Small businesses won’t become larger without figuring out how to sell more and how best to utilize leads. The right CRM can do that – but paying for an enterprise level CRM plus all the other tools you need can be a waste of money when your relevant business leads and successful advertising information can be funneled through one solid backend.
Marketing automation tools aren’t just about keeping track of lead flow – they’re about managing information in one easily organized place.
Ease of use is one of the most important components of using any marketing automation dashboard. It’s important to take your time making the right choice for a marketing automation company. Talk to Lead Liaison specialists today about how marketing automation can take your small business to the next level! Are you a Solution Architect, Software IT Architect, BCS, System Integrator, or BI professional?
These materials are presented here for the purpose of skills enhancement and not intended to be re-used or re-purposed. DisclaimerThe materials in the article are consistant with the products available from IBM up to January 2005.
Rick will see the same problem when he logs in, and also see and approve the changes that Betty has made.
IBM DB2 Information Integrator for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V8.2Review Part 1 of the Replication Guide and Reference, which covers replication planning, setup, defining sources and targets, registering tables, subscribing to sources, running the capture, apply, and monitor programs. Replication Guide and ReferenceReview the article "Replication setup for DB2 Universal Database- a step-by-step guide to user copy replication". Replication setup for DB2 Universal DatabaseReview the following Redbook: "A Practical Guide to DB2 UDB Data Replication V8", which will provide you with detailed information that you can use to install, configure, and implement replication among the IBM database family - DB2 and Informix. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name. Keep up with the best and latest technical info to help you tackle your development challenges. Convergence’ experienced consultants know what it takes to effectively implement this information management strategy. Our BI & Reporting team have built strong partnerships with different vendors and are able to bring together different tools and techniques together to successfully deliver results for clients.
The team is also experienced in multiple release levels and integration with the underlying dependant EBS database down to form and field levels; experienced in producing Functional Specifications, None Functional Requirements, Technical Specifications, Systems Integration. The comprehensive business intelligence and reporting functions in Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) prepare all company-specific process data in real time. Many small businesses look past marketing automation as a viable option due to size, not enough staff on hand, etc.
Smaller businesses may be using tools that weren’t necessarily meant to track leads just to keep all their data straight. With the right visitor tracking systems in place, any member of your team should be able to check in, get an idea of what ‘s happening and use that business intelligence information to better determine how to sell to clients.
The marketing automation giants out there offer plenty of solutions with built-in visitor tracking – but are they going to take the time to train employees and get everyone on-boarded? Follow this study pack to learn how to build a data warehouse solution using the IBM related technology. Special thanks to Joe Cullen of Dimension Software Consulting for gathering the materials and to the IBM employees who created them.

IBM products introduced or made available after that date are not covered.Back to topIntroductionIn today's warehouse environment, organizations are more successful with sound architectures. Driven by the meta data characteristics of each category, tools will be used to access and prepare the data within each category.Back to topPrerequisitesYou should have an intermediate level of understanding of DB2 and related services, and have requisite experience with Oracle or other BI solutions.
These data stores should be viewed as single repositories even though they may exist as a set of federated data stores.Figure 2. This article discusses the implication of this feature to warehousing environments, and application to solving OLAP and data mining problems is covered.A colorful introduction to DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX and Windows Version 8 with Database Partitioning Feature (Part 2)Review Bill Wilkins' article "Migrate to DB2 UDB Applications to a Partitioned Environment". Business Intelligence: Analytic subject areasThe value of Business Intelligence increases as the delivery of information is embedded in the processes and systems of the enterprise. We will show you how to use IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling to create a mining model and then IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner Visualization to evaluate it and to display its results. This article explains what replication can do for you, and shows you how to set it up, step by step, using an example from an actual customer site. Driven by the meta data characteristics of each category, tools will be used to access and prepare the data within each category.This section should take 30 minutes to complete. You'll find technical documentation, how-to articles, education, downloads, product information, and more.Participate in developerWorks blogs and get involved in the developerWorks community. Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons. We draw on our broad range of alliance relationships, which include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, to build tailored, industry- and process-specific information management systems for our clients. Convergence have a collective pool of expert resources in this field that can be mobilised globally. However, with the right marketing automation tools in place, small businesses can utilize the same type of visitor tracking and business intelligence tools that larger businesses use.
For example, Google Docs is a powerful, flexible tool, but isn’t necessarily best used to classify the movement of leads through your funnel or different buyer stages.
Within that smaller company is housed various team members who need the right training to use whatever business intelligence or visitor tracking systems are in place. Working with a smaller marketing automation company can be better because every client counts – so every function that’s utilized, every staff member that’s trained and every tick in your “sold” column keeps the machine running. These architectures are defined to support the functional, technical, and data needs of the system that will address business questions posed by users.In the mid to late 1990's, IBM introduced a Blueprint for Data Warehousing that aided data integrity and process consistency through the persistent data store (Central Data Warehouse or CDW). As a preparation, you can take the DB2 Tutorial: DB2 Version 8 Family Fundamentals Preparation.
This article discusses what DB2 partitioning is, outlines the benefits and costs of using it, and helps you decide whether or not to use a partitioned database, as well as how to migrate to one. You will learn how to do this using the Easy Mining Procedures for DB2 Intelligent Miner, an easy-to-use SQL interface for the main steps of the data-mining process. Integration layer: ToolsExtraction - Transformation methodsReview the following article by Dan Simchuk, "ETL solutions for IBM DB2 Universal Database".
We combine it with our Enterprise Data Management and Information Asset Management solutions. For example, you can analyze supplier data and logistics processes, identify weaknesses in your supply chain or develop strategies for retaining key accounts and acquiring new customers. Training is crucial – you don’t want to pay for a tool that you or your staff members are never going to use. Additional focus was paid to analytics, and OLAP functions were provided as a key strategy to frame business questions.

This Web cast discusses the applications of Business Intelligence analytics and sites industry examples where the various analytical layers have added value to the corporation's bottom line. The focus is on application migration, but design, configuration, and operational considerations for a partitioned database is also covered. This article focuses on Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) of data for IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) (implementations for UNIX, Linux, and Windows) and describes the major options, technologies, and products available from IBM and from other vendors. When combined, this suite of solutions offers a comprehensive approach to helping you analyse, present and deliver information to business users.
The IBM BI product mix is presented and key features are discussed along with arguments for sizing the solution to the fundamental analytical requirements. Large scale data warehouses are considered in addition to single service data marts, and the unique data requirements are mapped out.
Both predefined function packages a€“ so-called cubes a€“ and analyses tailored to specific areas of the company are available. Evolution of the functional architecture can be seen with recent additions to ANSI standards have internalized, in the database engine, OLAP functions and low-end data mining algorithms (for example: regression and standard deviation metrics).
You'll learn what the architecture is and components of the software and functional layers within the architecture.
Single and multi-tiered data warehouse architectures are discussed, along with the methods to define the data based upon analysis needs (ROLAP or MOLAP).
MDC is a type of indexing that improves performance by reducing the amount of disk reads needed to access data, and by improving the speed of required disk input and output. Now information consumers are demanding timely answers to more complex questions that require processing of data from a variety of sources.
The rest of the article will illustrate the application with a variety of tools.This section should take about 45 minutes to complete. If you have a pop-up blocker enabled it may not launch.Back to topPart 2 - AccessThe Access Layer of the Business Intelligence Framework defines the functions and services to access BI analytics with minimal effort. The doors are opened to the IBM industry specific business solutions applied to insurance, banking and retail sectors as a method to kick start an enterprise level solution to deliver BI analytics to the customer.This section should take about 90 - 120 minutes to complete.
All Microsoft SQL or Oracle-based databases, ODBC-compliant database platforms and the export to Microsoft Office Excel are supported for information processing. In many cases the analysis is a study itself of the data that may or may not provide an answer, only another question.This article is a presentation of the latest and best available toolsets and approaches that will aid the BI specialist in being able to source data and assimilate it into information that will provide value to the information consumer. Access through thin client, widely available browsers, and portal solutions that add value through filtering and organizing capabilities are presented as key strategies within this section of the framework.This section should take about 45 minutes to complete. This section exposes verification analysis of which OLAP tools are a prevalent mechanism, and discovery mode analysis of which Data Mining tools are the prevalent mechanism. Each mode of analysis answers a specific business question or hypothesis, but the approaches are varied, and in the case of mining scenarios, the results may yield undetermined or unactionable results. Exposure to IBM solutions supported by third party tools are discussed as a means to delivering the solutions to users interested in analytics.This section should take about 90 - 120 minutes to complete.

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