While Adobe CQ5 offers many out of the box video capabilities, some of our customers are using Brightcove’s video cloud platform and need to integrate the two technologiess.
I’ve downloaded the package and tested with my CQ5 installation and the content author experience is as nice as possible. This integration is a Brightcove Open Source project, available free of charge to the Brightcove community.
Blue Iceberg is a New York digital consultancy which helpsclients develop digital experiences that deliver results.
As a Certified Brightcove Solution Partner, Blue Iceberg helps clients develop and implement sophisticated video solutions for their digital initiatives.
Blue Iceberg has a wealth of experience designing and building engaging video sites using the Brightcove Video Platform.

Blue Iceberg has worked with high-visibility clients like Intel and Bob Vila to showcase rich video content in cutting-edge ways. Adobe Solution Partner Coresecure have developed a very nice integration piece for connecting CQ5 with Brightcove. Just drag & drop the Brightcove component onto a page in CQ, then search and drag the video you want to play from the Content Finder. We use the full CS5 suite currently, and are considering purchasing CQ5 as the repository for the assets and then to move on to the web content management. As a Certified Brightcove Solution Partner, we are a trusted resource for implementing video products because we know the ins and outs of their platform and their latest products. Brightcove was the perfect choice because the content had to play on all screens, desktop and mobile.

This means that we can deliver solutions on all scales, whether a project requires designing a cross-platform branded player or developing a fully cloud-integrated video portal. This site delivers a vast content library of multi-lingual, live and pre-recorded video directly from the Brightcove Cloud. We seamlessly integrated the Brightcove video platform into the fabric of the site, and created a custom playback experience. We were able to achieve this by building a custom framework on the powerful Brightcove APIs.

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