The company is reportedly developing a $40-a-month service that'll stream live TV to your home. Around 3 months ago I got into XBMC pretty hard core and decided to digitize my DVD collection. I started off with three storage drives in RAIDz but decided to add a fourth as I was beginning to run out of room (250 + DVD's will do that to ya) and the chassis only has slots for 4 HDD. I've included the other image in the second post as only 6 images per post can be made here. A C-Clamp would have worked great on one side but I couldn't get the side paneling off the flip side of the chassis. VM1 - pfSense Firewall - blocking all of China, Russia and Ukraine from accessing my network (up to 5000 failed login attempts per day to my Server 2008 installation's Remote Desktop). The server is in desperate need of some more RAM as I scavenged it down to 6 GB and put the remainder in the NAS server to boost it up to 24 GB.
I have searched the web up and down for information regarding building your own Home NAS Raid 5 System. I have chosen the ThermalTake Lanbox Lite which have 1 fan in front and 2 in the back (+ one optional). I could of course invest in a silent CPU fan, but they are expensive compared to the new Intel Atom Dual CoreĀ® Desktop Board D945GCLF2D. The motherboard also have integrated 1000 Mbps LAN, but be aware that the driver is not part of the current version of FreeNas, you will find the solution in this forum. The rest of my system contains a Mac Mini with SABnzbd, PlexApp Media Center and RadioLover.

Is there a total drive capacity limit on the Adaptec 2610SA?…could you attach 6 x 1TB drives and RAID 5 them? So I started building a NAS server out of an older HP XW8600 Work Station here are the specs on it. Three were used by the storage drives and the fourth was the OS drive for FreeNAS (Long story short, I had stability issues using a various flash cards so I went for a tried and tested 160GB HDD). They software setup I have going on the Poweredge 2950 is completely automated which helps when downloading Royalty Free TV shows and Movies. The only real pain in the rear was dealing with the small aluminum slots that stuck out of the 5.25 bays. Finally, we dropped the memory voltage to its lowest 1.3V value and underclocked the QPI frequency slightly as well. The SATA controller was set to ACHI mode once we had the system booting from its USB stick. The Wife is looking at me like I'm nuts with all this data storage space and thinks I'll never need this much. While its primary purpose is as backup and an organizer, I'm also planning on doing a few small projects on it in Visual Studios (I do a lot of C# programming as well) and this will provide a great environment for it. It was a tight squeeze to get some pliers in there to bend them out of the way (8 in total) as I didn't want to get the dremel out and have aluminum shavings spread throughout the case. As it turns out, the XW8600 motherboard has a total of 6 SATA Ports, 2 which are rated as eSATA ports (no idea how that works considering their regular SATA ports but wont accept a SATA Drive) and 6 SAS Ports. There reason are the small factor case with room for 5 hard disks, my setup uses IDE-CF Card Reader and 5 Seagate SATA 500GB on a Adaptec 2610SA 6 port SATA (Dell OEM).

I don’t care to much about noise, but the heat became a problem since I have the NAS box in my living room where I have my router. Meet the Black Dwarf, a custom network-attached-storage device from the mind of video editor Will Urbina, packing 16TB of RAID 5 magnetic media and a 1.66GHz Atom N270 CPU into a completely hand-built Lexan, aluminum and steel enclosure.
So I ended up getting my hands on a Poweredge 2950 Gen III server (Did a few hours of volunteer work at an electronics recycling facility refurbishing old computers and servers for non profit organizations in return for the free server) to be used as my downloader, renamer and backup server.
She has a hard time realizing a DVD takes up a little more room that your typical Mp3 on an iPod. That said I'm thinking of pulling one of the processors out of it as I'm not using 90% of their power.
Their both quad core processors and at heavy loads as it is I'm only utilizing 20% of one physical processor. As usual, the DIY guru shot a professional time-lapse video of his entire build process, and this one's not to be missed -- it showcases some pretty spiffy camerawork as well as the man's welding skills. Since both CPU's are 90w chips I figure I could use the power savings and save a few bucks every month on electricity. So I picked up three IMB M1115 HBA PCI Cards for another low price of free with some volunteer time. I have the room in the current chassis to add these drives so all in all an additional 5.9 TB of RAID Storage has become available bringing to total storage space up to roughly 11 TB.

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