We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners.
Just like advice for shopping your local grocery store to buy the healthiest foods, cruise the perimeter of the periodic table and get that right before you jump into the center containing less healthy, but really tasty prepared foods.
As an example, I recently took on a new client who’d spent a lot of money on Facebook advertising.
Now, a couple of months into the strategy reset, we’re focusing on corporate goals with our content marketing strategy.
In fact, analytics showed us the majority of existing fans DIDN’T help us reach our goals. You want something representing value — something entertaining, informative, interesting, or something that solves your problem. If you’re an ecommerce site, visitors likely use multiple devices before consummating a sale.
Thus, we complete the chain of measuring results, analyzing the whys, and finally deciding how results impact our future plans.
You can create content on how-tos, surveys, lists, demonstrations, expert advice, and lots of other options exist for creating great content.
Headlines are critical, as they’re what shows up in search and when you share on social networks. Community Managers, who create and curate content using a content marketing calendar developed between the Account Executive (who also monitor analytics), Community Manager and the client, manage content marketing. Critical elements involve knowing how various social platforms work and knowing which types of posts work best on each platform. Now, I really like the look and interpretation of the periodic table of content marketing, but I created my own infographic a few years ago containing many of the same elements.
Using human psychology to improve sales is probably as old as the practice of buying and selling. Understanding the psychology of buying: what convinces us to buy and what makes us wary, lies at the heart of conversion rate optimisation. At its most basic level the job of eCommerce is to help people see that your product is desirable, meets their needs, represents good value, and that the purchase is free of risk. But you can use psychology to persuade people that it’s in their interests to make a purchase now rather than later. In B2C eCommerce the buying journey will almost always start with an emotional desire to own something. Logically, the more you make somebody desire something, the less likely they are to talk themselves out of that decision. The reality is that we all make an emotional decision first and then validate and justify it with logic.
Highly converting product pages first and foremost do a great job of creating the desire to own something. 360° product views and 3D images usually generate higher conversion rates than flat 2D images for this reason.
Numerous psychological studies show that group identity is a powerful factor in successful selling. If you have a bricks and mortar store as well as an eCommerce presence, think about the questions you’re asked by customers looking to purchase your products. Customer reviews of your service are powerful for the same reason - they neutralise any sense of risk.
If you’ve done a good job of creating desire and managing rational justification, the good news is that psychology may now be working in your favour. Urgency means encouraging people to take action now, in this visit, rather than saving to favourites or simply leaving the site. Some retailers also tell people how much they’ve saved on special offers in the checkout page and urge them to check out before the deals disappear. Incentives such as discount vouchers, free delivery or free gifts for ordering immediately can also tip the balance as there is a clear benefit to the customer if they act now. Once people have finished choosing what they want, you really don’t want to give them too much to think about. The middle of the checkout process is not where you want people to carry out complex decision making. At this stage of the process people’s information needs are simple and basic: What are the delivery options? There are many reasons why you want customers to register or create an account when they make a purchase. Never put customers in a position where they feel coerced or that creating an account is mandatory before they can buy something. What was interesting in putting this together was just how much of eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation is influenced by psychology.
If you want to find out what else you can do to improve your eCommerce conversion rates, get in touch with us, the leading eCommerce web agency today! When you’re in an organization with a group of people, in order to be successful, you all have to be successful. In business and in life, it’s always better to be happy and exude that joy to others. Keeping a journal is a great way to jot down quick ideas or thoughts that come to mind that are not worth forgetting. Moments of gratitude, each and every one, transform my life each day- and unquestionably have made me more successful and more happy. This checklist of essential elements is to make your life simple because creating great content on a regular basis is hard work.
The following is the first article in the series, "Content Marketing Like the Big Brands," in which marketing master Jim Joseph discusses ways that small to medium businesses can create compelling content for their customers to generate breakthrough business results.
Content marketing is basically adding value to your customers’ lives by giving them something that helps them beyond just the product you sell. While content has certainly been around a long time, it has taken on a new form as of late, particularly with the advent of social media.
But years ago when I first started in marketing at Johnson’s Baby Products, we were doing content marketing then as well. I hope you follow along on this content marketing journey and can apply the thinking to your business. Meant to be used as an internal phrase, the slogan took on a life of its own and was mimicked often.
The reality is that customers are people, and people like to discover, research, discuss, buy and advocate for products and services when and where they like. Trying to narrow them to any one particular channel or channels might be good for tracking or cost efficiencies, but it’s not a winning long-term strategy for any business. When most marketers refer to omni-channel, they are thinking specifically about channels like in-store (or brick-and-mortar), email, web, social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, smart phones and tablets. While many companies have established presences and experiences across several channels, few have stitched together a holistic experience that allows consumers to pick up and leave off where they want. Given that omni-channel retailing is a fast evolving space, best practices have yet to be mapped out. Intuitive CRM. Are you collecting the right data across the in-store, digital and social space to truly know your customer?
Because the concept of omni-channel is still somewhat new, there are not a ton of companies doing this well yet.
Last but not least, their ability to use CRM data to customize the experience and treat customers holistically is far advanced. Do you have suggestions of companies big or small that are doing a good job creating an omni-channel experience? Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. The drip-system is a good tactic, but everything is relative to the maturity of your brand and the engagement experience you want to ultimately create with your target audience.
Consumers want your brand’s value proposition to come to life and impact their lifestyle with messaging that is educational and applicable. Innovation may seem to be an obvious strategy, yet many companies still fall short (or are too late) in their efforts. An entrepreneur reveals how he generated leads and revenue with his LinkedIn blog and show how you can do the same. A clear, powerful headline that promises to deliver value to the reader counts for as much as 60% of the overall success of your blog post on LinkedIn, as headlines grab readers' attention in an increasingly crowded landscape.
The "hero image" directly beneath the headline counts for about 30% of the overall success of your post on LinkedIn, as people notice images much more than they notice text. Conclude your post with two calls to action for readers: The first should ask readers to comment and give them specific questions to answer related to your post.
For more examples, ideas, and inspiration, feel free to check out my 98 posts on LinkedIn. THE EMPLOYER RATINGS SITE GLASSDOOR JUST RELEASED THEIR BEST PLACES TO WORK FOR 2014--AND THE RESULTS CAN MAKE YOUR OFFICE WAY BETTER.
Glassdoor, the employer ratings site, has released the results of their 2014 Employee Choice Awards survey. This year's overall winners were the consultancy Bain & Company, who was named best large company to work for. Marketers should be increasingly focusing on generating business and problem-oriented content over thought leadership pieces if they want to influence the self-serve customer buying cycle. Bornstein pointed out marketers are facing a dramatically different buying cycle today, where customers self-educate almost to the point of sale. Bornstein and Annuitas vice-president of marketing and demand generation, Jason Stewart, also spoke on how to structure a successful content management policy, stressing the need for processes that include content creation as a key component.
Each quarter, Bornstein’s team builds an editorial calendar first, then picks out the types of content tools that will best serve its ambitions.

Stewart added content marketing strategies shouldn’t just be about generating new information, but also delve into leveraging existing content along the increasingly complicated buyer cycle. EDGY Conversations is a gut-wrenchingly honest, no-holds-barred discussion about confronting and fixing the beliefs and behaviors that limit your ability to be amazing. His consulting firm, Waldschmidt Partners International, solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for savvy companies all over the world. RESILIENT PEOPLE DEVELOP A MENTAL CAPACITY THAT ALLOWS THEM TO ADAPT WITH EASE DURING ADVERSITY. With over 30 years of helping companies drive growth, our approach creating brand awareness is to get you results.
DAVNA's BiMonthly Newsletter filled with tips and tools for starting and growing a business! I wrote a month or so ago about the importance of building your personal brand, inspired by my friend, Dorie Clark’s presentation at a CMO Meetup I attended. There were many successful, experienced CMOs in our group who’ve not paid much, if any, attention to building their online networks, and they were in large measure as interested in learning how to build a personal brand as any young person I’ve ever encountered. If we want people to know what we do, how we think and the solutions we deliver, we need to leave them the right things to find.
When you create a beacon by way of the personal brand you develop, other like-minded people can find you. Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action.
You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore. That means, getting found online, even getting your ads to show up on the first page, relies heavily on content marketing.
I forced him to take a step back to focus on goals and strategies to achieve those goals and STOPPED his Facebook advertising.
It’s like changing the course of a ship in the middle of the ocean and we know how well that worked when the Titanic encountered an unexpected iceberg. It has to think about on page SEO, research and crediting other sources of information, formatting to make the post appealing (adding images and chunking text to make it more scanable), headline optimization (and calls to action, if used), and finally thinking about device optimization — will your content look good when visitors use a mobile device, tablet, and desktop computer.
More importantly, when I see an anomaly or when we’ve tried something new, I investigate the metrics to understand WHY we achieved a certain value and what the value means for our future plans.
In my own unscientific observation, demonstrations, how-tos, and lists tend to have legs — meaning they get picked up by other websites more frequently.
I spend hours a day reading both posts and news related to social media and marketing in general and trending topics so I keep up with what the rest of the world is up to. Community Managers coordinate other assets, such as videos, podcasts, infographics and graphics with the creative department; detailing needs and setting deadlines to ensure the content is complete based on the content marketing calendar. Inside the periodic table of content marketing also involves developing insights about your target market (personas), especially understanding how your target market responds to influence efforts.
As they steer towards their eventual purchase they are much less likely to be blown off course by doubts or distractions.
Big online brands don’t spend a fortune on photography because they feel sorry for underemployed photographers.
I’m offering this to YOU because I know you are sufficiently knowledgeable and discerning to understand the difference between this and cheaper alternatives.
Explain why the features are beneficial and anticipate the practical questions and concerns people are likely to have. Hotel booking sites do this well by saying that that there are only 2 rooms left at that rate; also helpfully letting you know that 3 people are currently looking at this hotel.
People need a warm glow of confidence that their goods will show up on time and that you’ll treat their personal data with care. Once people have decided that they are going to buy they don’t appreciate having additional decisions to make. I've never met him, but Andy Bailey and his postcard that I hung up on my wall have already had a profound effect on me, reinforcing values I believe in and reminding me on a daily basis of the attitudes and habits that I know I need to embrace in order to become successful. With the world moving so fast and constantly changing, and technology accelerating faster than ever, we need to embrace what’s coming and adapt, rather than fear it, deny it or hide from it. Being a leader and successful businessperson means always having to accept responsibility for your failures. A life vision board, 10 year plan, 3 year forecast, annual strategic plan, and daily goal lists are are useful tools of the mega-successful people in your life. Whether you are reading a blog, your favorite magazine or a good book, you can learn and become more knowledgeable as you read.
A compliment gives a natural boost of energy to someone, and is an act of kindness that makes you feel better as well. The people who you are grateful for are often the ones who have a huge part in your success. What makes you successful in today’s business world or in life? Please let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below!
Rather than spending all your marketing efforts touting your products, you provide valuable information instead. It’s a lot easier to provide deeper information now that it can be digitized and tweeted all throughout the day. We were supplying new moms with information on how to care for their babies, above and beyond the shampoo, lotion and powder we were selling to them. It’s a content marketing machine that seeks to engage their consumers in ways that will fulfill them, getting them to share with their friends and followers all along the way. After all, marketing is a spectator sport and we can learn from the big brands as they set the stage. In fact, those that create the best omni-channel experiences for their clients will hold a significant advantage over the competition.
This last part will become increasingly important for all companies as customers expect that the businesses we interact with will leverage all the available data from all channels to provide us better recommendations and service. However, we know anecdotally that there are some critical elements that brands should be adopting over time.
There will be different flavors of these but ideally, there are four or five primary personas.
This will, of course, change over time — but for now, there are a handful of companies that have at least started to chip away at creating the right experience.
There was universal agreement that nobody has nailed it, but the reason these stores score well is because they have all worked hard to create a great mobile experience (phone and tablet). This means understanding when to sell and when to nurture, just like any good sales person would intuitively do. Look at the constant barrage of pop-up and video ads that flash before our eyes every time we use our phones, turn on our computers or tablets. Use the headline to guide your content, and deliver what you would tell your best customer. As comments are a huge driver of virality on LinkedIn, you'll want to solicit comments from your connections and readers.
Consider sharing it both publicly (with all of your connections) and privately (through messages to key connections). Remember, you don't need to reach a million people on LinkedIn in order to make money, you just need to reach a few of the right people.
The investment website the Motley Fool won for best medium-sized company, while Twitter was named the best tech company to work for. For Bornstein, the three musts to creating a successful content marketing strategy are goals, tools and relevant performance metrics.
He advised marketers to do a gap analysis against the content they already have as they determine which content to best serve customers along the way.
He’s been profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, BBC, Fox News, The Today Show, and Business Insider, has been the featured guest on dozens of radio programs, has published hundreds of articles on progressive business strategy, and has spoken at Fortune 50 companies, universities and conferences.
Our proven branding program incorporates Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, and Design to drive smarter brand marketing.  All of our programs are customize to fit your exact needs. Dorie is a brand strategist and the author of Reinventing You, a Step-by-Step Guide to Defining Your Brand and Imagining Your Future.
By way of example, she shared that she once interviewed Robert Scoble and asked how he got to be such a big deal in the tech space. All too often we fail to get recognition or compliance because our credibility is either undefined or people are uncertain.
Dorie touched upon the fact that it takes real effort to make all this happen – and a considerable investment of time and energy.
We need to show them how we think because that gives them a way to be able to connect with us, and it also provides the incentive for them to want to be able to connect with us. That’s the role that the Internet serves for us and if we can do that, if we can learn to make time for ourselves and also learn to leverage the Web and build powerful networks and a strong personal brand, it’ll be something that will always serve you well.
Content marketing also develops your reputation and gives buyers a reason for choosing YOU over your competitors. He was really unhappy because he’d developed a strong group of Facebook fans and felt scared about changing. But, the client eventually realized their expensive efforts on Facebook weren’t getting them any closer to their overarching goals. The biggest change has been in the advertising strategy on Facebook where we’re now focusing advertising dollars on activities that reach our goals. There’s lots more to do, but the clients now sees the value of prioritizing efforts to focus on strategy and goals first.
So, spend some time crafting your content marketing to give readers something they’ll value. Community Managers research and write content, curate content, share content, and manage engagement on various social platforms.
BUT at the root of all of this has to be a deep understanding of your target customers - what motivates, interests and inspires them?

Aim to provide the facts people need to confirm their choice before moving on to the checkout.
Like your product descriptions your aim should be to answer any outstanding questions and address any lingering doubts. Why not take a look at this article by Darren Hunt If you want to understand more about the power of product reviews.
That’s why delivery can have such an influence on conversion - more of that in a minute. Generally people don’t like to feel they are being pressurised, there needs to be a healthy balance. Blaming others solves nothing; it just puts other people down and absolutely no good comes from it.
When you share you info and data with others, you can get others involved in what you are doing to achieve success.
Letting others have their own victories and moments to shine motivates them and in the long term, the better they perform, the better you'll look anyway.
Watching television, on the other hand, may be good entertainment or an escape, but you'll rarely get anything out of TV to help you become more successful. They're always looking ahead to see how they can transform themselves and others, instead of looking to just make a sale or generate more revenue or get something out of the way. Be sure to thank everyone you come in contact with and walk with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation and even wonder, about the world around you. We are no longer constrained by the format of a print brochure and the long production cycles that come with it.
Consider embedding Slideshare presentations and or videos through LinkedIn's easy-to-use toolbar. The second call to action is an offer--this is where you'll drive leads, sell books, or solicit app downloads.
Rather than showing a focus on perks, compensation, and other incentives, the best-rated workplaces had a range of intrinsic motivators, like challenging work, impact upon society, and an opportunity to work with brilliant colleagues.
It also puts the onus on serving not just prospects with content, but also existing customers. You work your butt off, but at the end of the day, you’re no closer to success than you were yesterday.
In a world that is essentially defined as The Internet of Things, your resume is, in large measure, your network. As you are developing your personal brand, one of the most important things you need to think about is your network. By understanding the power of the Web and building a strong connection base, thus making yourself a hub, you can create a reputation for yourself as a connector and can become a go-to person within the organization that people can trust.
Scoble replied that he went to college in a tech hotbed at a time when very interesting things were happening (San Jose State University). Find something, a niche where there is traction, and learn everything you can about it, write about it and get the momentum you need there to build your name and reputation as a reputation on that topic. To illustrate this point for her book, Dorie profiled Al Franken as a person who built an established brand and then moved away from it.
It’s just human nature — if someone is elected as a leader by their peers, we tend to view them differently.
Dorie cited an example on this point from an interview with Arizona State University’s Robert Shalbini. But the reality is that if we don’t care about ourselves and our own reputations and our own personal brands, it’s a given that nobody else is. I like this articlet)) I think that it’s important, before starting your affiliate career, learn what affiliate marketing is and how it works. What sort of gang do they want to belong to and what does that look and feel like as a brand? If not then it’s time to start working on your product descriptions to change this for the better. Suffice to say that successful eCommerce is to a large extent an exercise in trust building from beginning to end. We always recommend allowing people to check out as a guest if that’s what they choose to do.
If a person exudes anger, it puts everyone around them in a horrible, unmotivated mood and little success comes from it. Now we’ve got multimedia channels that give us the opportunity to talk with moms (and dads) on their terms, when they need us and how they need us. Drive people to a landing page on your website with a call to action such as "To learn more, click here." Consider a clickable picture here too. Don't be afraid to share it up to four times, as your friends and colleagues are logged in at different times through the day and week. As such, paying attention to building your network is as important as the body of work that you do — and the experience you have. Are the senior level executives paying attention to the power of the Web and the benefits of building an online network similar to building an in-person network?
Once a week, make it your mission to ask a different person from a different department to lunch. He could see that things were happening and he wanted to be a part of it, so he started writing about tech for his school paper. Once you do that, people will start asking you about adjacent fields and it’ll keep steamrolling from there. Dorie gave some terrific advice here by making just one salient point: nobody ever wants to interview the number two person – they all want to speak to the President. As Gary began to get “famous” he hired someone whose job it was to shadow him and create social media content.
So you have to resolve to pay yourself first and give yourself the time and attention you need to create and develop your own personal brand. And if you want to read some of Tom Peters’ thoughts on this topic, a popular post of his is linked below. My clients, especially those at the enterprise level, are often not quite there and some are not quite convinced there’s any value in building online networks. Dorie cited the University of Chicago’s Ronald Burt’s research on networks, which indicates they have silos.
So, as you’re thinking what leadership goals you have and what roles might help you accomplish that, let that be a driver when it comes to your professional business activity: don’t join ten groups, join two. The medical staff noticed that while physical therapists were assigning exercises as “homework,” in most cases, they found their patients weren’t doing them. Another good option is to package a bunch of related blog posts together to create an ebook on the topic — check out my content marketing ebook. That’s why seeing senior level marketing and brand folks interested in building a personal brand was encouraging to me.
If you’re a junior level person within an organization, just imagine how this might help propel your career forward.
After awhile, he built a reputation as a tech expert because he was everywhere, writing about technology. He realized that the strengths he was leading with wouldn’t get him to the place he wanted to be, so he decided to start emphasizing other strengths. Shalbini was consulting with the therapists to figure out why there was so much noncompliance. But the broader point is that you need – we need — to focus on content marketing for individuals as much as we do for companies.
Things people should know get lost – we forget what people do, what their expertise is, and overlook how they might be able to add value to something we’re doing. And if you’re a more senior person within an organization, there’s as much benefit for you in this kind of exercise as well. This means that it’s important to make sure you have a well-developed LinkedIn profile, as well as that you’re creating some kind of intellectual property that shows how you think (blog, podcast, etc.).
The patients respected their physicians, but they weren’t convinced their physical therapists had similar credibility and authority. Tom started writing about the importance of a personal brand back in the 90s and his thoughts and work on this topic are no less important today than they were back then.
When you stay alert to the possibilities that the environment you’re working in or are interested in affords you, great things can happen. They didn’t really trust that the physical therapists knew what they were talking about – after all, they weren’t doctors. They are our real world among the people who know us as well, as our digital reputation among people who are discovering us. If what  you find isn’t representative of your thinking, your body of work and your reputation, there’s no time like the present to get started. He had them pull out all their degrees and certificates, then had them framed and hung all over the walls of the office.
Think through ways to convey your authority so that people understand the expertise you are bringing to the table.
Before someone gets to the "aha!" about what you do and who you are, they first have to be captivated by the "huh?" 4. Positioning yourself as "normal" is like asking customers to find a needle in a stack of needles!

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