Free Business Plan Template for Word 2013 contains step-by-step instructions on how to create and write a great business plan.
TheĀ Free Business Plan Template for Word 2013 is part of the Red Design Series that enables you to create a unified, coordinated and professional look to your group of business documents.
A free business plan template is a document which outlines the nature of a business plan and is available for free downloading from internet sites and so on. You can Download the Free Business Plan Template, customize it according to your needs and Print.
For anyone who wants to start a business or wants to convince investors to get your product, invention, idea or business funded, a well-written business plan is critical. For this purpose, the Office portal has a wide variety of free Office templates that you can use to create a well-written and organized business plan.
The Business Plan Template for Microsoft Word is part of a series of uniformly designed business templates called the Red Design Set. The 18-page Business Plan Template contains a title page where you can insert your logo in the top left-hand corner of the page.
This template contains a clean table of contents that organizes your business plan in major sections with subsections. The subsections are clear and depict specific information about the various aspects of the business. The Appendix contains various tables and other additional data to support your business plan. This spreadsheet allows for the quick creation of financial projections and financial statements when planning a entrepreneurial venture.
Along with the necessary drive, investment and market, a business or a start-up needs one more thing and that would be a carefully devised Business Plan Cover Page Template.
Business plans templates are usually made up of a 10 to 15 page document with all the details about the business explained in detail. We have some sample business plan templates that are can be downloaded for free which are going to give you a very clear idea about what a business plan template usually contains and how you should make yours.

The free Word document template helps business owners create their business plans easily and effectively. The Word template contains a title page where you can put your company logo and your business plan title, including the contact information of your business. Thus, a free business plan template can only be a very generalized framework since it shall be easily accessible for the public, who can then download the template and shape it according to their own needs.
A business plan contains what your business is all about your business goals, and how you plan to achieve them. The Business Plan Template for Microsoft Word is a wonderful template to use for startup businesses for presenting a well-written and comprehensive business plan.
This set contains templates for business that look minimalist, fresh, eye-catching and streamlined. The page numbers are automatically updated as you type all your business plan details into the template. For example, in the Executive Summary, here you can write a summary or overview of the most important information of your business plan. This part contains tables such as Start-Up Expenses, Cash Flow, Sales Projections, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and other financial data.
Business plan is a model of the financial progress of business within certain period of time, based on the assumption figures for start up businesses and on the previous financial data of already established companies.
It is designed to be as general as possible but may not prove suitable for all businesses, particularly those with complicated financial structures or irregular revenue. Chalking out every detail of the business that you are about to take up is really important for you and your partners to get a clarity on the plan. A business plan template usually starts off with a summary about the kind of work that is going to be taken up and the mission in hand. Follow the designs of one of our sample business plans and you are sure to come up with one perfect and alluring business plan template of your own. The business plan template also contains a table of contents that automatically updates as you go along completing the business plan.

A free business plan template must be structured, and it should cover all the major areas involved in the composition of a business plan.
This free Word template can help you write an impressive business plan that can effectively convince even the most nitpicky of investors. It has a red theme that goes throughout the pages of the templates, like in footers, titles and subtitles. You can also write a subtitle underneath this template also has your company’s address and contact information at the bottom of the title page. The following pages contain the Executive Summary, Description of Business, Marketing and Appendix. You can also write Highlights of your business and operations, where you can include a chart showing your business’ sales, expenses and net profit, as a Financial Overview. You can also include Miscellaneous Documents such as Employee Resume, Credit Reports, Personal Financial Statements, Contracts, and other document necessary for your business. The template has a detailed description for each item or heading in the document to serve as guide in writing your business plan and filling out all the necessary information. This section also contains your Business Objectives, Mission Statement, and Keys to Success.
The spreadsheet defaults to 100% debt financing, a mix of debt and equity financing is also possible. The market, the accounts, taxes, the marketing strategies, the employees that are to work in the company and the details of the clients all follow after that. No depreciation or amortization expenses are calculated and a simple flat tax rate is assumed, with funds for taxes being set aside as taxable income is earned. Every single detail about all of these is explained using graphs and other means to make things clear for the employees as well as the clients.

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