Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. How critical is it to have well-developed branding for companies in the Financial Services industry? In the Financial Services industry there are many levels of organizations and each practices very different approach to brand identity due to consumer demand, popularity, marketing methods and so on.
Main test of good brand identity is if the user can remember it and if it alters or supports his decision to use your organizations services or products. Logos for banks over long time were focused on solid, serious and conservative message stressing their stability.
The following list includes a specialist branding firm, a design studio, a generalist marketing company, a print shop, a web development company, a promo product company, and two advertising agencies. Consumers are exhausted of traditional brand communication and they desire to receive communication in an entertaining and enjoyable way. This all depends on the area of specialization of course, yet all companies share similar benefits and downsides of having and not having professionally developed brand identity. Brand as defined by Wikipedia is a collection of experiences and associations connected with a service, a person or any other entity and brand identity is how the owner wants customer to perceive the brand. In other words what large bank does, small advisory firm can’t and should not try to do. Not having a professional branding essentially puts your company outside of ones that do and any shortcuts directly influence your bottom line as your marketing expenses are not effective.

Specifically local small banks rely heavily in textual treatment and more conservative use of color and in our view lack personal appeal which large national banks are able to create due to more friendly use of colors and design. A fundamental component of recognition of the brand by consumers and how it differentiates from competitors.
It’s important to put your organization into context of your competition to do due analysis of identity on the market and take into consideration latest events which have influenced consumer view of many brands. While its important to maintain message of stability during these tough times, banking industry may be better served if the brands weren’t depreciated even further by appearing not friendly. The intention of this page is to clarify how each company positions itself within the larger scope of the Edmonton marketing scene. We help a brand to be present in the content itself and therefore become indivisible from the story. Brand identity often is mistakenly associated with logo design, and while it is most important component, identity in technical terms includes all aspects of your organization’s communication system and Identity Guide is a specific set of rules of how to and how not to treat your identity. Perhaps now is a good time to change the approach to banking branding and re-brand some local and regional financial institutions. Thanks to Conrad Hackett of Pew Research for sharing this one, which was created by Oxfam America. Based on how they position themselves, it should also prove to be a useful resource in determining how each company will position your organization. Such combination of the brand within the script of a film assists in conveying the brand message in an entertaining and appealing way. While some firms only offer the creative services of branding, no other firm is equipped or experienced enough to offer brand training and brand management.

If you’re looking for one of Edmonton’s top pretty-makers, Vision should definitely be on your short list. Like the other agencies that made this list, FREE only offers strategy, creative and activation services.
While FREE has the knowledge and capability to offer more than most when it comes to branding, it doesn’t offer brand training, brand experience or brand management. Graphos: Graphos positions itself between a big ad agency and a boutique marketing firm and it has a grocery list of services. It sells branding as naming and identity, which are two very small pieces to the branding puzzle. Web3 Marketing: After a quick peruse of its website Web3 is clearly a web design studio, not a branding firm. Despite calling itself “the branding shop,” Spark specializes in attaching your logo to various promo products. In other words, “branding” a product with a logo much in the same way a rancher would brand his cattle.
Donovan: Having developed award-winning ad campaigns for the Edmonton Public Library and the Edmonton International Airport, Donovan was a staple in the Edmonton marketing and advertising scene. Rounding out the top 10, Urban Jungle makes its third appearance, reinforcing the point about its specialization.

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