There already a number of excellent forge building tutorials on the site, so in the interest of avoiding redundancy, I shall not be going too Indepth into any specific forge design.
So I had to convert an old medieval bathroom into a nice washing area with walk-in-shower & real toilet.
Over recent years all my local woodland and my garden have become home to vast numbers of holly bushes. Changing the spindle speed for a manual drill press requires physically adjusting belts between pulleys. The new project of make it extreme is the transformation of an old microwave oven into a brand new spot welder. No gas pump for this car!  A Three Wheel Bike Car, with panniers, a cargo platform, 16 speeds, and a canopy. The philosophy of this table is that anyone can bake whatever he wants and for as long as he needs to make his food.
Okay folks, this is just a quick tutorial on mounting that end mill (or other cutter, etc) into an R8 collet in the mill, and getting it gripped correctly to prevent damage to your cutter, collet, workpiece, your face, your buddies face, etc. Just as the recent Star Wars hype was ramping up I came across an old pressure tank from a water pump.
Why is it that all the things i make involving heat are small?There's the coal forge, that was fairly diminutive, but i the snow dog asked me if the coal forge got hot enough to do glasswork.

I'm keen on a job well done: using tools safely and effectively so they perform in a beautiful way and for a long time. This will be a more advanced how-to with using heat transfer stencils to create intricate designs for acid etching.This is a followup to my very first Instructable on basic acid etching. Although there are already many instructables on the topic of stoves made from old propane bottles, I thought I would try to come up with something a little more usefull in the cooking department.
I had a plumbing problem needing to be addressed (people: stop mixing copper with cast iron piping!) and learned how to sweat (solder) copper piping. I would have liked it to make a new seat for my recumbent bicycle and for it was necessary some aluminium tubes and to bend those on proper shape.
Galvanization is the process in which steel or another metal is coated in zinc to stop the base metal from oxidizing.
Love spirograph, but want to start making wall sized poster art instead of tiny little pictures?
Rather, this instructible shall tarry into the realm of the informative, rather than the strictly instructive.
Holly being evergreen will swamp out any other plants and take over the whole area if left unchecked, it needs to be kept under control. EMT is cheap, smaller sizes are bendable and it is readily available at local home supply stores.

However, a few problems arose creating it such as the overheat, the weight and the decay due to external factors like the weather conditions. I had borrowed a biscuit joiner and later decided I would like to have my own for the few times I need one, but I wanted to spend as little as possible.
The need to bend heavy solid material in a uniform and controlled way resulted in a fairly simple machine that allows for innumerable rates of curvature and chord lengths. In our town I have not found a place to bend some tubes and I have decided to make my own tube bender for this work. Delft clay casting has some drawbacks but is arguably the most accessible casting medium for those who are just starting out. I won't get into too many details on stenciling and the graphic design side of things as that would be a whole other tutorial!Etching is a great way to personalize your knife. Firstly, we decomposed the microwave oven and took its transformer and the fan that cools it.

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