Providing a variety of land services and development solutions for renewable energy, transmission, and oil and gas projects. Hilliard Energy provided land services to the City of Midland's new 60+ mile water pipeline. Hilliard Energy has been invovled in the development of wind and solar projects all across the nation for over a decade.
Hilliard has overseen the greenfield development of over 2.5 million acres of wind and solar projects. Hilliard Energy is proud to be well diversed in all areas of Energy, whether it's Oil and Gas or the many areas of Renewable Energy, Hilliard can help.
Our deep experience in energy projects and work has made us the preferred provider to take an energy project from its initial inception through development to successful completion. For the past 33 years Hilliard Energy has provided land and energy services to a number of prolific companies. Delta Delta Delta shows off their enthusiasm for the Energy Challenge with their bedsheet banner! Completion of the utilty metering project will make almost all buildings on the IUB Campus eligible to enter the 2012 Fall Energy Challenge. We dramatically increased awareness of, and defined very favorable positioning for, a previously relatively unknown independent oil and gas exploration company, Vanco Energy.
Founded in 2001, The Sponge is a Branding Consultancy led by Luke Faccini & George Pandeleon. Colour is a wave of light that reflects on an object when light touches it and even though it lets us recognize things, beautify objects there’s so much more to colour than just beautification. About USIroyin, a Yoruba word meaning “News or Report” is a Nigerian News and Knowledge Base Platform that aims at providing engaging and informative contents as well as solving sales & marketing, entrepreneurship and business issues. Starting in the continental USA and now expanding overseas, we have always believed that our work should reflect high ethical standards our clients deserve. The Greek Energy Challenge Kick-off Event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10th from 8pm-9pm at the E-house. We developed a striking and unusual advertisment that let everyone in the oil industry know that, based on preliminary seismic data, they had some "Elephants" (a common industry term for a giant oil field) in their offshore leases.

Our focus is creating compelling Story Rich Brands, including new brand names, new brand logos, rebrands, and brand strategies.
Please tell us where to email your 4 Point Checklist, and click the button below to gain instant access. Theirs is always a psychological meaning to every colour with respect to their shades and tints, as it appears it our eyes so it affects our mood. Orange: Being a mixture of two high energy colours (red and yellow), orange is a very high energy colour. Black: Black commands the authority, power and intelligence that your business needs but you should be careful when using back as it evokes too much emotions and can be overwhelming, cause emptiness and send the wrong message as it is also associated with evil and danger.
Triad colour scheme: In this scheme, you use colours that are equally spaced on the colour wheel.
Adesola is a fine artist who specialized in painting, drawing and offers services in portrait drawing.
The next year they asked us to use advertising imagery to transition their image from being a drilling company to an operating company. Colour is a powerful psychological tool that affects our moods, feeling emotions and how we respond to situations, people and ideas. Blue cause the body to stay calm and cool but this is not always true for all shades of blue; brilliant blue is dramatic and dynamic. It calms aggression; you might also want to think of it as a colour of gentle feeling, friendliness and seem to be more of advantage to females than males which makes it more suitable for female or baby brand. Very calming, soothing and a well-paced energetic colour; a natural balance between warm and cool (yellow and blue), so think of it as a relaxing exciting colour. Associated with warmth, it sparks controversy than any other colour and overuse is advised against. Purple should be used carefully to command respect, wisdom and as a royal colour represents leadership.
Although it sends a message of emptiness, depression and unsettling just a spark of it especially silver will send the feeling of solidity and strong character to your brand.
It allows for a balance and harmony of hue, experiment with different tints and shades to get interesting effects.

The authority and power of black added with the purity of white might be the twist your business needs.
We instantaneously respond to colours, while some colours put us in a light, happy, excited mood, some put us in a depressing, angry mood. Blue in your business brand sends a message to the customers of a dependable, committed, and loyal service but you should be careful when using because overuse of blue becomes cold and uncaring. Red should be used as an accent as it creates a dramatic effect and sends the right amount of energy needed. Brighter pink is youthful, fun and exciting making it suitable for a teenage brand while vibrant pink have the same high energy as red without being too aggressive and should be used sparingly.
Increases energy, activates memory and encourages communication; for a happy brand, choose yellow.
To achieve good contrast, I suggest using a light shade of one colour against the dark shade of the other, it still gives a vibrant, high energy combination that is not disturbing to the eye.
Be careful when using a triad scheme as you only need two basic colours for your brand, the third colour should be used sparingly at the right places. Choosing colours to suit your business may be overwhelming, colours in your business can either send a positive or negative message, increase or decrease sales or make you gain or lose your customer count.
Overuse of red sends the wrong effect as it can also be associated with danger, rage and anger.
True orange sends controversy when used as it doesn’t give a clear meaning, it sends a general “not sure” message. Knowing what these colours represent and how it affects the mood would make you decide the right colours to represent and promote your business positively. Yellow should not be overused because it can be overpowering and sends a message of cowardice and illness like red it should be used sparingly in the right places.

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