It is very important to maintain high level of professionalism during business conversations. Do not gesture wildly when you talk or laugh; you should always control your body language. Always introduce yourself by your name, such as “Hello, James Clark here!” when you pick-up the phone. If you need to transfer the call to another person, ask the caller to hold on and tell them that the call is being transferred. Do not use nicknames during business calls no matter how close you are to the person in question; it creates confusion over who you are referring to and also sounds way too casual.
Make sure that you indicate a subject line in the field “Subject” because any business email without a subject will not be taken seriously.
If you have mentioned any attachments in the mail, make sure that you have attached the file with the mail. Do not use an old correspondence and click the reply button just because you feel lazy to type the email address. When being given a business card, accept the card in the same way it was presented—either in your right hand or both hands. Business cards are an internationally recognized means of presenting personal contact information—so be sure you have a good supply on hand. If you travel abroad for business, do a little research on business etiquette for your destination before you go.
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Lack of proper communication makes your message impaired or ambiguous and creates wrong impression about you on others which can affect your business very adversely. Talking about recent news and other generic subjects is acceptable but you must keep it brief. Also, let the person know the name and designation of the new person to which the call is being transferred. For instance, instead of saying “Could you please connect me to Sam”, you must say the full name “Samuel Alex” even if you have been high-school friends. It is very important to follow these etiquette as lack of professionalism in your conversation may affect your business. A business card is a representation of who you are so be sure that the card is in pristine condition before you hand it over.
Never (and I do mean NEVER) pass out your business cards as though you were dealing a poker hand. Take a few moments to study the business card, commenting on it and clarifying information before putting it away.
With regard to your question, if you have built a business connection or there is an opportunity to serve someone in some capacity then share your business card. If you have invested time and energy in creating and designing your business cards then you have a significant outlay. Being part of a business, it is important that you communicate with the clients clearly and effectively to maintain a good relationship with them.
This will give the impression that you are not confident enough and may affect the deal as well.

Instead of saying “I’m not the person for this”, you can transfer the call to the right person or give the client the correct contact. This article has provided you with tips on how to communicate professionally over the phone, through email and face to face. When you are back in your office, add the information from the card into your database as soon as possible. Understanding business etiquette allows you to feel comfortable and will help build trust when building business relationships. Your ignorance about formal way of communication or your ineptitude in expressing the business requirements clearly and correctly may very well be taken as impolite or offensive behavior by the client. Osborne or just Ms Quinn etc until your new contact explicitly says, “call me Andy” or “you can call me Diane”.
In some countries, presenting your business card in your left hand is a serious insult.Look the individual in the eye and smile when presenting the card.
You have to make sure they know you well enough to want to type your contact information or scan your contact information into their contact manager. One important thing about communication is that it is not just about speaking to a person; it also includes the body gestures, facial expressions and even the pitch and tone of your voice and the modulations thereto.
So, educate yourself on the do’s and don’ts of business communication with the help of the tips mentioned in the following write-up.

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