Developing a decent landing page does take a little thought and ability, but ita€™s not as though it requires absolute genius to build one that is effective and entices prospects to move through. We created the landing page below for a customer that had been struggling with the development of this landing page for quite some time. One other thing to note on this case study is that we resolved the problem of representing multiple products on one landing page by folding in one of the products into the other as an option (last bullet) since the two were directly related to one another.
Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Over the last few months, the LaunchKit team has released a number of tools that make it easier for app developers to launch their apps. Setting up a website for mobile apps is often an afterthought for many developers, LaunchKit co-founder Brenden Mulligan believes. So the LaunchKit team set out to make it really easy to create responsive landing pages for mobile apps. If your app is already in the App Store, you can use the service to search for it and then it will automatically import your app description, screenshots and even figure out the right color scheme for the site (based on your logo, I assume).
If your app isn’t in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store yet, you can also enter all of your data by hand and upload your own images. LaunchKit will host the site for you, but you need to set up your own domain name for this. Once it’s up and running, the new landing page will automatically adapt itself to the device you are using, so an Android user will see a link to the Play Store, and on an iPhone, you’ll be taken to the App Store.
The sites are also set up for sharing and will automatically include the right metadata so Twitter and Facebook can show direct links to the different app stores.
Over the past 2 years, their team has built and released 7 apps into the App Store, and 5 apps into Google Play. Lorne Fade - Online Marketing & Digital Media Insights - My ventures and struggles with Entrepreneurship, Start Ups, Affiliate Marketing, Product Development, Lead Generation, & Building an Empire!
February 4, 2015 by Lorne Fade 5 Comments A landing page is the quintessential marketing tool for making your advertising dollars turn into profits online. Once you have captured the users attention you want to make sure you capitalize on their oh so important data.
You will also want to make sure your CTA’s and your form’s are above the fold to give the user the path of least resistance, while below the fold putting additional sales incentives and verbiage. I put this at #2 because I feel it gets overlooked more than anything else, and vitally important to the success of your campaigns. Make sure if you are advertising green widgets that the copy on your landing page is explicitly related to green widgets, not blue widgets or red ones or anything in between. You can write sales copy until the cows come home and you still may not be able to create a winning campaign. Make sure your copy is easy to read with bullet points or numbered lists, and also use split headlines to separate key chunks of content.
Create emotional pulls that are relevant to what your offering and throw in time constraints to push the user to act right away. Vivid images are a great way to captivate a users attention, and if you have managed to get someone to your landing page staring at their screen, you want to be able to deliver a quality user experience that they will enjoy.
While all of the above is important to the success of your landing page, none of it will come together properly if your code isn’t up to snuff. Everyone loves a referral, and its even better if it’s a social referral from someone you may know or someone your friend may know. Having customer opinions that are trusted or positive press about your product or service will help show the end user that you are reputable and what you are offering is the real deal.

If you still feel lost here are some examples of landing pages that you can use for design inspiration! So there you have it, 7 easy to implement tips for maximizing your landing pages to their utmost potential.
For this Voluum review we will be taking an in-depth look at their platform and rating it to give you a better idea of what you can expect from this software.
November 5, 2013 by Lorne Fade 2 Comments For most webmasters and affiliate marketers, Google AdWords is their bread and butter, and rightfully so.  AdWords is a beast of an advertising system, and if targeted properly its earning potential can be great.
July 17, 2013 by Lorne Fade 6 Comments As an internet marketer I am always on the lookout for productivity tools that make my life easier and speed up my work. Lorne Fade is an avid internet marketer who has worked in digital media marketing for over 10+ years utilizing PPC, PPV, Media Buys, SEO, Email Marketing, JV's and more recently Mobile Marketing to help businesses succeed online. As mentioned in my prior article on Preselling, building a good landing page is key to getting any traffic you send to leave you a valuable email address and see what you have to offer. Landing Page, often called an opt-in page or a squeeze page it is a small web-site that is designed to collect information from the traffic you drive to your site. And you can also expand on those to mufti-page fancy sites with graphics such as in the picture above.
You might need to get a little technical help with this, but the whole point of a good landing page is to have a web form that you can get a potential customers email address and possibly name. As a side note you can find someone to build your landing page to your specs very cheap or in the case of the professional landing pages, like in the image above you can get services that will let you use them month to month. You will have to find the appropriate language online, but these are standard policy and legal language that you can use.
The steps to take in order to end up with something that you might be proud to call your best landing page design are fairly generic and can be followed like a formula. The biggest issue for this customer was that they wanted to represent two different products on one landing page.
It is expressed in crisp terms that dona€™t require a lot of thought to understand, and reflect the essence of the call to action that drove the prospect to the landing page.
Your prospect should arrive at the page, confirm the offer, get instructions what to do, and then do it. The LaunchKit lineup now includes a review monitor, a screenshotting tool to make submitting apps to mobile stores easier, and a service for monitoring app sales. Then you pick one of nine pre-made layouts (you can always go back and change things like colors, fonts, icons, etc.) and you’re good to go. That’s pretty straightforward, but given how the DNS system works, it may take up to a day before your site is actually live. During this time, they have tried to share what they have learned and tools they have built to make this easier for other mobile makers.
It is one of the most important things you can optimize in any online marketing campaign and today I’m going to give you some pointers to make sure your landing pages are effective and more importantly convert!
Overall it doesn’t matter how impressive your sales copy or your whiteboard video is, what matters is the clear route to conversion.
If your ad copy isn’t directly aligned with your landing page or you are spreading yourself too thin by going too broad, you will see a detrimental effect. Keep it connected and you will pass inherent trust to the end user; they wont feel like they were tricked into coming to your page and will more likely convert. You want to make is as easy to read as possible while still conveying value AND keeping in tune with objectives, selling your product.
Using these copy tips will put you well on your way to a successful landing page, I guarantee it!

If your imagery is lackluster or dated you stand to lose the surfers attention and that doesn’t help drive home leads.
Also using images of people who are likely to relate to the target demo your aiming for can help build instant rapport and help increase your conversion rates. Make sure you keep the html and css minimal and if possible use separate scripts for different display types in order to deliver the best possible user experience.
With the advent of Facebook we have now been able to use customer testimonials within your ads to deliver instant trust from people you know. Optionally you can include a social widget to stream current customer feedback directly from your social feeds, a great way to share and incentivize current users and enhance growth. Here in Canada we are literally required to have a privacy policy and inform users of what we are planning on doing with their data. If you have any suggestions on things that may be relevant feel free to start a discussion in the comments below, and as always thanks for reading and happy marketing! Your landing page literally have seconds to grab that attention so you have to make this headline and possibly a sub headline or two powerful. Your goal is to provide real value and service to your clients and you need to make sure they know it just so they do. You can give the sense of limited time offers by actually offering real limited time offers. You can play around with your landing page to see whether you get more conversions on it with different form fields.
Today, LaunchKit is releasing its newest free service, which makes it very easy for developers to set up landing pages for their apps. You will want to walk the user through some type of process, whether that is downloading something, making a phone call, or filling out a form with their information for follow up or for a direct sale. What you need to understand about online marketing, and especially landing pages for that matter, is that every target audience is different and you really need to cater your sales copy to your target demographic. It’s a good idea to have a privacy policy in place but what’s more important is conveying trust on your landing page and including a link somewhere in your form to your policy will help send the right message. This art is often what separates a great marketer that makes it big with a mediocre marketer that just gets a few sales per month and barely any real traffic on their landing page.
I would consider researching some basic copy writing and marketing language to increase your chance of getting that attention. Don’t mislead, but do real offers that exists for a short period of time if you use this technique and you will see more people sign up. You should be responding with a resounding a€?RIGHTa€?, by the way, because the landing page proposition needs to be crystal clear.
Building your email list (a post for another time) is a priority and the lifeblood of your business. Saying that, you do want to capture valid email addresses and this is where a good developer can help. When a prospect reaches a landing page, all you want them to do is to fill out the form, so all the content on the page should be steering them in that direction, not asking them to make a decision.

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