The basic logo may also appear with the line "Krause Center for Innovation [at] Foothill College" as shown.
Beginning in 2016, the test will return to a 1600-point scale, the essay section will be optional, and test-takers will not be penalized for incorrect answers.  The notorious vocabulary section will be revised and updated to words in more common usage. In 1926 the Scholastic Aptitude Test, an evolution of the Army’s Alpha exam, was given to a group of college hopefuls. What makes a university’s culture unique…is it the traditions, the mascot, the students?
The new school year is underway and we are loving the back to school images our Virtual Interns are capturing across the country.
UQ stays up to date with campus happenings across the country thanks to our 75+ Student VIPs.
Cram: This is an app that allows you to review all of your materials by using digital flashcards and pre-made quizzes. Study Checker: This is an app for someone who gets sidetracked easily or tends to procrastinate. Landing an internship is important step to every college student and can become quite stressful.  Our #universitychat this week focused on what’s important to students when looking for an internship and what personal tips they have for the internship search. Our students almost all start at their respective career services centers.  These places are great because there are a lot of options of industries and types of internships, plus many career services centers offer resume critiques and mock interviews!  Also, internship opportunities forwarded to you through organizations are a great way to get contacts.  Companies send these emails because they want to recruit students who participate on campus in worthy organizations and many students don’t take advantage of these opportunities!
First and foremost, our students want internships that relate to their majors or intended career fields.  Hands-on experience and the ability to make a meaningful impact on the company are also important.
Students want to learn in an internship what they can’t in the classroom.  Field experience is important to be able to apply the skills learning in the classroom to real-life experiences.
Across the board, our students defined a good boss as one who is authoritative, helpful, knowledgeable, dedicated, and most importantly, accessible. Would you rather have a paid internship at a boring company, or an unpaid internship at a cool company? Our students all chose an unpaid internship at a cool company.  They cited how passion, experience, and learning from relatable people can all benefit your career in the long run. The question was split down the middle.  Smaller startups may provide more opportunity to impact the business, but a large corporation could give you more room to get a full-time position post-internship. The resounding advice for this question was to be persistent!  University career services centers can be extremely helpful and might even put you in contact with alumni at a company you are looking into. We all know budgets are important, but unfortunately they are usually too difficult to keep track of and stick to.
Transportation: GetaroundCars are often a luxury on many campuses, and parking can get pretty expensive, especially in cities like Chicago or San Francisco.
Nightlife: Cocktail CompassCollege budgets are strict and alcohol (when of age) can be really expensive.
According to a new report published by Forrester, 70% of consumers trust brand or product recommendations from friends and family compared to only 10% who trust advertisements. Consumers also appreciate authentic and honest reviews of products by third-party sources.  Personalized messages about specific products now trump generic advertisements meant to appeal to mass markets.
In a society that is constantly evolving to find a more efficient, advanced solution to every problem we have, it seems that marketing methods are taking an opposite approach and reverting back to grassroots efforts.
Word-of-mouth marketing proves to be the most influential way to spread your brand message; this is especially true among college students. StudyBlue is a great tool that allows students to upload flashcards and lecture notes by university, professor, and class and then share those with fellow classmates! Our students said that although they would spend up to $5 on an app they can’t live without, there are so many free options that many times paying for an app is not necessary.
Ours students were split between relying more on word of mouth feedback and reviews when they decided which apps to download. The responses to this question proves that college students need to stay connected to their peers. For this week’s #universitychat we pitted two competing brands against each other to see which students like more. College for a millennial is a much different experience than what it was for other generations. The third major aspect affected by technology is an alternative to taking classes on campus. However, with all the positives technology has to offer, there are also some unflattering side effects. All resources have their pros and cons, but the benefits technology offers well outweigh the detriments.

Last night we spoke with 50 students across the country about all things Spring Break in our weekly #universitychat on Twitter.
Students opted for value brands with great utility – the girls absolutely loved Target for bathing suits. We want to wish all of our students a fun and safe Spring Break – can’t wait to hear all of your stories! For this weeks #universitychat we asked our students everything about the Oscars and celebrities. This weeks #universitychat focused on college traditions.  We aimed to find out the inside scoop on universities across the country and were surprised by some of the answers! Q1: If you could take a photo of just one landmark on campus to describe your university, what would you take a photo of? University of Maryland’s mall has the largest fountain on a college campus, the mascot Testudo, and McKeldin Library at the top. The championship game of first NCAA football playoff is prime target for real-time marketers, but comedian comes up with the line of the night. It wasn’t quite a Super Bowl, or even a super night of witty real-time marketing but college football’s national championship game Monday night turned out to be a nice warmup for the upcoming bigger game. The college football championship presented a larger target this year, given that it was the culmination of the NCAA’s first playoffs for major college football, following semifinal games on New Year’s Day that each drew a record cable-television audience of more than 28 million.
There was no obvious or overwhelming winner among the handful of brands that joined the conversation of Twitter during the game, which was won 42-20 by Ohio State.
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Martin Beck is Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, covering the latest news for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
The SAT is a tradition that the admissions department of almost every American University has shared. The questions varied wildly and the knowledge required to master the exams was heavily contingent on the professor’s interests and the high-school from which the student was graduating. Critics argue that the tests don’t take a student’s full intelligence into account, or that the tests are culturally or economically biased; while admissions counselors argue that they need some way to sort through the thousands of applications they receive each year.
Associating in groups, like campus Greek Life, academic, and religious organizations, provides the vital connection with peer groups that students are seeking.
UQ knows that every university has a culture that differentiates itself among others but to find out how, we asked for a first hand perspective from our Virtual Interns at universities across the country. Check out the top 15 Virtual Intern Campus Culture blogs highlighted on our Brand Builder Blog and share your insights on your own campus’ culture. You can learn more about each university’s unique campus culture on our Student Insights blog.
Don’t be afraid to ask your contacts (professional or personal) for help finding an internship. Airbnb makes traveling a breeze by providing a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world.
College towns are riddled with bars, but drink options and prices aren’t generally advertised.
We LOVE being introduced to new ways to make life easier and more affordable through technology so please share! College students are often times making their own purchasing decisions for the first time in their adult lives, without the help from mom and dad. This website allows you to choose a playlist based on the time of day and what activities you’re performing – check it out! We want to see them! Be sure to share your favorite photos with us by hash tagging #UQknowscollege on Instagram and Twitter. Yes, they still have classes and go to parties, but even these experiences have been revolutionized due to one thing: technology. The obvious ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email; but students now have a plethora of additional resources. Many collegiate memories of walking to class encompass bitter cold, torrential rain, or walking to class on the perfect day and wishing you were anywhere but inside. We now live in a world where people walk from location to location with their noses buried in some form of technology causing the days of walking and talking to strangers to be few and far between.

Few mentioned partying, most students expressed that they looked forward to relaxing with friends and forgetting about the stress of school.
Traveling in packs, renting homes instead of hotels, and driving to their spring break destinations saved the students we spoke with hundreds of dollars. Some students had coordinated trips through their universities, while others had to put the pieces together on their own. He spent 24 years with the Los Angeles Times, serving as social media and reader engagement editor from 2010-2014. This month, the College Board announced that big changes are coming for the old-school test.
The population skewed highly Northeastern—with most students trying to gain entry to Ivy League universities like Smith College and Yale.
While many schools have switched to the ACT, as a more accurate predictor of student’s future college performance, the SAT is alive and well.
Here is a great cartoon by Matt Bors that defends this generation that everyone loves to hate. Getaround does all the work, while ensuring their rentals are always in tiptop shape and fully protected under insurance. They also notify you of coupon codes, so even if your online products isn’t on sale you can still get a great deal. Students can use Blackboard, an online classroom in which faculty can provide students with additional resources. Students now have the capability to take notes digitally whether it’s on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
Now students have the capability to avoid these issues all together by taking some or all classes online from anywhere with an Internet connection. While this technology is supposed to make studying easier, it is often found as more of a distraction; causing students to become easily sidetracked from their original tasks for hours. Students expressed that they loved referencing sites that compared prices from many different vendors; sites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Kayak were all hits. A graduate of UC Irvine and the University of Missouri journalism school, Beck started his career at the Times as a sportswriter and copy editor. The Test has been amended countless times since then and the new changes will be implemented on the 2016 version. The search feature allows you to select where you’re traveling, room type, and length of stay; then viola! Great marketing plans are versatile, but marketers should not discount the influence of good-old word of mouth when planning their next campaign. Google Hangouts allow people to have virtual conferences regardless of where they are in the world. Over 70% of college students now take notes digitally due to its efficiency, more organized manner, and (thankfully) spell check. To date, around 12 million students take at least one class online and this number is only projected to grow with companies like 2U offering online classes to students around the country.
This over reliance on technology has even been linked to medical issues such as vision deterioration-68% of young adults have developed eye issues due to over exposure to technology. This is great and affordable if you need to run to the mall for a few hours, visit a grocery store when you have way to many bags to carry home, are going on a weekend excursion and need an SUV, or need a larger vehicle when you’re moving out.
Every activity you do, whether it be print, social, video – should be working towards making sharing your brand easy and rewarding. Rate My Professor is a website in which students can rate previous professors at their schools so upcoming students can take a class with a professor they’d enjoy. Developers have begun to capitalize on this industry and products like Evernote and Livescribe have allowed users to have their audio notes instantly transcribed.
I’m sure we don’t even need to discuss the frustrations of lost connections, crashed hard drives, corrupted files, or computer hackers.
This is all the UQ team uses when traveling; it really allows you to feel like a local, without breaking the bank.

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