Students graduating in the communications fields also saw their overall starting salary bump up.
Of all the disciplines, those in the education fields saw the highest increase to their median starting salary, which rose 4.5 percent from $35,828 to $37,423. About 284,000 government employees are currently awaiting conversion to the NSPS pay system, which is expected to grow to include over 700,000 civilian employees. Congress passed and the President signed legislation providing a base 3.9 percent average pay increase for NSPS employees in 2009. In 2009, the average base increase and average bonus payout are expected to yield a total pay increase of about 5.3 percent.

Remember: The most decisive factor in your salary increase is the result of your NSPS self-assessments, which should have been completed by September 30th, 2008. While this appears to be a small increase, many of the individual majors report more substantial gains. Top employers for accounting grads include professional, scientific, and technical services (including accounting) firms, but wholesale employers offered top pay—$51,500 on average. Although their overall starting salary is lower than that of economics graduates, those who took jobs as financial managers outpaced their counterparts, earning an average starting salary of $66,000.
Those who found jobs in the information industry did substantially better, earning an average starting salary of $59,600.

Employers in the finance and insurance industries reported the largest number of new grad entrants, with an average starting salary of $51,300. Highest pay, however, went to business administration grads who landed jobs in the finance and insurance industry; employers in this industry provided these grads with an average salary of $63,900. For example, advertising majors who took management jobs in the management sector received an average starting salary of $59,400.

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