Top 5 Best Antivirus Software ProgramsWant to keep your computer safe from viruses and malware? Top 5 Best Paper Shredders for Business UseThese five shredders are ideal for business use, whether you have a home office or a more traditional workspace.
The upscale sister product to Business Plan Pro Complete, the Premier edition of Business Plan Pro has several additional features. Want a business planning tool that lets you cross-check your plan against your actual progress in the real world?
When we started looking at business plan software, it was really hard to find software that was worth recommending.
Another alternative to business plan software or business plan writers might also be to use a combination of business plan samples and templates. Without a business plan, it’s going to be hard for you to get financing or investors to back your dream. Quicken Legal Business Pro 2014 comes with over 140 customizable legal contracts and forms.
In addition, the interview-style format used to complete documents takes the headaches out of starting a new business. These added features may not be necessary for all businesses, but they do add value to the overall package.
LivePlan is a subscription-based web service that is cloud-based, making it ideal for businesses where the partners aren’t always working out of the same office. There are lots of business plan software options out there, but many of them have gotten horrible reviews from consumers. She's obsessed with finding the best deals, and firmly believes that paying full price is for suckers.

But writing a business plan from scratch can be difficult, particularly for those who have never started a business before.
In addition, the software comes packed with the searchable text of six different business ebooks, including How to Write a Business Plan and Deduct It! These forms can help you hire independent contractors, prepare minutes for a corporation or LLC, or rent a commercial space. However, it will still be perfectly serviceable for many people who need to create a business plan for their new small business. The Premier edition has the following features that are unavailable in the Complete edition: the ability to import from Excel, visual cash planning, business valuation analysis, and comparisons between plan and actual financial tools.
LivePlan lets you input your actual sales and expense numbers, allowing you to adjust you business plan to real world sales conditions.
This promo is good for both downloaded and keyed versions of Norton Security for PC, Mac, or mobile. In some cases, you have to pay additional fees to unlock the full potential of the software (which you’ve already paid full price for). This software pack is good for composing your business plan, as well as for addressing other business issues down the road. The software was created with Tim Berry, an expert business planner and best-selling author. As with the other Business Plan Pro software featured on this list, you may only be happy with this software if you are using an older version of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, or earlier. Whether you are over your projections, or just shy of meeting them, this tool can help you keep your business plan up-to-date.
Some of the other software options on the market today are outdated, while others offer very little information that you couldn’t get elsewhere on the Internet, for free.

Small Business Administration has a whole section of their site devoted to writing a business plan.
Here are some superior software options for Mac and PC that will make it simple to create a business plan. This software will help you understand what a business plan is, and how to format one for yourself.
If you want a business plan to be a living document, and not something you create once and then never reference again, this may be a service that appeals to you.
If none of the software options out there appeal to you, there are many other resources you can tap. Their guide outlines every document that should be included in your business plan, as well as key pieces of information that need to be in each document. We’ll also cover some additional resources that can help you polish and perfect your business plan. This software provides lots of industry info and sample plans to help give you a feel for what a good business plan should look like. One big plus here is the interface, which seems more fresh and modern than other options on this list.
An online purchase of Business Plan Pro software comes with a one-year subscription to Inc. In addition to membership in the Cult of Mac, Adam has written for Low End MacĀ and is curator of the Vintage Mac Museum.

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