Judges loved Vacherin’s offering, describing it as simple yet innovative, colourful, stylish and professional, delivering consistently every time. Boasting the best coffee in Boscombe, Café Boscanova is passionate about its coffee with knowledgeable staff whose enthusiasm is infectious.
Lexington Catering has been rewarded for proving strong CSR credentials not only across its green agenda, but also social, local, charity and waste issues. Jo Kaye was commended by the judges for his level of service, manner, attention to detail and professionalism.
This year’s special achievement award goes to an organisation that was founded back in 1997. The company now opens one new establishment a week and has over 600 stores globally with more than 4,000 skilled baristas and support team. The brand has been part of the coffee culture revolution and has helped raise the bar on quality through its hand crafted artisan products in hundreds of towns and cities in Europe and the Middle East.
This brand is to be admired for becoming one of the best recognised and most admired coffee house brands in the world. John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London EC4Y 0AN, UK, VAT registered, number 586 7988 48.

It regularly changes its guest coffee beans and offers menu items suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. The judging panel agreed it is a concept that is well presented in the Korean food market; a sector that is expanding fast. As an experience, the judges said it ticks all of the boxes in terms of service, atmosphere and food offering.
In this time she has mobilised and managed many new prestigious contracts including SABMiller, Marlow International and Dentons. A coffee shop with a difference, Paper & Cup is a not-for-profit social enterprise offering a top range of delectable coffee, books and treats. This year the brand was voted best tasting coffee on the high street by independent consumer magazine Which? The brand works with celebrity chef Ursula Ferrigno on the development of its food and this year got behind a social enterprise called Bad Boys Bakery within Her Majesty Prison Brixton. She has consistently delivered excellence in customer service, financial management and accountability, all with a sense of respect, personality, fun and enthusiasm.
In 1999 they opened stores outside of London for the first time, and by 2000 the team had built 31 outlets.

In October 2005 tonight’s winner was named the 20th fastest growing company in Europe by Business Week magazine. Pick a place where you know you can get seated quickly, served promptly, and get the check before the conversation stalls. It can be a distraction, too: You want your dining partner to remember you, not the five-star menu. That said, a few minor preparations might put your mind at ease so you can better relax, be yourself, and enjoy the food and the company.
Then go to bed early to get a full night’s sleep— nothing less than eight hours will do!

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