So, first, lets quickly examine what branding is, and what the functional purpose of a logo and slogan are. Branding is about one thing – How people perceive you, your company, your blog, or whatever else you are marketing.
Now that we have a pretty good idea about the purpose of a brand, let’s talk about the purpose of a logo.
A logo is a visual associated with your name that people will use to reference and recall your brand. All the fancy aesthetics of a logo are fine and dandy, but all that really matters is that its easy to see, process and recall. This means that you need a memorable slogan that says something meaningful about your brand.
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Professional Presence, by Peggy Noe Stevens, is a must read for all graduates about to embark upon their professional careers.
The Student Branding Blog, part of the Personal Branding Network, is the #1 resource for career and personal branding advice for high school, college and graduate students. Student athletes inherit a brand that includes descriptors like rugged, fit, and competitive, and this brand can take you a long way if you manage it well. If you have been playing sports for as long as you can remember, it’s time to reflect on the benefits of your athletic experience and how that will affect what happens next.
Additionally, every university athletic department publishes a student athlete handbook, many of which are online, and high school students would be remiss if they didn’t take a look at what they can expect in terms of accountability policies about academic standing and behavior. For college students who want to expand their network beyond their own campus network, The AthleteAlumni Network is an effective networking site where students can connect with a mentor, learn about job and internship opportunities like the 10-week Wall Street Summer Internship Program, and join a community of career-oriented student athletes. Last week I lunched with a banking employer who was on campus to conduct interviews for full time jobs, and I learned that she likes to hire athletes. Dan Schawbel, the founder of the Student Branding Blog, is a world renowned personal branding expert, the international bestselling author of Me 2.0, as well as the publisher of the Personal Branding Blog. The general agreement on employees being a central factor of success for corporate success is supplemented by the insight that acquisition, further development and binding of the right employees in a sufficient number is a decisive challenge. Based on the formula "Attract + Engage + Develop + Recognize = Retain!", we have developed a conclusive concept to effectively meet this challenge! Something worth mentioning is that in the flowchart that highlights these four different stages of Personal Branding, I clearly marked each header with an arrow to indicate that each stage must be revisited as the brand grows and develops. In conclusion, we can safely say that Reputation Management is only a subset of Personal Branding. We obviously disagree on this one, as I mentioned before in my post, but it is nice to hear the other side of the argument.
Without brand values already established, what expectations and experience could we possibly be marketing and delivering on for a reputation to even exist? This week I want to share some insights about how to pick a logo and write a killer slogan. In fact, most branding is about simplifying and focusing your message and efforts, so the best branding advice should seem simple and basic to you.

Our minds are visual first, so your logo is meant to visually create a cue to associate and remember your brand. Double Entendre – perhaps the most famous usage of a double entendre is the brand name Staples. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story.
This handy resource will help put readers at ease on how to handle a variety of business situations they will likely encounter.
The question is, if you are a student athlete, do you know how to leverage the highlights of the student athlete brand while demonstrating what is also unique about you? As a middle school student, were you vying for spots on travel teams, attending summer camps, and spending time in private lessons? Once in college, athletes must stay in good academic standing with the division, conference and the university. This book covers the span of a student athlete’s career including suggestions for how to take advantage of the professional network of alumni athletes from their university. She mentioned that her firm groups students into one of three categories: students with relevant internship experience, campus leaders, and student athletes. Colleges are looking at this brand when they recruit high school students, and employers are impressed with this brand when they recruit undergraduates for internships and full time jobs.
With fourteen years of experience in college career services, Nicole’s expertise includes career counseling undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni from liberal arts, science, engineering, business, and education.
I’ve been reading about this never-ending dispute ever since I started my journey with personal branding. I mean it is a logical progress – how can you manage the reputation of something that doesn’t exist! The two biggest challenges when it comes to branding are a)letting your ego get in the way and b) over-complicating things. Once it associates a brand name with a category it is virtually impossible to change that perception. When you are  the first in a new category, you by default will win if the category takes off.
It is also a good refresher for seasoned professionals on the importance of manners and strong communication skills. For example, if you consider yourself a team player, has this also helped you in working on a group project in a class? Many colleges require their athletes to maintain good grades while taking a full time course load, which can be up to five courses per semester. I am here to end this argument once and for all: Personal Branding encompasses Reputation Management, and that logically means they are not the same. So, if you differentiate yourself well enough you can emerge as a completely different category.
First you think of one meaning (a U-shaped piece of metal) and then another (everything a business needs). It will be important to recall when you started playing sports and why you continued to participate as a teenager.

Before you can play at the college level, prospective student athletes should review the ultimate guide to eligibility: 2009-2010 NCAA Guide For The College-Bound Student Athlete. Teams and athletic associations post alumni athlete contacts for students and provide online resume books of their student athletes for employers and alumni interested in hiring them. Some of the qualities she mentioned were positive attitude, team player, good time management, meets deadlines, competitive, motivated, driven, and the list went on.
The brand of a student-athlete is definitely an interesting topic, one with a backdrop of the thick NCAA rulebook that naturally limits the level in which an athlete can actually profit from his or her brand. In general, brands follow an evolutionary process, and new categories emerge from old categories, but more and more focused. Sure, most students will say that their parents signed them up, but at some point, you probably had a chance to make your own decision. For example, if you are creative, does that help you come up with effective strategies for game play?
By showing how you are different, not how your are the same or better, you play into the existing perception.
So, craigslist started out as a classifieds website for everything including a small section for sharing apartments and renting out rooms.
So, if you were to take your logo, and overlay an image of someone’s eyes, the logo should fit that shape perfectly. Of course, there is also a small percentage of students who didn’t have a choice because their parents really wanted to see them go all the way. Finally, is there something that you can attribute to your personality that affects your success both as an athlete and as a student? Google with Search, Kleenex with tissues) you won’t be able to change that perception.
AirBNB is basically  a massive multi-billion dollar company built off the back of that sub section of craigslist. For example, good time management is necessary to be successful in both of these roles simultaneously. The brainchild of visionary Peter Palermo, the site was designed with Peter’s son, a 13-year-old star athlete, in mind. They focused a broad category into a small niche and created a brand new category wide open for a branding play. With more than ten years in planning and promoting events in the sports and entertainment industry, Palermo endorses personal branding as an effective strategy for student athletes of all ages.
Furthermore, his site provides access for students involved in a wide range of sports as well as students from diverse backgrounds who may not otherwise get noticed through the usual channels.
Besides, once I make a decision, I don’t need you creating more work for me to re-evaluate my beliefs and start over. You can also check out other websites that cater to specific sports or types of events and tournaments like All Star Junior Golf Tour, Premier Basketball Report and TCS Rising Stars Events, offering students the opportunity to present their brands to a wider audience.

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