Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) contains every known UK address and is updated every 3 months. Download the very latest and comprehensive UK Postcodes reference database - that's everything from County to MP name and National Park Names plus much more content along with their associated postcode.
Parliamentary Constituency name & MP are geographically matched to each Postcode in the UK. Grid references defined by Ordnance Survey's CodePoint locate the Postcode to 1 meter accuracy of the first building within the Postcode. In addition, we offer specialized industry or geography email marketing lists upon request. The first and most significant factor when buying email lists is whether the information is up to date.

Additionally, it is important to verify how the email marketing list will be delivered to you after purchase. Collecting and maintaining contact information for over 380,000 businesses throughout the U.K.
If you need to reach to those in your industry or in a specific market space, an email marketing list can supply you with the contact information you need to get in touch with decision makers.
The last thing you need is an email database that has not been updated in years, leading you to dead ends, wasting your valuable time and marketing resources. Special Databases has done this work for you, and is the only place where you will find U.K. The solution is to work with Special Databases, where we have proven quality control measures in place to ensure you only receive the valuable and dependable information.

Stop wasting your time with other brokers, and access the correct information the first time.
Our priority is to provide you with affordable business email lists that are high quality and up to date, containing information as recent as 2016. When you need business email lists that are both affordable and accurate, you can trust Special Databases to provide the reliable databases you need.
After utilizing just one of our email lists, you will quickly see you have come to the right place!

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