We can work with you to create branding and logo design that will represent your company effectively on all media.
A variety of design options are available, from straight forward logo design to more complex research and branding, ensuring we can provide the right package for your budget and requirements.
Upon completion of the project we will provide you with your logo in a range of file formats to ensure you have no problems providing any other suppliers with your logo for reproducing.
If you have any files such as design ideas or branding guidelines you would like to send please upload. The Branding of a company is very important and it gives the first impression of your company to the customers.
Before designing the brand, decide if it is going to be used on business cards, website, CD’s, clothing’s or printing materials, stickers, pens, on the products sold, or on any social network. The important elements in a Brand design are the logo, names, tag lines, trademarks and packaging. Corporate Identity Persona Optimus by True also has a tidy and slightly ornate design that is overfilled with plenty of fresh air. Deformedia New style by Nazir Khasavov is another project that prefers utilizing plenty of white space.
ITI is marked by a splash of bright colors that forms a visually-interesting intricate shape. Wallas by BURO UFHO reaps benefits from the minimalist, including just vital elements, so as the name of the company and a small fragment of corporate information. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. Some very nice work shared but this looks more like a nice collection of Corporate Identity packages than Branding.
Yes surely these are the most beautiful design projects I ever seen and give superb themes of inspiration for multiple designing work.
I also thought Traditional China Medicine looked sophisticated and elegant with the choice of color combinations and pattern.
I love the playfulness of acesso personal travel and the simplicity of filthymedia – not filthy at all! Here we have some remarkable examples of Corporate Branding and Visual Identity designs created by highly professional designers all over the web. Making of logo, branding, corporate identity, campaigns, billboards or brochure design is really hard work job. If you would like to recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe. This is a beautiful creative PSD business card template with a plaid, tartan texture theme. In today's fast-changing eCommerce world, it's challenging for any web designer to predict the future. After lots of web browsing we found that there are no resources for ready made blueprints of civil constructions available on the net.
There are so many websites and blogs out there that host collection of free mockups, but there is not even a single website or blog post that lists.. We're back again with another roundup of some of the best freebies available for designers and developers. A brand is a desirable idea manifested in products, services, people, places and experiences, considering the Market position and your company’s culture.
The design of the brand gives the judgment about your business and thus it should be very memorable and attractive.

It is the combination of all the experiences and impressions of a concern which includes the public relations, vendors, employees, customers or the communities.
The brand of the company mostly attempts the customers to purchase the products or services.
In such an environment the content always stays in focus, giving priority to the vital information.
The classic color choice goes well with some elegant decorative elements and subtle typeface. By getting the most out of black and white color palette, the designer is managed to use contrast and a luxurious appeal to match the tone of a company. The artist skillfully utilizes several matching styles of the font to create an original and functional background. From dynamic and vivid to elegant and sophisticated, the artist had an opportunity to work in various areas. Lots of white space, geometric vibe, and conventional arrangement let show freedom, variety and enormous potential inherent to a company. The author demonstrates how to take advantage of challenging red and bored and overused white and create an outstanding brand identity design that reflects the heritage and has a touch of elegance.
Nevertheless, the solution creates enough aesthetics to compliment the brand identity and right feel for the potential clients.
Typography, an arrangement of the content and gorgeous logotype, together delivers the unforgettable first impression. Using handcrafted stamps, high-quality paper, and complementary natural materials, it is managed to create a top-notch project.
Although the color scheme is not characteristic for such type of companies since blue is usually associated with other spheres; however, it adds a certain zest. Inspired by traditional American barber shops, the project gets its beauty from Gothic typeface scanned from a book, iconic eagle illustration, black and white coloring, and robust layout. No matter how big the web becomes the tactile nature of printed material will always form a crucial part of a brand’s overall identity.
As soon as any company establishes its brand value, it reaches at a good position and can easily sustain in such a gigantic marketplace. Logo designers takes couple of days to finalize the logo design, because Logo is not just have name of of company it also your brand ambassador and good logo design can easily attract people’s attention. It takes a strong grasp of these crucial insights to find and seize the brand proposition that will allow you to grow. That is why defining your target market will help to strengthen your brand’s effectiveness. A professional branding or logo leaves a good image about your concern and also results in a great impression about the business. Create a powerful logo with graphic design for your brand name which should speak about your business. Nice touch of delicate vector flower that marks business cards and some other stationery items adds a beautiful note of naturalness. Although the copy in some cases is a bit seamless yet the overall design is harmonious and original and is easily scannable. The content is densely packed together so that every item of brand identity has a strong open feeling that unobtrusively focuses the attention on the key points. Although the project is targeted at a female audience, yet, there is no lavish decorations that can scare away.
Although the stationery items can’t boast of impressive appearance or gorgeous coloring, however namely minimalistic approach gives it a cutting-edge feel and separates it from the others.

The team employs possibilities of typography to lay emphasis on required data without cluttering the design. Beautiful patterns, quite neutral color palette, well-thought-out amount of white space and modular system create a fantastic experience with personality and charm.
Moreover, it fits the vintage graphics, illustrations and black color used for displaying copy. Photo background blends into the overall design, complementing the logotype and enriching the aesthetics.
This post showcases a huge collection of inspirational branding and identity projects with each example presented in a neat layout, often with clever complementary objects that reinforce the theme or style of the design work.
In such cut-throat competitions, small companies often ascertain perfect refuge through branding solutions to compete with the big counterparts.
So here we have inspiring and creative examples of corporate identity, branding and logo design examples which can help to make your next logos project creatively. Design Bar is the place where new ideas happen, we provide an endless supply of fresh thinking combined with creativity.
We implement graphic design observing cultural, social and psychological factors, achieving state-of-the-art marketing proposals in accordance with our customers’ brand identity. With today’s modern trend, you can design various creative and elegant designs for your brand name which leaves the potential customer to identify your company immediately. When the expectations of the customers are met by the company, the loyalty of the brand is automatically developed. There should be a life in your Brand designing with a good combination of the color, visual appearance or style, name, topography, intensity and the size.
The bright relatively huge stripe that dissects one of the sides of the booklet is a lovely twist that complies with the theme and links some mockups together. Some of them go for a modern and contemporary look while others prefer deriving benefits from the retro style.
Black, red and white are three main tones that are used to meet the company’s image and create an appropriate aesthetics. In some cases, mockups feature information that is neatly arranged in a column and placed on the left side, while in others there is only a blank paper with a logotype that identifies the company. In recent times most of the companies have turned to corporate branding, to make their business a success.
We knock down the walls of old thinking and let the ideas flow to inspire your total experience, from brand identity to fresh concepts for planning and an exciting new environment.
Thus, it is very important to focus on the design of the Brand name which should be descriptive about its services or products, memorable, short and attractive. A Tag line is also important for a Brand which could express the benefits of your concern and could leave an impression in the minds of the customers. And this is the reason why almost all the companies crave to find out a perfect and professional branding agency that can effectively boost up their positions.
You can also use a hired professional to create your brand design to make it more memorable.

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