourability and loyalty.Extremely hard working, motivated, enthusiastic and well-educated with excellent communication skills, extremely capable of working independently and within a team. Responsible for ensuring this interest is protected when consulting with marketing partners on proposed activity and marketing plans, delivering a consistent and premium brand experience for all contacts (i.e. Position focused on assisting internal and external customers, whilst providing key support to multiple areas of business to satisfy stock and ordering requirements.

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