Espero haber estado a la altura de las excelentes definiciones que han sido ya publicados por los principales blogs de marketing en espana. Esperamos tu definicion… De hecho me acabo de dar cuenta de que no he incluido a las 4 personas a quien les envio el meme. Recommending a product or service to friends on Facebook, advertising on Twitter through prominent figures (marketing buzz), or sending company information to its LinkedIn contacts are all marketing models that become more and more popular in social networks.
The relative novelty of the applicability of legal requirements in the context of social network services can create confusion of concepts and terminology, of which is significant at all levels. In practice, the initial thinking in legal terms refers to the brand ambassadors as emergent advertising figures. As it was pointed out previously, the brand ambassadors have greater significance in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing, whenever it suits their role to their target market and optimizes their monetization. In conclusion, it seems fundamental the approach of a unified brand marketing strategy  in social platforms that look at legal aspects to promote web content visibility and preserve the corporate brand image. I recently read about a healthclub chain called Anytime Fitness.  This 1,300 location healthclub chain apparently has a bunch of dedicated (and stupid) employees.

Did you ever think that being passionate about a cause might be the reason these ‘stupid’ employees get this tattoo? Don’t get fooled into thinking Traditional or Digital, consider every aspect and opportunity.
Es decir que la marca convive en el mundo de las ideas (expectativas), pero es consecuencia de las interacciones en el mundo terrenal (percepciones).
The evangelist consumers or brand ambassadors (brand advocates) all require forethought and thorough analysis prior to any marketing campaign. And the legal implications of them in the context of complex systems through crowdsourcing and dynamic influence generated by social networks and product value platforms or services  in a profoundly interconnected ecosystem. Furthermore, he is a visiting professor at BES La Salle and a teaching consultant at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Toda esta iniciativa me recuerda al ano pasado en la uni (mi 4to de publi y RRPP) asi que este finde me pondre con mi definicion de marca. The designated brand ambassadors are those evangelist consumers who support or feel passionate for certain brands and share their opinion about company products and services  in conversations with other people.

He has a Master’s degree in International Law (LL.M) from WWU Munster and a Diploma in Advanced Studies in International Law and Economics from the University of Barcelona.
How do you respond and what techniques do you use to uncover the barriers from forming a relationship and generating new business? Digo yo que siendo una apasionada del marketing, estudiando la carrera y siendo fan de varias marcas, me saldra algo intersante.
Think about Text, Photos and Video opportunities that exists around your product or service.

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