Houseboat business advertising makes great marketing sense especially in todays sagging economy.
What Advertising Choices are Available?Depending on your needs and business model, there's a low cost solution that will meet your advertising budget. By being a preferred Site Sponsor your business will gain huge exposure and benefit from our highly successful "business advertising" marketing campaign.
The website has had constant yearly growth, and has over 1,300 pages of keyword focused content. Our visitors & readers want and need solutions that you provide!Looking for Houseboat Services. How much does the Advertising Cost?Depending on the marketing medium that you choose, prices vary from pennies to about a dollar (or so) a day.
Interested to Get Started with Advertising?If you would like to get more information, or if you have a specific advertising plan, use the form below to give us some basic details. Harbour Publications offers a fantastic opportunity to all businesses, organisations, charities and more. We offer a cost effective way for all markets to be recognised throughout our distribution areas. Advertisements can be sent on CD, flash drives etc or through email (5mb max) using JPG, TIF, EPS or PDF MICROSOFT WORD formats . In the event of not receiving a hard copy, we cannot be held responsible for any errors incurred in the reproduction of all or part of the document. We offer comprehensive advertising and promotion services including product features, banner advertising, product and service listing and site sponsorship dependent on requirements. Statistics from US alone reveal that Direct Business Travel Spending accounted for over USD 230 Billion for the year 2010. There are many offline ways to advertise your Commercial Bank, Insurance Company, Telecom Company, Airline , hotel, villa, restaurant, Safari Company and all other Business Travel related services.

Although most Business Travelers spend more when compared with causal tourists, a significant number, almost 40%, operate on a tight budget and thus demand real value for their hard earned dollars. The other caliber of people who you will reach are Ugandans interested in Real Estate and other information and news about Uganda. The last group of visitors are the Ugandans in the Diaspora who want to keep up to-date with business at home. Your business will thus be exposed to our growing number of Unique targeted visitors every single day from over 130 Countries around the globe at a critical decision making point when planning that business trip to Africa. Your business also stands to benefit from our growing list of enthusiastic E-newsletter subscribers. Together, we can build a program that brands your business in Africa with over 300,000 page views anually and direct-response markets your product straight to your prospective clientele.
This beautiful TV ad showcases the airline’s heritage and highlights those key features that make the brand special: decades of flying know-how, thoughtful service and British style.
Take advantage of great pricing, along with thousands of targeted visitors to drive up your sales and profits. Your sponsorship is highlighted throughout our site, in our business Houseboat Directory, right hand column links, and highlighted on all appropriate and relative sections, on all the 1,300 footer (bottom page) links, along with multiple Tier-2 locations on our site.
Take advantage of this low-cost, high return opportunity to increase your sales.back to top of Houseboat Business AdvertisingOur Site Traffic is looking for Solutions!The daily traffic on the site consists of new, beginner, and experienced boaters who are searching for information and solutions. Service examples like transport, insurance, loans, brokerage, marinas, boat repair, surveyors, storage, captains for hire, and so many more a€¦Looking for Houseboat Products. Take full advantage of our current 50% discount special for new advertisers (a limited time offer). Our advertising options include recruitment, property, motoring, special features and all other general advertising.
We thrive on giving our clients the best service possible by including weekly and monthly rates as well as fantastic long term advertising packages for both new and existing clients.

The common route is still to place ads in the numerous free, Airport Banners, glossy magazines Newspapers and brochures that Uganda visitors often pick up after arriving. Your advertising message is also included in our monthly newsletter which has 15k+ subscribers.Place your business name or your website out on the front line today, and start promoting your services, marinas, products, rentals, and new or used houseboats, to a much larger profitable share of the market.
Product examples like engines, motors, sterndrives, outdrives, cooling, ventilation, electrical, docking, mechanical, anchoring, sanitation, navigation, plumbing, electronics, a€¦Looking for Houseboat Manufacturers.
We are able to offer a tailor made package of advertising suitable for all budgets that gives clients the maximum opportunity for the response they desire. Manufacturer examples like Adventure Craft, Blue Water, Catamaran Cruisers, Desert Shore, Destination Yachts, Emerald Bay, Fantasy Yacht, Gibson, Harbor Master, Holiday Mansion, Horizon Yachts, Lakeview, Majestic Yachts, Monticello, Myacht, Nomad Houseboats, Orca, Pluckebaum, Sharpe, Skipperliner, Stardust Cruisers, Starlite, Sunseeker, Sun Tracker, Sunstar, Thoroughbred, Three Buoys, Travelwave, Twin Anchors, Waterway, and others.Looking for Houseboat Rentals. Rentals, Timeshares, and Shared Ownerships on lakes such as Crane - Cumberland - Havasu - Lanier - McClure - Mead - Oroville - Ozarks - Powell - Rainy - Roosevelt - Shasta - Shuswap - Smith Mountain - Sonoma - Tahoe - Travis - Waco and others.Looking for NEW Houseboat Sales. So many potential customers are inquiring about new houseboat styles like trailerables, pontoon, catamarans, full hull, aluminum, fiberglass, luxury, custom and affordable models. And, today more than ever, need to build on a very important factor: the image of the company, the real treasure.When Advertising is no useAdvertising can be usefully exploited to support, to sell a bad product? Advertising is useful, it achieves its goals, sells, only if the products are of good quality. Because this is the goal of each campaign: we invest money to make a good product on the market the best, best in its class, best of all those available to the competition. This should not be confused when ridiculous proposals are welcome from gullible buyers (those who have never seen telesales jewelry, paintings, clocks, low value, advertised as products of the highest quality and offered at very high prices). My domains of expertise include Advanced SEO, Reputation Management, Online Branding and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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