Don’t be surprised to learn that your not hired by how well you clean, but by how well your present your cleaning service. This is a well organized brochure with all the information that potential customers will require. This feedback form allows them to rate your overall cleaning performance & each room in the house.!
The Standard Cleaning Services can customize because it will be delivered to you in word document. BrandMakerNews caught up with trademark attorney, Venus Griffith Trunnel to get all the information you need to trademark your business and protect your brand. Although it is not mandatory for entrepreneurs to trademark their business name, there are instances where the business name, (aka “trade name”) should also be trademarked. Business owners should seek the services of a trademark attorney for consultation if someone is using their brand name or likeness without permission. For specific details about the trademark process, see part two of this article, and learn what it takes to trademark your business today. Special thanks to Venus Griffith Trunnel for sharing her legal expertise with our community of entrepreneurs here at BrandMakerNews. You might think that you need to hire a top PR agency and spend a fortune to get decent news coverage. Having said DIY PR might be right for you, finding a good PR agency could also bring value to your business, and might not cost a fortune either if they’re a small agency or freelancer. If you decide to do your own PR, then be very wary that journalists don’t care about you, nor your business.
See what articles journalists have published recently, and observe what the story is – maybe it’s an amazing new piece of tech that makes you think “wow, humans are pretty cool”, or an inspiring story about a mum entrepreneur, or an idea so ridiculous it worked. Most people don’t know this, but journalists are often actively looking for businesses to write about. Hundreds of media requests go out every day for a huge variety of topics, from medical to tech to fashion. It’s worth doing some research into distribution services such as PR Newswire (I have limited experience with these services (have previously bought a year’s subscription to PRWeb, but in my experience they could be helpful for SEO although if you have target publications in mind then they’re not the way to go. If you’re reading you’re probably after the legal bit – sorry but this jargon is a necessary evil. All images, content and assets are property of Matchbox Marketing and their associated partners.
If you're interested in that kind of thing - our cookie and privacy policy can be found here. When it comes to registering an idea there are two classifications; is your idea an invention, or is it a artistic work such as a book, play, music, etc.

Have you come up with a piece of music that you don’t want anyone else taking credit for? You can register a Close Corporation or a Private Company with the Company and Intellectual Property Commission.
If they are not, they may cancel their services with you by given you an excuse or none at all. What obstacles may entrepreneurs face down the road if they choose not to trademark their business name or logo? What can small business owners do if they find out someone else is using their brand name or likeness without permission?
My projects have been featured in the Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Product Hunt, Apple, TechCrunch, as well as many other national and international papers. After all, the PR industry is a relationship-driven industry, and the top PR agencies have the strongest relationships with the best journos. Just make sure you do your research to find someone you would enjoy working with and who will deliver the results you want… trust your instinct – it’s usually right! All they care about is their readers – so either you have a story that would make a good read, or you’re wasting your breath. Whatever it is, take the time to work out your story angle – what makes you interesting?
For example, a journalist from the Telegraph might be given a deadline by their editor to write about the top 10 independent coffee shops in London by tomorrow.
While it won’t secure you news coverage, it will allow you to monitor how successful your PR efforts have been.
Online media often don’t like press releases… but for traditional printed media, releases are standard. You can register your business name with the Company and Intellectual Property Commission, also known as the CIPC. You can register a business as a Close Corporation or Private Company or as a Public Company. Whether your an excellent cleaner or not, without professional flyers & brochures you will fade into the background. Trunnel, a former Trademark Examiner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, now specializes in domestic and international trademark prosecution and enforcement at Ivie, McNeil & Wyatt law firm.
In this post I’ll share with you some of the tips and tools when dealing with the media, and what you can do as a small business owner to maximise your exposure. However, this just isn’t the case – journalists are bombarded with pitches from bad PR agencies every day. If you’re doing your own PR, you might want to seek some advice here from a PR freelancer or even from friends and family if they’re your target readers!

That gives just 24 hours to research coffee shops, find the best ones, gather interviews and quotes, as well as photos, before publishing the story. Ideas and opportunities are all around us, all it takes is someone willing to go the extra mile to nurture and grow that idea into a reality. An unregistered trademark will see you carrying a ™ while a registered trademark is shown by the symbol ®. Authors do not nee to apply or register a work to be copyrighted, this is an automatic Common Law. When starting a new business it best to choose between a Close Corporation (CC) or a Private Company (Pty).
With the expert advice she shares below, you’ll spend more time growing your business, instead of fighting to protect it.
If you can craft a well-targeted pitch as a business founder, then you’re already ahead of 90% of the competition. Both will carry legal rights to the owners but the registered trademark will carry more protection than an unregistered trademark. If your work is indeed infringed upon, then you can apply for a court interdict against said person in order to prohibit them from continuing with such infringements. A public company can be a long and involved process and isn’t always suited to a new small business owner. The registration process will cost between R300 to R5000 depending on where you go as well as what you are registering. You can let them know that your reasonable rate is for Standard Cleaning which you provided, and that cleaning the inside of the oven is an of scenario is very common.
Take your time, research the right publications and journalists to contact, then send a short but personal message to a handful of cherry-picked journalists (probably 10 – 30).
This is not a cheap option and is a long and involved process, but if successful your idea will be protected.
At any moment someone can swoop in and take your name, your brand identity and everything you worked hard to create.
You can use tools like Hey Press (disclaimer: I’m one of the founders), PRMax, FollowerWonk or even Twitter or Google News to find relevant journalists without breaking the bank. You will be able to use legal action against anybody that uses your idea that has successfully been patented.

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