Minimum total cost for Business ADSL2+ plans over contract term calculated as: (contract term) x $(ADSL2+ monthly access charge) + setup (where applicable) + $10 Equipment Delivery Fee .
Unlimited download with the ADSL2+ unlimited plan, Uploads not counted - Suitable for high volume sending and receiving of emails, downloading data, transferring large files including graphic rich content, high quality video & audio and applications. Numbers (Landlines & Mobiles), Video Calls to Standard Australian Mobiles and Diversion within Australia. Business Mobility Plans exclude Calls and SMS to 19 numbers, Premium SMS, Optus Zoo services, Third Party content, International Video Calls, International Roaming, Directory Assistance, Calls thru to connect services (e.g.
Each Business Mobility plan has a specific amount of Included Data each month, Excess Data rate applies once Included Data is exceeded.
Calls to TPG On-Net Numbers include numbers serviced by TPG Home Phone (On-Net), TPG VOIP, TPG eCall and TPG DV30 products. As your local telecommunications supplier for landline billing to add to your business telephone system, here at klaustel we have new Adsl plans to also be NBN ready.

There are essentially three main differences between residential grade and business ADSL services. An IP address is a unique identifier of the location of the computer hardware that is accessing the internet. We provide reliable and affordable ADSL plans for high speed internet and also offer fast & cheap internet plans for your business needs. By acquiring and continuing to use the service, you agree to an automatic top up of your prepayment. Mobile pricing will revert to standard price of $17.99 (Medium Business Mobility) monthly if ADSL2+ is terminated.
ISPs (Internet Service Providers) share the main residential service between more users than they do for business ADSL services (contention ratio). Being an essential service these are very important and ensure that the ISP is fully committed to performance targets.

Because it is more cost effective for the ISP, residential ADSL connections are usually made using dynamic IP addresses, which the ISP allocates from a pool and changes from time to time.Business ADSL services come with a static IP address, which is a dedicated IP address and does not change. These usually cover installation lead times, service restoration and availability, and latency and packet loss. Although ISPs (Internet Service Providers) rarely publish the contention ratios, it is generally accepted that a residential ADSL service is shared by around three times more users than business ADSL.
Residential ADSL services do not usually come with Service Level Agreements and are generally a best effort service. They are usually based in Australia and provide immediate support for any technical faults.

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