Carlsberg UK has tasked LBi with developing its digital initiatives across its brand portfolio, including Tetley, Somersby, Tuborg and San Miguel.
The appointment will see LBi work across the brands, including Carlsberg, across a number of media channels, beginning with a social media and branded content initiative for San Miguel Fresca.
Jonathan Dee, Marketing Controller at Carlsberg UK, explained that LBi was chosen due to its strategic approach and business understanding.
Fold7 was appointed to the ?10m advertising account for Somersby cider by Carlsberg last year.
Typically, the matrix BCG tool is used to: (1) Monitor your company brand performance over time, say quarterly, (2) Monitor your competitor brand portfolio performance, (3) Balance marketing investments across brands. Applies the original BCG matrix concept and matrix chart, Built-in interpreter of the output results (verbal report), Detailed report of the four BCG matrix quadrants, Detailed report of the brand portfolio, Charts describing cash flow and investments, The example sheets describe how to run the analysis, The tool works in 5 different languages: E, F, G, I, S, Help file with advanced description of the BCG matrix concepts, and more.

MM4XL is a comprehensive collection of business analysis software tools used to make professional strategic management decisions. OmniValue is a general tool for managing and analyzing financial investments such as stocks, funds, bonds, bank accounts, currency, cash, and natural resources. Built of top quality leatherette and lined using the finest felt micro-fiber padding to supply your device optimal amounts of protection from the elements.
Use the matrix BCG tool of MM4XL software to analyze the competitive and financial performance of your brand portfolio to make better business decisions in brand management. Its logic is based on the assumption that success in business is strongly linked to cash flow, which is a function of market share and market growth.
The 4-way elastic restraint straps safely hold your device in position and stop it from receding.

The built-in take out stand design helps make the perfect ergonomic solution, ideal for typing and watching videos easily. Each brand is displayed as a bubble on a two dimensional map, which helps reasoning on the product life cycle and its life cycle management, on the marketing investment level, the company strategy, and much more. The Mary situation also includes a unique built-in transporting hands strap which supplies your device added protection against accidental drop.
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