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As the world becomes more concerned about climate change and resource shortage there is an increased growth and interest in renewable and sustainable products and services. Customers have lower levels of confidence in new or unknown brands, products or services such as sustainable, green or renewable solutions. A business in the renewables sector has to contend with more than selling green products and services.
Being transparent is critical for businesses focused on renewable and sustainable products and services. Consumers are also revolting against brands perceived to be environmentally unfriendly or deceptive in their green claims. Sustainable Marketing Services (Australia) Pty Ltd is a multi-award winning, strategically-led Brisbane marketing and public relations services company. We use our know-how to deliver practical, reliable and results-orientated integrated marketing and public relations strategies for growing businesses in Australia and internationally. Qualcomm now has a few more details on its Snapdragon 820, and has also confirmed a figure wearing a long bouncing between several dates. Qualcomm Snapdragon has confirmed that the 820 hit the market in 2016, and no new phone with this powerful SoC IFA in 2015 as has been rumored on several occasions. If the Snapdragon 820 fail in 2015, what will happen to all those Huawei Nexus, Xiaomi MI5, LG G4 Pro and others, that were supposed to use it?
G1 Creative recently complete a logo design and accompany literature for AVC Biomass and their launch at sustainable energy trade show.

According to a 2011 projection by the (IEA) International Energy Agency, solar power generators may produce most of the world's electricity within 50 years, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses are responding to this interest with an ever-growing range of sustainable, green and renewable offerings.
If you are operating in a new industry, your potential customers are unlikely to realise they can benefit from the products and services you offer. Because they know little about what they are buying, they are cautious and seek information from credible sources, taking longer to commit to a purchase.
Customers seek more attributes than renewability and sustainability alone and many products positioned purely on green credentials have failed.
There is a need to embed the renewal and sustainable message into core brand values and long-term business strategy. It has been said that the company would advance the design and manufacture of new chips until the end of 2015, mainly due to temperature problems early versions. Yes they say that the first product sample will begin to send to manufacturers in the coming months so that they have enough time to design their end products, which will landing on the market and being available to customers during the first months 2016. For example the Nexus Huawei was one of the leading candidates to incorporate Snapdragon 820 and would be released in September or October; Qualcomm confirmation this would either be launched Nexus with other SoC (810 Snapdragon chip Maybe some other manufacturer?) or would be delayed until 2016. And watch out, because they get very full of novelties and with a great deal of performance and power that surely satisfy the most demanding users, including new Adreno 530 graphics processor, new image processor and the focus on energy efficiency. Effective brand management supported by a clever marketing campaign can build a critical mass so you a€?owna€™ certain perceptions in the mind of your target audience. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.

But how do these sustainability-focused businesses ensure their longevity, profitability and success in this very new industry?
You need to inform and educate your customers about the benefits of your industry – explain what you do and how it can help them. When customers are well educated and informed about a brand or offering, their decision process is much quicker, leading to a faster sale.
Marketing your sustainable products or services will be most effective when targeted at innovator and early adopter segments. Our goal is to build and support your corporate or product brand so that brand recognition, market dominance and enhanced brand value are the end result. Marketing in a fledgling industry like renewable energy is much more complex than marketing in an established industry. Only then can they assess your product or service against a competitor offering and make an informed decision to purchase. With this in mind, marketing for renewable industries should be all about engagement and education.
Kearney found that, in 16 of the 18 industries, businesses in the renewable and sustainable space outperformed industry norms by an average of 15 per cent.
Currently, consumers use company websites to read more about environmental claims and then use other parties to validate these. Below, Sustainable Marketing Services looks at some of the additional factors to consider when growing a sustainability-focused business.

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